sv Sturgeon FD??

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm

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Official Number: 55233.
Net Registered Tonnage: 21
Rig: Dandy – trawling


1866: Completed at Dublin, iron built, for Irish Sea Fishery Ltd, 176 Brunswick Street, Dublin as STURGEON.
12.6.1866: Registered at Dublin.
1871: Sold to Henry McKelvey, Ballyhemlin, Co. Down.
1873: Sold to Nicholas Wright, Fleetwood. Dublin registry closed. Registered at Lancaster.
27.3.1874: Fishing off the Cumberland coast. Started for home.
28.3.1874: A little after 1.00am. stranded on Digg’s Scar, near Ravenglass. Crew rescued but expected that nothing will be saved. The smack had about 6,500 oysters onboard.

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sv Eva – FD184

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Length: 30 ft
Breadth: 9 ft
Depth: 3.6 ft


1895: Built at Glasson Dock.
28/08/1913: In ownership of Richard Wright and Ernie Salthouse

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sv Eva FD184

sv Eva FD184
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

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s.v. Overton – FD??

Information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 19835
Net Registered Tonnage: 24
Length: 40.00 ft
Breadth: 16.00 ft
Depth: ?? Feet
Built: James Woodhouse & Son, Overton, 1852
Rig: Smack – trawling


5.1852: Launched by James Woodhouse & Son, Overton for William Paley, Preston as OVERTON. Elm planked. After launch taken to Glasson for completion. Cost to build £292/296.
12.6.1852: Royal Mersey Yacht Club first sailing match of the season. Regretted that the smack could not be got ready for the race.
19.7.1852: Sailed to Preston.
24.6.1852: Registered at Preston.
3.9.1853: Reported that a case was brought by Thomas Woodhouse, son of James Woodhouse for full payment for the OVERTON by the owner William Paley. The case was complicated by the lack of proper paperwork being available to the Court and other issues. After much deliberation and often contradictory evidence, the Court found in favour of the plaintiff. Mr Paley asked for the right to appeal, but this was denied and the money paid in Court.
7.12.1855: Appropriated.
1862: Sold to Timothy Cragg, Fleetwood.
16.10.1868: On the fishing grounds when a gale sprung up, the sea was not high but there was a ‘chopping swell.’ Lost all the fishing gear.
14.1.1870: Fishing in the Irish Sea (Sk. Rimmer). At Fleetwood landed a halibut, 5 ft long, 2ft 6 inches wide, weighing 104lbs.
17.1.1873: Fishing about six miles E by N from the Morecambe Lightship (Sk. Rimmer) along with other smacks of the Fleetwood fleet. At about 8.10am. observed a large screw steamship approaching and as she came closer they called out to put her helm hard-a-port as she was coming right upon them. No notice was taken and almost immediately the steamer struck the smack.The steamer stopped her engine at once but still had way on her, and the crew, skipper, mate, James Pater, Charles Pater, Edward Leece and the cook Edward Rimmer, son of the skipper, scrambled up the anchor chain of the steamer and on to her deck. The smack foundered quickly. The steamer proved to be the Belfast registered SEMAPHORE (560grt/1855), Londonderry for Liverpool and they were carried on and landed at Liverpool at about 11.40am. Sk Rimmer complained that no effort was made to save his crew and they were landed at Liverpool with no courtesy or expression of regret. Several fishing boats including NIMBLE (FD11), ROYAL CONSORT (FD75) and MARGARET AGNES (FD10) were close to the scene and observed the collision, hauling their nets, the three ran down to the spot where the accident happened to render assistance. Fleetwood registry closed.

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sv Reindeer – SH62

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and George Westwood

Official Number: 5923
Completed: 1846
Registered Tonnage: 35
Length: 50.4 ft
Breadth 15.3 ft
Depth: 7.8 ft
Rig: Sloop

1846: Completed by John Richardson, Brixham for own account (64/64) as REINDEER.
9.1848: At Hull.
29.6.1849: Along with FAWN reported arrived Fleetwood from Hull.
6.1851: Purchased by Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co Ltd, Manchester. Capt Dode designated manager. Fishing out of Fleetwood.
17.4.1855: Registered at Fleetwood O.N.5923.
27.8.1856: Sold to William Warren Perkings, Scarborough. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Scarborough (SH62).
26.9.1856: Remeasured 31.03nrt. 50.6 x 15.3 x 7.6
9. 6.3.1861: Sold to James Sellers, Scarborough.
19.1.1865: Sold to John Payne, Scarborough.
24.2.1875: Sold to Joseph Hemingway, Benjamin Brooke and Daniel Randall Jackson, Scarborough.
2.5.1875: Sold to Benjamin Brooke.
1877: Broken up. Scarborough registry closed.

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sv Pursuit – FD4


Registered net tonnage: 34
Net tonnage: 29
Rig: Smack


W/c 22.08.1825: Launched by Miller, Cowes for Trinity Board pilot William Bridge as PURSUIT.
25.11.1840: Arrived Cowes with disabled ship EVERETHA (Capt Darley) from Sydney, in tow, picked up under jury rig with total loss of foremast and main and mizzen topmasts, ten days previously. Cargo wool and mail.
By 1840: Arrived Fleetwood from Cowes to supplement the Lancaster pilot boat GUIDE which also worked at Fleetwood. With little commercial traffic, equipped with beam trawl and engaged in fishing, breaking off to board a pilot as required. The first smack to trawl out of Fleetwood.
From 1843: On hire to The Admiralty as required, Capt. H. Denham and Cdr J Richards RN conducting survey, Formby Point to Firth of Solway. Chart published 9th August 1850.
10.1854: Sold to Robert Roskell & others trading as The Fleetwood Fishing Company.
21.10.1854: Registered at Fleetwood (FD4).
By 1860: Owned by Robert Wilson, Fleetwood.
4.2.1862: When some 20 miles west of Blackpool (Sk. R. Wilson) picked up 3 puncheons of whisky marked “McNab, Glenochil” or “John Bold, Carse Bridge”.
5.2.1862: Landed at Fleetwood to Mr Walker, Receiver of Wrecks for the District, total landed by all fishing boats, 39 puncheons, some 7,100 gallons of proof spirits, the duty of which would be upwards of £3,500. Value ex duty from £800 to £900, the boats would expect to receive salvage of one third.
By 1884: Stripped and abandoned at Fleetwood. Fleetwood registry closed.

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