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s.v. Secret FD161

Additional information courtesy of Gary Hicks Plymouth Merchant Ships, Christine Simm and Andy Hall


Official Number: 5587
Built: W. Moore & Son, Plymouth
As built: 32 tons burthen 49.0 x 13.6 x 8.1 feet
Gross Tonnage: 30.46
Net Tonnage: 20.44
Length: 51.9 ft
Breadth: 15.5 ft
Depth: 8.3 ft
Rig: Smack (sloop rigged) Trawling and lining


1848: Completed by W. Moore & Son, Plymouth for Daniel Oyns (32/64) and Joseph Germain (32/64), Plymouth as SECRET.
29.7.1948: Builder’s Certificate issued.
5.8.1848: Registered at Plymouth. Fishing out of Hull.
27.1.1854: Caught on fire in the Humber Dock about 3.00am due to cabin stove being overheated. Fire reported by boy sleeping onboard and quickly suppressed by police and fishermen. Later fire was found to have spread to hold and a considerable amount of damage done.
29.8.1854: Daniel Oyns shares (32/64) sold to Joseph Germain, Plymouth (64/64).
7.9.1854: Plymouth registry closed.
7.9.1854: Registered at Hull.
29/30.7.1858: Took part in the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club annual regatta for a purse of 20 sovs.
15.1.1859: FISHING SMACK FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, the fine fast sailing FISHING SMACK “SECRET”. 50 tons Register, Copper fastened; built by W. Moor Esq, Plymouth. Also from 18 – 20 tons of Iron Ballast. She is well found in stores, and can be put to sea without any further expense. For particulars apply to Mr RICHD. HAMLING, 19 Castlerow, Hull.
1.1959: Sold to Messrs Sumner, Hazlitt & Co, Fleetwood.
30.1.1859: Arrived Hull with Captain Osborne and crew of the Yarmouth brigantine PROVIDENCE (76nrt/1852) bound Hartlepool for Yarmouth with coals, the vessel having foundered on the Dogger Bank, 27th January. Crew returned to Yarmouth by agents of the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners’ Benevolent Society.
8.1859: Hull registry closed.
19.8.1859: Registered at Fleetwood (FD161).
22.3.1861: TO BE SOLD, by private treaty, one fourth share of the well-known FISHING SMACKS, “SARAH” and “SECRET”. The above are well found, and are now fishing. This is an opportunity that seldom presents itself to parties desirous of commencing the fishing trade, as there is certainty of a quick return of the money invested. Satisfactory reasons for disposing of the above may be had, with particulars, on application to Mr. JAMES HAZLITT, 33 Albert Street, Fleetwood.
6.5.1864: At about 8.00pm running up the Wyre Channel under a NNW light breeze and half flood (Sk. Richard Wright). The smack reached the Wyre Light at about 8.30pm with the intention of passing on the NE side. For some inexplicable reason the smack came into violent collision with two piles on the NE side of the light, breaking one pile and another only held up by the attached iron ladder. On arrival the skipper reported the incident immediately; the owners will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
1864: Owned by Edward Curedale, Bury.
1873: Sold to James Hazlitt, Fleetwood & others.
30.6.1881: Sailed Fleetwood for the fishing grounds. Sk. John Greenwood; Isaac Lloyd and Peter Anyon, fishermen.
2.7.1881: At about 3.30pm having hauled the trawl and engaged in washing the fish. Anyon was drawing water when he suddenly threw the bucket down and made a bound for the stern of the boat. Greenwood seeing the action at once tackled him and both fell to the deck, Anyon was first up and without saying a word, threw himself over the side amidships. The two men on deck saw him a short distance from the smack and threw an oar overboard for him to grab and hold him afloat. Anyon appeared to put his head underwater to avoid looking back at the boat. Seeing this, Greenwood put the smack in stays and went towards him, the sea was very calm but they could see Anyon slowly floating away, when he was some 40 yards away he appeared to change his mind and started to swim back towards them or try to get hold of the oar but his strength failed him and he was was lost to sight. The smack was sailed around the area three times, picking up Anyon’s hat and the oar, but with no sign of him, they turned for home. At 12.00 pm they arrived at the Wyre Light.
3.7.1881: At 3.30am berthed in Fleetwood and later reported the incident to the authorities. It was noted that to all appearance he was in his right mind and had been working aloft that day, however later he looked as if he was in delirium tremens, this supposition strengthened by the fact that he had been drinking heavily for for some days prior to sailing.
29.8.1881: Reported that at Poulton County Court, an action was brought by Mr Blezzard, Fleetwood, to recover the sum of £8 from James Hazlitt, the sum for which certain moorings in the river were sold. James Leadbetter was asked to sell the moorings for which he obtained £8, assuring that the mooring was sound. It was submitted that the moorings were in poor condition at the time of the sale and it was impossible for a boat to ride there without coming into contact with other vessels. The captain of the SECRET after riding at the moorings once, told Leadbetter that they were not safe to ride on and left to ride on those of the ROBERT and EMILY (FD126). James Abrams, captain of the EMBLEM (FD146), had also been at the moorings and did not consider them safe to ride on. Very good moorings could be had for £6. Verdict for the plaintiff.
3.11.1882: TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by Mr ROBERT WESTBY, At the CROWN HOTEL, FLEETWOOD on MONDAY, the 6th day of NOVEMBER, At TWO o’clock in the afternoon prompt, subject to conditions to be then produced. … Also the following valuable FISHING SMACKS And Shares in Schooners, Smacks & other Vessels. The whole of the Smack “SECRET”. This Smack was built at Plymouth in 1848. Length 51.9 feet, breadth 15.5 feet, depth 8.3 feet, tonnage 30.46. She has one Mainsail, one Foresail, two Jib sails, Trawl Nets and Beam, and all other appurtenances and utensils. This Smack now lies in Fleetwood Dock and can be viewed up to the day of Sale; The whole of the Smack ‘WILLIAM and JOHN”; 22/64 Shares in the Smack “EMBLEM”, 20/64 shares in the Smack “ROBERT and EMILY”; 16/64 shares in the Smack “LORD MARMION”; 50 £10 shares in the Fleetwood Fishing Company Ltd (£9 paid up).etc, etc. For further particulars and information apply to the AUCTIONEER, or to Mr ALFRED BARKER, solicitor, 8 Victoria Street, Fleetwood.
6.11.1882: Sold to William Fairclough, 23 Kemp St, Fleetwood & others for the sum of £120. William Fairclough designated managing owner.
28.7.1888: Sold to William Fairclough (64/64), Fleetwood. William Fairclough designated managing owner.
21/22.12.1894: A whole fleet of trawlers and cargoes were lost during the great storm over Europe.
21.12.1894: Returned to Fleetwood at 11.00pm evading the storm.
2/3.9.1902: The majority of the Fleetwood fishing smacks, were at sea when the gale sprang up but managed to reach shelter without loss of life. Most had a very rough time of it resulting in sails torn or blown away, spars broken and otherwise damaged. In the afternoon, to seaward of the Wyre Light with sails blown away hoisted signals of distress. Paddle tug LUNE (252grt/1892) attended, connected and brought safely to port.
30.9.1904: While making for the port and off the Promenade at Fleetwood run down by steam trawler CITY of MANCHESTER (FD193); crew abandoned in boat and landed safely. Salved and beached near the dock but badly damaged and in view of age beyond economical repair.
21.10.1904: Fleetwood registry closed. “Vessel sold to be broken up. Advice received from owner.”

