sv Reindeer – SH62

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and George Westwood

Official Number: 5923
Completed: 1846
Registered Tonnage: 35
Length: 50.4 ft
Breadth 15.3 ft
Depth: 7.8 ft
Rig: Sloop

1846: Completed by John Richardson, Brixham for own account (64/64) as REINDEER.
9.1848: At Hull.
29.6.1849: Along with FAWN reported arrived Fleetwood from Hull.
6.1851: Purchased by Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co Ltd, Manchester. Capt Dode designated manager. Fishing out of Fleetwood.
17.4.1855: Registered at Fleetwood O.N.5923.
27.8.1856: Sold to William Warren Perkings, Scarborough. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Scarborough (SH62).
26.9.1856: Remeasured 31.03nrt. 50.6 x 15.3 x 7.6
9. 6.3.1861: Sold to James Sellers, Scarborough.
19.1.1865: Sold to John Payne, Scarborough.
24.2.1875: Sold to Joseph Hemingway, Benjamin Brooke and Daniel Randall Jackson, Scarborough.
2.5.1875: Sold to Benjamin Brooke.
1877: Broken up. Scarborough registry closed.

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