Lost Vessels

Fleetwood Maritime Heritage

If there any vessels missing from this page, please contact me.

Please note that when some of these vessels were lost they had been sold or moved to another port. However, all have sailed from Fleetwood at some time, or been owned by Fleetwood companies and for this reason I have decided to include them on this page.


PRINCE CHARLIE: (Smack) 1800 Sank No Details


OSPREY: (1) 28/04/1881 South of Douglas Bay Isle of Man


MARY ELLEN: (Smack) 1882 Sank All 5 crew lost


COMET: (Smack) 1883 Sank Lost in storm
EZRE: (Smack) 1883 Sank Lost in storm
MARGARET AGNES: (Smack) 1883 Sank Lost in storm


DOTTREL: (Smack) 1885 Sank Lune Deeps


ALICE: (Smack) 1886 Sank No Details
SWALLOW: (1) (Smack) 1886 Sank All 5 crew lost


RED ROSE: (Smack) 1894 Sank Crew lost
MARINER: (Smack)FD 100 1894 Foundered off Fleetwood in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew William Scott and Thomas Wright lost.
PETREL: (Smack)FD 59 1894 1894 sank off Blackpool in the great storm of 22/12/1894. Crew lost
GENESTA: (Smack)FD 120 1894 Foundered off Blackpool in the great storm 02/10/1895 after collision with the paddle steamer Greyhound. Crew James Wilson and Sam Colley saved.
SURPRISE: (Smack)FD 151 1894 Sank in the great storm on 22/12/1894 Crew lost
MAYFLOWER: (Smack)FD 8 1894 sank off Blackpool in the great storm on 22/12/1894 Crew lost
DAISY QUEEN: (Smack)FD 12 1894 Foundered off Central Pier in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew John Ball and John Aughton lost.
TALIFOO: 02/11/1894 Inner hebrides Scotland.
HANNAH ELIZA: 27 December 1894 Lost to collision at Maryport.


SCHOOLGIRL: (Smack)FD 84 Foundered off Crusader Bank in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew Robert Fleming (2nd cox of Fleetwood lifeboat and G. Ball lost.
SARAH: (Smack)FD 116 Foundered off Salthouse Bank in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew Robert Wright and J Roskell lost. Boat subsequently found in Hollows Road.
PEARL: (Smack) 1895 Wrecked Rossall
GENESTER: (Prawner) 1895 Sank South Shore, Blackpool
BLUE BELL: FD 33 Foundered on North Wharf Bank in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew R. Cowell and J. Roskell saved.
TWO SISTERS: (Smack)FD 310 1893 Foundered off Central Pier in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew James Wright and J Roskell and Frederick Bagshaw lost.
VOLUNTEER: (Prawner) 1895 Foundered off South Shore in the great storm 02/10/1895. Crew George Clarkson and Fred Bettis got ashore.
CHINDWIN: 07/02/1895 Salt Pan Bay Portpatrick
DAISY: (Smack) 1895 Missing All hands lost


THAYETMAYO: September 1896 Lost Off Iceland


PLOVER: February 25 1898 Lost off Islay near Dubh Artach lighthouse. Collision with Norwegian registered ST ANDREW.
GERMANIC: June 1898 Lost to collision.
ACCEPTOR: June 1898 Lost to collision Bunbeg River, Co. Donegal


VALETTA: July 1903 Moved to Hull in 1897 Sunk by collision
COPTIC: December 1903 Moved to Hull 1897 Lost to collision


ADRIATIC: 1904 Moved to Hull 1887 Sank after collision


TEUTONIC: December 25 1906 Foundered North Sea
CROWN: December 1906 Stranded one mile SW of Maughold Head
RIBBLE: May 1906 Wrecked at Mizen Head Ireland


ROCKLIFFE: 11/11/1907 Lost at Portpatrick Dumfries and Galloway
ROSEDALE: 1907 Wrecked Londonderry


MANDELAY: 14/02/1908 Lost at Ravenscar Crew saved
ALBANY: 29/12/1908 Lost at Machrihanish West Coast of Kintyre
CRANE: 26/12/1908 Sank Lost Off Tobermory


CITY OF BRISTOL: January 1910 Wrecked North Antrim Coast
AVA: February 24 1910 Foundered North Sea
GOTHIC: January 1910 Sunk in North Sea Overwhelmed by high seas.
VIVO: October 19 1910 Stranded 31/2 miles NW of Mull of Galloway
BASSEIN: August 21 1910 Sank in severe weather North Sea


