s.v. Talisman FD76

Additional information courtesy of Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: 75162
Completed: 1866
Gross Tonnage: 76
Net Tonnage: 49
Rig: Cutter – trawling
Built: ??, Brixham
Engine: 40ha “Hein” kerosene engine


1876: Completed by ??, Brixham as TALISMAN.
1876: Registered at Brixham.
1.1.1880: Owned by Mrs Hannah T. Tyrer, Brixham.
1.1.1883: Owned by Joseph Perrett, Brixham.
18??: Sold to Walter Moody Kelly, Fleetwood.
1.10.1890: Registered at Fleetwood (FD76).
6.5.1898: Sold to Jón Jörgen Christen Havsteen, Akureyri, Iceland.
1893: Fleetwood registry closed. Used for hand lining with crew of 15-18 men.
1903: Registered as (EA23).
1917: Sold to Ásgeir Pétursson, shipowner, herring curer, and merchant, Akureyri.
1917: Fitted with 40 ha “Hein“ kerosene engine
24.03.1922: Wrecked at Sauðanes, (Western fiords of Iceland) when bound to the south of Iceland for the seasonal cod fishery. 8 out of a crew of 16 got ashore, but 4 of them died of exposure before reaching shelter at Flateyri in Önundarfjörður.

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s.v. Talisman FD76

s.v. Talisman FD76
Following Corsair, picture courtesy of Alan Hirst

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