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s.v. Anglican FD105

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm

Official Number: 68624
Yard Number: 21
Completed: 1873
Gross Tonnage: 36
Net Tonnage: 25
Built: John Gibson, Fleetwood
Rig: Smack


7.1873: Completed by John Gibson, Fleetwood (Yd.No.21) for William Leech, Fleetwood as ANGLICAN. Registered at Fleetwood (FD105).
1881: Census at Thornton-le-Fylde. James Iddon (33), b-Hesketh Bank, Master; Edward Eccles (60), b-Banks, Mate; Samuel Edwards (25), b-Gravesend & Thomas Fenton (20), b-Liverpool, Seamen; Albert Iddon (12), b-Fleetwood, Cook.
1879: Sold to Joseph Bird, Fleetwood.
23.04.1880: For sale by private treaty 5 64th shares in the fishing smack ANGLICAN.
1881: Sold to William Hudson, Fleetwood.
22.04.1881: William Leadbetter (15) cook aboard the smack WONDER took a lifebelt and jumped overboard, attempting to swim to shore. The ebb tide combined with a strong wind carried him downriver until he was rescued by the crew of ANGLICAN.
1882: Sold to Henry Bird, Hoylake. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Liverpool (LL68).
Pre 1.1.1888: Sold to George Hazlehurst, School Lane, Hoylake.
1899: Sold to Mrs C. Hazlehurst, 94 Market Street, Hoylake (managing owner).
14.01.1899: Reported ashore at Hoylake but refloated.
1913: Owned by John J. Christian, 27 Burley Road South, Everton, Liverpool.
3.6.1916: Liverpool fishing registry closed “No longer used for fishing”.
1917: Sold to Herbert Pritchard, 17 Richmond Park, Anfield, Liverpool (managing owner).
1933: Not listed under that name in MNL.

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s.v. Scotian FD116


Official Number: 70158
Completed: 1874
Net Tonnage: 39
Rig: Smack
Built: John Gibson, Fleetwood


1874: Completed by John Gibson, Fleetwood (Yd.No.) for John William Leech, Fleetwood as SCOTIAN. Registered at Fleetwood.
1.1.1880: Owned by Peter McKellar, Fleetwood.
1.1.1888: Owned by George Hazlehurst, Market Street, Hoylake. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Liverpool.
1.1.1895: Same.
1.1.1890: Not listed in MNL under this name.

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s.v. Snowdrop FD43


Official Number: 56255
Net Tonnage: 54
Completed: 1867
Rig: Smack – trawling
Built: ??, Rye


1867: Completed by ??, Rye as SNOWDROP.
1867: Registered at Hull.
1.1.1870: Owned by George H. Murray, Kingston-upon-Hull.
1.1.1875: Owned by Walter Dayes, Hull.
1.1.1883: Owned by Henry Cook, Bean Street, Hull.
1888: Sold to George E. J. Moody, Cleethorpes (managing owner) (Walker Moodie Kelly, Fleetwood, manager).
8.10.1888: Registered at Fleetwood (FD43).
1895: Fleetwood registry closed.

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sv Herring ??


Official Number: 1566
Completed: 1837
Net Tonnage: 32
Rig: Smack
Built: ??, Douglas


1837: Completed by ??, Douglas, IoM as Herring.
1849: Registered at Liverpool.
1.1.1870: Owned by Joseph Newton, Liverpool.
1874: Owned by William Hudson, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD??).
22.1.1874: Wrecked.
1874: Fleetwood registry closed.


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