BRITANNIC: December 1912 Moved to Hull 1897 Lost after collision
AMARAPOORA: May 03 1912 Moved to Hull 1897 Sunk by collision
MAUD: 11/02/1912 Kynance Bay The Lizard


BELOVAR: February 06 1913 Lost with all hands (10) North of Barra Head
SOCRATES: 07/01/1913 Lost at Portlogan Dumfries and Galloway


DORIS: FD141 January 21 1914 No Survivors The coast of Skye.
DUNCAN: February 01 1914 Stranded on St. Patrick’s Causeway, Cardigan Bay.
CLARA BELLA: February 1914 Lost with all hands (13) Iceland
MARY STANLEY October 28 1914 Sunk after collision with LAURA, Hebrides
MARY: November 05 1914 Lost while minesweeping Off Gt Yarmouth in position 52.35N 01.54E
DORIS: LT890 November 13 1914 No Survivors Doon Castle Point.
EULALIA: December 1914 Moved to Grimsby as OCANA Mined


VANILLA: 18/04/1915 Lost to U-boat North Sea
VICTORIA: 01/06/1915 Lost to U-boat South of St George’s Channel
THRUSH: 09/08/1915 Lost to U-boat 50 miles W of Eagle Island
PRINCESS VICTORIA: 07/11/1915 Lost to collision Off Ushant
MARTABAN: May 1915 Sunk by U-boat 22 miles E.1/4 N. of Aberdeen
TORS: 30/07/1915 Mined 43 miles East of Spurn Point
QUAIL: 23/06/1915 Lost to collision. Off Portland, Dorset
LUCERNE: May 1915 Sunk bu U-boat Off Rattray Head
KATHLEEN: June 1915 Lost by collision Off Iceland
CITY OF DUNDEE: 1915 Lost by collision Off Folkstone
TRYGON: 30/03/1915 Lost in the Clyde Scotland


VALPA: March 10 1916 Mined Off Spurn Point.
LENA MELLING: (1) April 1916 Mined Elbow Light Buoy
KAPHREDA: June 1916 Mined Near Corton Light Vessel
WHOOPER: June 30 1916 Mined Off Lowestoft
ALBATROSS (1): September 24 1916 Lost to U-boat gunfire. 20 miles E of Flamborough Head
TARANTULA: (1) September 25 1916 Lost to U-boat 20 miles NE of Scarborough
SARAH ALICE: September 26 1916 Lost to U-boat Off Fair Island
MAGNUS: October 08 1916 Lost to U-boat Off Longstone Light
BURNLEY: November 25 1916 Mined off Orford Ness East Coast


TEAL: January 02 1917 Moved to Hull Wrecked off Buckie
MAJESTIC: January 10 1917 Stranded Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire
BARNSLEY:February 13 1917 13 miles N of Inishtrahull Sunk by U-boat
MARTIN: 04/04/1917 Lost. No Details.
STAR OF FREEDOM: April 1917 Mined Off Trevose Head
ACTIVE: April 25 1917 Sunk by U-boat 65 miles E by S of Longstone Light
ORPHESIA: July 1917 Struck a wreck Off Alexandria, Egypt
MOULMEIN: March 1917 Moved to Hull then back to Fleetwood No details
MERSE: May 1917 Mined off Garroch Head Bute
JAY: August 1917 Lost Torpedoed
HOLDENE: February 1917 Mined Off Orford Ness
HAWK: February 1917 Sunk by U-boat Off Malta
BRACKLYN: May 1917 Mined Off Great Yarmouth
BOVIC: August 1917 Moved to Hull 1897 Lost after collision off Souter Point
AMY: April 11 1917 Mined on RN service Off Le Havre
EUSTON: February 1917 Mined Off Hartlepool
STOIC: July 10 1917 Sunk by U-boat gunfire 60 miles S by E from Sydero
NEWBRIDGE: 19/11/1917 Lost by collision Prawle Point
BEGA: 18/06/1917 Muckle Flugga Sunk by U-boat
FANNY: February 1917 Missing with all hands (10) Hebrides
KITTY: May 09 1917 Lost to U-boat Sunk by explosive charge in position 56.11,39N 01.45,00W.
GLADYS: (1) 1917 Lost to U-boat Off Innistrahull
ACTIVE: April 1917 Sunk by U-boat Off St Abbs Head
LUCY: 1917 Lost to U-boat Off Innistrahull
MARGARET: 1917 Lost to torpedo attack No details
TETTENHALL: 23/05/1917 Mined and lost with 9 RN hands. 2.4 miles ESE Lowestoft


VELIA: 1918 Lost after being sold to Iceland No details
MARION: (2): February 22 1918 Mined off Malta.
WAVE: (Smack) 10/03/1918 Lost to U-boat Off St Bees Head
SWALLOW: (2) March 29 1918 Sunk by collision Off Whitby
MANDA: 23/12/1918 Posted missing 10 crew lost
ELISE: 22/08/1918 Mined or torpedoed off Blyth while minesweeping. Scotland
SUNRISE: (Smack) 09/03/1918 Sunk by submarine 18 miles south east of Maughold Head
IDENA: (1) 1918 Sunk by gunfire Off Norway


CYRANO: 13/08/1919 Missing No details
RIVER DART: 01/11/1919 Wrecked at Inchkeith Island. Firth of Forth


PROME: July 1920 Lost in North Sea In collision with the barque GLADYS
GAVINA: October 1920 Rathlin North of Bruce’s Castle
NORSE: October 17 1920 Lost at Kintyre, Pattersons Rock, off Sanda island.
SARK: November 14 1920 Wrecked Loch Eriboll
CEREALIA: November 25 1920: Stranded on Jagger Rock, Jura


TAYSIDE: January 1921 Sank No details
MARRS: 1921 Moved to France as Le Barre Lost to collision.
John Casewell: October 1921 Lost on Dog Rock, Bere Island.
SNIPE: October 1921 Moved to Hull Lost by collision
JOSEPH HODGKINS: December 28 1921 Maughold Head, Isle of Man Lost by collision with CUIRASS
LOIS: FD113 May 1921 Wrecked No details
SWAN: 7/13/21 Run down by a steamer 80 miles off Land’s End


GULL: December 1922 Moved to Hull in 1897 Lost after collision in North Sea.
ANNIE MELLING: (1) 11/08/1922 Tobermory Lost to collision
DARENT: 8/06/22 Wigtown Bay Kirkudbrightshire
NILE: October 1922 Sunk off Crookhaven Struck rocks.


WREN: December 18 1923 Foundered North Sea
INVERSPEY: August 1923 Wrecked. All crew saved Galway Bay


ANGLE: January 08 1924 Lost with all hands (13) on Bahamas Bank Isle of Man
HYACINTH: March 25 1924 Foundered 50 miles W by S from Lune Light Vessel
ANIDA: October 18 1924 9 Lost Rhinns of Islay
ADMIRAL: November 1924 Lost by collision whilst in Japanese ownership.


VERA: March 05 1925 Lost at Myrdalssandur South Iceland
LUSHBY: December 1925 Stranded on south side of Tory Island, Co. Donegal.
SALMONBY: December 29 1925 Bray Head, Wicklow Foundered due to flooding in engine room.
HORNET: October 1925 Moved to Sweden as Evald Lost by collision


CORMORAN: January 26 1926 Lost West Coast of Islay
EMPEROR: January 10 1926 Lost by collision Collided with S.T. OCEAN PRINCE
CRATER: February 02 1926 Sank after striking submerged wreckage Off the TYNE
PERSIAN EMPIRE: February 21 1926 Luce Bay Wigtownshire
GAUL: April 03 1926 In heavy weather driven on submerged reef in Ballevullin Bay, NW Tiree
SALMONBY: March 23 1926 11 lost North Sea after boiler explosion
INVERDON: December 06 1926 stranded on a submerged reef off Kvalnes on the island of Sando, Faroes


SOMERSBY: December 08 1927 Maryport Bay Mull of Galloway
CEVIC: June 06 1927 Crew saved Ballure, Ramsey South Beach
PLAYMATE: May 04 1927 South east of Maughold Head Isle of Man
LEYLAND: March 15 1927 Wrecked Horlisgeir Rock, North Uist
EBOR: December 30 1927 Wrecked off Isle of May, Firth of Forth


DESIDERATUM: March 07 1928 Wrecked Norway
IONIC: March 07 1928 Lost by collision North Sea
MAGNOLIA: June 26 1928 Broke propellor shaft foundered 14 miles off Fastnet Rock
HONJO: March 1928 Moved to Belgium Sank
BRIARLYN: (ex Patrick Cullen) February 1928 Wrecked St Kilda
BELMONT: 1928 Moved to Aberdeen Wrecked on Horseback Rocks
CARTAGENA: January 1928 Lost with all hands (12) Irish Sea


KUMU: February 1929 Stranded and sank St Kilda
EDWARD VII: February 1929 Stranded and sank Buff of Brims reef, Pentland Firth
COMMANDANT BULTINCK: 1929 Wrecked at Rossall 3 men lost
ROSA MARIS: (1) 16/01/29 All saved Lost on Red Rocks, Eriskay


IDA ADAMS: 21/11/30 Frenchmans Rock Islay
SHACKLETON: 1930 Rathlin Island Northern Ireland
CAMENES: Post 1930 Wrecked Iceland
KINDRED STAR: March 03 1930: Stranded on South Bishop Rock, Pembrokeshire


FERROL: December 1931 Wrecked on the Eye Peninsular Stornoway
DAILY MAIL: March 1931 Wrecked North Mull
SAXON: 21/08/31 All saved Hough Skerries, West coast of Tiree
CRISCILLA: (1) 02/11/31 Lost at Black Rock Islay
PASAGES: 03/12/31 Lost at Jurby West coast of the Isle of Man
DAILY MAIL 10/05/31 Lost at Galloway Hebrides


G.M.: (renamed Pasadena) September 1932 Wrecked No Details
FLORENCE DOMBEY: (ex Wyre) May 1933 Moved to Aberdeen Sank


ENDYMION: July 1933 lost on Horse Bank Southport


WILLIAM CARBERRY: February 1935 Wrecked No details
PORT JACKSON: August 1935 Lost Scotstown Head, Peterhead
OSPRAY II: April 1935 Sunk after collision Collided with the trawler CALDEW.
HONORA: August 27 1933: Wrecked near Maldonado, Uruguay (River Plate estuary).
CLYRO: October 21 1935 No Details
LILY MELLING: August 18 1935 Ran aground near Anstruther bathing pool Declared CTL
MALAGA: 18/10/35 Lost with all hands Off Portrush, Northern Ireland


WINOOKA: 15/03/36 3 lost St Kilda
KODOMA: 04/12/36 Lost with all hands (12) West of Scotland
BARLE: April 01 1936 Lost after running aground. West of Scotland
CHANCELLOR: 1936 Moved to Aberdeen 1934 Sank
WALTER S BAILEY: September 06 1936 Stranded South east coast of Iceland
PRETORIA: February 05 1936 Lost by collision 6 miles SE by S of Buchan Ness Light
DINAS: (1) December 1936 Lost Wrecked at Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal without loss of life.
EVELYN: 1936 Wrecked North Iceland


SAN SEBASTIAN: January 01 1937 Lost with 4 hands Islay
LUNEDA: February 09 1937 Off Ardberg Islay
COTAVIA: February 12 1937 Maughold Head, Isle of Man Damaged in collision.
BEACON STAR: February 19 1937 Lost off Eddystone. No survivors.
CYMREA: March 1937 Eyraebakke, south west coast of Iceland. twelve crew lost. Twelve crew lost.
BOSCOBEL: May 1937 Moved to Aberdeen Sank
HONORA EVELYN: (1) September 1937 Wrecked No Details
ANGEL de la PAZ: 1927 Scuttled off America.


BOSTONIAN: January 1938 Lost with all hands (12) South of Barra
EXMOUTH: 09/03/38 3 lost Smaull Point, Islay
ALCAZAR: 12/08/38 7 lost Irish Sea


AUTHORPE: February 1939 Sunk at moorings during Spanish Civil War
CHERITON: 03/03/1939 Wrecked on Skea Skerries, Westray Sound. Crew saved
RUDYARD KIPLING: 13/09/1939 Sunk by U-27
AUREA: 1939 Lost E x N May Island, Firth of Forth Sunk by enemy aircraft
THOMAS HANKINS: November 1939 Lost to U-boat gunfire. Off the Western Isles.
DELPHINE: 20/11/1939 Sunk by gunfire from U-33 14 miles NW Tory Island
ARLITA: September 18 1939 Sunk By U-boat gunfire
ALBATROSS (2): (FD353) January 1939. Stranded and sunk as Crisabelle Stephen
LORD LISTER: September 1939 Moved to Portugal 1930 Lost by collision off Cape Roca
DAVARA: 16/09/1939 Sunk by U-27 Off Tory Island
LORD MINTO: 18/09/39 7Sunk by gunfire from U-boat Off the Flannan Islands
NORTHERN ROVER: 30/10/1939 Sunk by U-59 off Kirkwall Lost with all hands.
CRESSWELL: November 1939 6 lost to a U boat Hebrides
ARLITA: 18/09/39 Sunk by gunfire from U-boat Off the Flannan Islands
SULBY: November 1939 5 lost to a U boat Hebrides
CITY OF YORK: 15/10/1939 Lewis Hebrides
WILLIAM HUMPHRIES: November 1939 All hands lost to a U boat Hebrides
BARBARA ROBERTSON December 23 1939 1 lost to gunfire from U30 North Hebrides
CALDWE: (ex Maristo) September 1939 Sunk by U-boat Faroes
WELLVALE: September 12 1939 Reported lost with all hands (12) Hebrides (U-35)
SOLA: 18/12/1939 Lost to enemy aircraft 112 miles E by N of May Island, Firth of Forth
TRINITY N.B.: December 1939 Lost to enemy aircraft 17 miles NE of Rattray Head
SEA SWEEPER: 20/11/1939 Sunk by U-boat Off Tory Island
wigmore 18/11/1939 Sunk by U-boat Appoximate position 58°01.2N/01°57.5W when attacked by U-boat (U.22)
QUIXOTIC: 05/12/1939 Stranded Adjacent to Bell Rock Lighthouse
CITY OF YORK: 1939 Wrecked Isle of Lewis


VICTORIAN: January 11 1940 Sunk by enemy aircraft North Sea
LUCIDA: January 11 1940 Mined North Sea
MERISIA: January 26 1940 Lost with all hands Isle of Man
THERESA BOYLE: February 10 1940 Sunk by enemy aircraft 115 miles E x N of Aberdeen
ROBERT BOWEN: February 09 1940 Sunk by enemy aircraft 20 miles NE of Aberdeen
CISNELL: February 11 1940 Sunk U-boat 70 miles from Fastnet
HERMIA: March 1940 Moved to Netherlands as Protinus. Lost to German bombers
SOAR: March 18 1940 Grounded on Black Waugh rocks 1 mile south of Gourdon, Kincardineshire
LOWDOCK: March 19 1940 Lost 5m east of Tod Head, Stonehaven in collision with HMTrawler Lady Philomena.
EDWARD CATTELLY May 06 1940 Lost Collision off Hartlepool
CHARLES BOYES: May 25 1940 Mined in the North Sea Nineteen crew lost, three saved.
OONA HALL: May 28 1940 Run down in the Irish Sea, 6 miles west of Peel, by an armed French merchant cruiser
OCEAN REWARD: May 29 1940 Foundered after collision returning from Dunkirk
OCEAN LASSIE: June 03 1940 Mined near Outer Ridge Buoy off Harwich
MARSONA: August 04 1940 4 lost Mined in Cromarty Forth
RIVER CLYDE: August 05 1940 Mined off Aldeburgh Suffolk
HANNAH E REYNOLDS: August 18 1940 Sunk by enemy aircraft St Margarets Bay, Dover
SEA KING: October 09 1940 Lost to mine 28 miles from Bull Sand Fort, Grimsby Roads
VELIA: October 19 1940 Lost to a mine 8 miles SE South Ship Head, Harwich
JOSEPH BUTTON: October 22 1940 Mined in the North Sea Off Aldeburgh
CREMLYN: November 1940 Ex-James Hunniford; ex-Ethel Taylor Mined off the Tyne
LOCH MORAR: November 1940 Sunk by enemy aircraft Thames Estuary
HARRY HAWKE: November 01 1940 Sunk by enemy aircraft Thames Estuary
SEA RANGER: November 15 1940 Foundered off Haisborough, Norfolk Lost to enemy aircraft
ETHEL TAYLOR: November 22 1940 Mined Off the Tyne
PHYLLIS ROSALIE: November 24 1940 Mined in Barrow Deep, Thames estuary
GLENBERVIE: November 25 1940 Sunk by collision Thames Estuary
KENNYMORE: November 25 1940 Mined Thames Estuary
LOROONE: November 29 1940 Sunk by mine Humber Estuary
MARGARET ROSE: 1940 Sunk as a blockship by French Port Authorities. Dunkirk


STRATHRYE: January 12 1941 Mined off Great Orme
EDOUARD VAN VLAENDEREN February 22 1941 Stranded at Faroe Islands
ALBERIC: May 03 1941 Scapa Flow Collision with a destroyer
ROBINIA: March 25 1941 Sunk in minefield
FORTUNA: April 021941 Attacked and sunk by German aircraft off St. Abbs Head. No survivors.
SYLVIA: April 07 1941 Lost to enemy aircraft Faroes
WHITBY: April 04 1941 Lost to enemy aircraft 3 miles SSE of Blackwater Light Vessel
VAN ORLEY: April 05 1941: Part destroyed as a result of the explosion of ammunition ship MALAKAND in Husskison Dock
D’ARCY COOPER: April 10 1941 At Harwich, attacked and sunk by German aircraft
STRATHGAIRN: July 01 1941 Mined No details
LORD St. VINCENT: June 07 1941 Mined off East Gunfleet buoy.
RECENIA: October 08 1941 Formerley Thistle Stranded on Barn Scar, Seascale
STRATHRYE: 12/01/1941 Lost to a mine. North of Great Ormes Head.
MAVIS ROSE: (renamed Agate) 1941 Lost Off Cromer
LORINDA: August 1941 Lost off Freetown, Sierra Leone
KITKLINTON: renamed Eamont February 1941 Sunk by enemy aircraft Off Orkney
EVESHAM: 1941 Sunk by enemy aircraft Off Great Yarmouth
COBBERS: 1941 Sunk Enemy aircraft
PRINCESS LOUISE: 1941 Sunk by enemy aircraft 30 miles N by 1/2 W of Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim; twelve crew rescued
KINCORTH: 10/12/41 Mined 7 miles off Point Lynas, North Wales. 11 crew lost.
MURIELLE: 28/09/41 Sunk by mine. 9m SW x S of Morecambe Bay lightship
LADYLOVE: 08/09/41 Lost with all hands (U-202) Iceland
KING ERIK: 08/09/41 Lost with all hands (U boat) Iceland
THOMAS DEAS: 06/02/41 Lost with all hands (14) due to parachute mine 4 miles from Spurn Head Humber Estuary
FORCE: June 1941 Sunk by German aircraft Off Yarmouth
CRADOCK: November 19 1941 Sunk by German aircraft 14 miles NNE of St. Abbs Head


NORDALE: January 15 1942 5 lost Mull of Galloway
OCEAN TIDE: January 15 1942: Stranded on Tiree, total loss.
WILLIAM HANBURY: February 20 1942 Stranded St. Anne’s Head, Isle of Man
WARLAND: February 18 1942 Lost to enemy aircraft North Sea
BOTANIC: February 18 1942 Sunk by enemy aircraft off 62D Buoy, 16 miles NE of Spurn Point.
RONONIA: March 06 1942 Torpedoed by U-boat (U.701) Iceland
MOTH: 1924 Moved to Sweden as Gilbert. Reported lost.
GOOD LUCK: (renamed Tranquil) June 1942 Lost in collision Off Deal
BROMELIA: June 22 1942 Foundered off West Coast of Iceland following an explosion. All crew lost.
MANOR: July 1942 Moved to France then Milford Haven Sunk by E-boat
MANX KING: July 07 1942 Foundered 10miles NE of Fuglo Head, Faeroe Islands after being bombed by German aircraft
CHORLEY: (ex Ceresia) April 1942 Sunk Off Start Point
CLOUGHTON WYKE: 1942 Lost to air attack Off the Humber
IRVANA: (1) ex Avanturine January 16 1942 Sunk by German aircraft Off Great Yarmouth
BRACONBUSH: January 29 1942 No losses Mined off Duncansby Head
CALIPH: November 02 1941 Foundered after being bombed by German aircraft.
GALLINULE: March 14 1942 Stranded on Skerryvore, 3 lost.
NORTHERN PRINCESS: March 1942 Torpedoed Grand Banks, Newfoundland


MORAY: March 13 1943 Foundered. Off St. Ann’s Head, Pembrokeshire
MORAVIA: March 14 1943 Mined in the North Sea.
LORD WIMBORNE: March 27 1943 Stranded Alftanes, Iceland
CRYSTAL: June 26 1943: Mined 12 miles off Scarborough.
ARACARI: October 1943 Lost after being sold Off Sicily
SCOMBER: (2) 1943 Lost after being sold No details
RED GAUNTLET: (1) August 05 1943 Lost To E-boat attack (S-86)All Hands Off Felixstowe
DONNA NOOK: September 25 1943 Lost after collision with STELLA RIGEL Off Harwich
HONDO: November 29 1943 Lost with all hands Barra Head


ALONSO: January 13 1944 On a North Sea trip, missing cause unknown.
WYOMING: May 20 1944 Mined Off Harwich
ENGLISH ROSE: June 04 1944 Mined off Brest.
BRACONBURN: 30/07/1944 Lost with all hands (U boat) Lost in collision.
ROCHESTER: 27/07/1944 Mined 27 miles ENE of Withernsea Lighthouse
NORTHCOATES: 02/12/1944 Sank under tow English Channel.
NOREEN MARY: 05/07/1944 Lost to gunfire from U-247. Off Cape Wrath.
TRANSVAAL: November 18 1944 Sank in gales English Channel


ALLENTA: January 02 1945 Foundered off Cape St. Vincent following collision with US destroyer. Crew picked up and landed at Gibraltar.
BOIS des BUTTES: February 12 1945 Scuttled in river Loire.
SWEEPER: March 10 1945 Torpedoed by U.boat (U714) off Arbroath
DINORAH: April 1945 Mined Off Bridlington
GOZO: July 1945 Lost after striking a mine. 25 miles S by SW of Old Head of Kinsale
TRANSPORT: October 23 1945 Lost in heavy weather. ½ m from Buoy CH4 (near Noord Hinder L/V)
EILEEN WAYMAN: December 08 1945 Stranded Grannan Point, Isle of Lewis
NORTHERN ISLES: 1945 Lost after grounding Durban, East Africa
RIVER YTHAN: March 09 1945 Moved to Grimsby Missing
Sweeper: March 10 1945 torpedoed by U.boat (U714) (Schwebcke) off Arbroath.
LEITH N.B.: December 1945 Sank after plates being stove in by trawl door. 27 miles W by N of Noup Head, Westray, Orkney Islands
HAYBURN WYKE: January 1945 Torpedoed Off Ostend
ETHEL CRAWFORD: April 1945 Mined off Ailsa Craig
DAILY MIRROR: January 1945 Moved to Granton Lost by collision
ARLEY: February 1945 Mined North Sea
ARIEL: August 02 1945 Crew saved Sou’ west of Chicken Rock, Irish Sea


NORBRECK: April 1946 Mined. SW Ireland.
RENASCENT: October 28 1946 Foundered off Lowestoft.


LOIS: FD424 15/01/47 1 lost Grindavik SW Iceland
BENGHAZI: 24/04/47 2 lost Firth of Lorne
S.D.J.: May 1947 Missing in North Sea presumed mined.
DHOON: (1) December 1947 Lost in a storm Latrabjarge, Flaugernef, Iceland; three crew members lost
PRINCESS MARIE-JOSÉ: June 11 1947 Sunk by a trawled up mine East coast of Iceland
RED GAUNTLET: 10/08/1947 South Cape Spitzbergen
THOMAS ALTOFT: November 8th 1947 Eilean Glas Harris


GOTH: April 16 48 Lost without trace. All hands (21) Iceland
CORENA: (1) ex Andalusite 1948 Moved to Aberdeen Greenland
CRAIGMORE: October 15 1948 Sank off St. Ann’s Head whilst being towed by ISER
DAILY TELEGRAPH: December 01 1948 Stranded at Saudanes between Sugandafjordur and Onundarfjordur


St CLAIR: August 23 1949 Wrecked on Swona Pentland Firth
CYELSE: March 1949 Castlebay Barra
PINTAIL: 26/02/1949 Bull Point Rathlin Island
WILLIAM MANNELL: 22/02/1949 Stranded off Portaleen Donegal


SAPPHIRE: September 18 1950 Wrecked Skagi Light, Iceland
YARMOUTH: December 05 1950 Lost on Scroby Sands
NORTHERN REWARD: 1950 Foundered South coast of Iceland


NAUTILUS: July 02/03 1952: Stranded off Swinemünde.
MAGNOLIA: August 20 1952. Sank under tow in North Sea.
BRACONLEA: October 05 1952 Struck rocks at Bass of Hascosaya, Voe
LUNE: October 23 1952 Wrecked in storm conditions. North Pier Aberdeen
WYRE LAW: 23/10/52 Stranded Broad Bay, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
CLIXBY: 06/11/52 Under tow La Rochelle-Newport, broke tow. Stranded at Quessant
CITY OF EDINBURGH II: 1952 Sold to Spain and wrecked. No details.


WASP: January 18 1953 Lost with all hands near Marøy in Norway.
MICHAEL GRIFFITH: January 31 1953 Lost with all hands (13) Barra Head
HILDINA: (2) December 01 1953 6 lost Muckle Flugga
HEATHERY BRAE: May 04 1953 Sank by explosives during salvage work over wreck of CLARRIE , off Bordeaux.
HERO: May 18 1953 Run down Off The Smalls in dense fog
DAILY HERALD: 1953 Sunk. Used as target by Royal Australian Navy
RICHARD CROFTS: February 20 1953 Sank after striking a reef Cornaig Beg on the west coast of Coll.
RIVIÈRE: June 10 1953 sank in thick fog off Yorkshire coast after collision with collier FIRELIGHT
LEAM: (renamed BELLDOCK) 1953 Stranded Balta Sound


PHOEBE III: November 1954 Sold to Portugal Sank off Lisbon. Reported position between Cap Jurby and Cap Blanc.
NAVENA: (1) 1954 Moved to South Africa Scuttled
EVELYN ROSE: 31/12/54 12 lost Sound of Mull
DEWSLAND: November 1954 Moved to Hull Sank at Mombasa


STURDEE: 19/10/1955 Wrecked on beach Aberdeen.
THOMAS LEEDS: 25/10/1955 Stranded 13 miles west of Lagos
RANGOON: 1955 Moved to Hull then Norway as Atle No details
LYSANDER II: June 1955 Struck rocks off the Blasket Islands, Co.Kerry
ALMERIA: 1955 Sold to Australia as Coolgwai Sunk off Sydney


DUCHESSE de BRABANT: May 09 1956 Sailed Suda Bay, Crete for Venice, Italy. Missing presumed foundered.


ANDRADITE: March 07 1957 Crew saved Castlebay, Barra Island, Outer Hebrides
WILLIAM HANNAM: April 09 1957 Foundered Off Kiberg
Faithful Star: December 14 1957 Stranded about 1/4 mile S of Orford Ness Lighthouse


BEN DEARG: 1958 Sunk by RAN Off Australia


RED FALCON: 14/12/59 Lost with all hands Skerryvore
BONTHORPE: 1959 Stranded at Cairns Inlet Queensland


INVERTAY: 10/03/61 Sunk by collision 190 miles off the Humber
SSAFA: 17/01/61 Friesland Bay Isle of Coll
BOSTON HERON: 03/12/61 Hebrides Scotland


ELLA HEWETT: (1) 03/11/62 Church Bay Rathlin, Northern Ireland
ACHROITE: 11/02/63 Crew saved Ballure, Ramsey South Beach


LORD STANHOPE: 1963 Wrecked Iceland
NORTHERN SPRAY: October 23 1963 Wrecked Isafjördur, Iceland
MARGARET WICKS: 08/12/63 Wrecked Scotland


PYGMALION: 26/05/64 Off Maughold Head Isle of Man
IRVANA: (2) 23/04/64 Cushenden Bay Northern Ireland
BOSTON PIONAIR: February 1965 Missing presumed lost
BOSTON FIREFLY: December 1964 Moved to Canada as Acadia Seahawk Missing presumed lost


HAMOAZE: 1965 Wrecked Pilling Sands


St LEONARD: (2) December 1966 Moved to Canada as Zebra No details


BLAEFELL: 1967 Sold to South Africa Lost


FLEETWOOD LADY: 1968 Sold to Canada Lost at Sable Island.
BULBY: December 1968 Scuttled off South Africa.

BRACONGLEN: 1971 Sold to Ceylon Sank in Colombo Harbour
BORELLA: 1971 Scuttled at False Bay South Africa


EAGER: 1972 Lost at Ghana No details


SIR AGRAVINE: July 24 1973 Foundered Off Krakemeset.
NAVENA: (2) 1973 Copinsay Orkney


WYRE MAJESTIC: 18/10/74 Rubha a’ Mhail Sound of Islay


WYRE VICTORY: 14/01/1976 4.5 miles SE Oigh Sgeir Lighthouse Inner Hebrides


NIELS JOHN: 05/05/77 Off Maughold Head Isle of Man


EVALANA: March 1978 Lost Stranded at Olafsjordur, Iceland.
BOSTON TYPHOON: (2) 1978 Sold to South Africa Scuttled off Robben Island
BOSTON LIGHTNING: (ex Admiral Burnett) 1978 Sank after being transferred to Lowestoft


MARETTA: (2) 1979 Moved to Ghana as Madden Marr Wrecked


BRACONBANK: June 18 1981 Scuttled Bjornefjorden


PRINCESS ELIZABETH: 1982 Moved to Australia 1954 as Southern Endeavour Scuttled


NAVENA: (3) 27/01/1984 Stranded and capsized Scarborough


BOSTON STIRLING: 1985 Re Registered as LO 336 Foundered at Loch Broom, Western Isles.


DAWN WATERS: 20/03/1986 Foundered Irish Sea
LOCH LEIN: 1986 Moved to New Zealand Reported lost.


BOSTON SEAFOAM: March 1987 Became Grampian Defender Stranded and lost.
ARGO OF PEMBROKE: Moved to New Zealand Reported scuttled in Cook Strait.


CAPTAIN FOLEY: August 1990 Sank after collision Off Cromer


CRISCILLA: (2) January 1991 Destroyed Fire


BOSTON CORSAIR: 1994 Sold to Spain Reported lost.


SPINNINGDALE: February 01 2008 Wrecked St. Kilda.
BOSTON SEAFIRE: October 2008 Scuttled off New Zealand

JOSENA: Date unknown Sold to Portugal Sank at moorings, Vigo