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Vessels that have been lost

S.T. Margaret Wetherly – A344

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: 129350.
Yard Number: 463
Completed: 1911
Gross Tonnage: 211.39
Net Tonnage: 78.80
Length: 115.4 ft
Breadth: 22.5 ft
Depth: 12.4 ft
Built: Alexander Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: 450ihp T.3-cyl by Alexander Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


4.1.1911: Launched by Miss Kennard, daughter of the Skipper, George T. W. Kennard, at Alexander Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.463) for Wetherly’s Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Aberdeen as MARGARET WETHERLY.
17.1.1911: Registered at Aberdeen (A344). William R. Wetherly designated manager.
1.1911: Completed. Sk. George T. W. Kennard (17.1.1911 – 30.11.1911).
30.1.1911: Landed 130 boxes/6 score.
8.4.1911: Landed 400 boxes/600 score.
6.1911: Fishing out of Fleetwood (Sk. George T. W. Kennard) (Messrs Smith, Jameson & Holmes, managing agents).
10.6.1911: Landed 171 boxes.
21.6.1911: Landed 230 boxes.
3.7.1911: Landed 219 boxes.
7.1911: Returned to Aberdeen.
17.8.1911: Landed 200 boxes/5 score.
20.8.1911: Landed 115 boxes.
10.10.1911: At Fleetwood landed 170 boxes.
28.10.1911: Landed a light shot and 100 crans of herring.
5.4.1912: Landed 70 boxes/55 score.
16.4.1912: Landed 120 boxes/10 score.
w/e 20.4.1912: Sailed Aberdeen along with trawlers MARY WETHERLY (A344) and LOCH LEE (A325) to conduct operations in Iceland.
16.5.1912: Landed from an Iceland trip 700 boxes/300 score.
20.8.1912: At Fleetwood Landed 115 boxes.
27.9.1912: At Fleetwood landed 274 boxes.
22.10.1912: At Aberdeen landed 120 boxes/17 score.
1913: Fishing out of Aberdeen (Messrs Smith, Jameson & Holmes agents).
8.1.1913: Landed 25 boxes/11 score.
1.9.1913: Landed 400 boxes, £200 gross.
18.12.1913: Landed 120 boxes/12 tons.
10.2.1914: Landed 160 boxes/15 tons side fish.
30.3.1914: Landed 210 boxes/60 score.
13.3.1915: Sold to William Alexander Leith, Aberdeen.
6.1915: Requisitioned for war service and converted for boom working, based Scapa.
1917: At Scapa, used as an accommodation ship.
1920: Returned to owner.
10.2.1920: Typical day. With eighteen trawlers and two steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 270 tons.
25.9.1920: Landed a good shot of 97 crans. Prices ranged from 52s 6d to 94s 6d per cran.
1921-2.1923 Landing mainly at Aberdeen.
5.1.1921: With seventeen trawlers landed an aggregate catch of 303 tons.
3.1923: Fishing out of Fleetwood.
6.3.1923: Landed 80 boxes.
23.3.1923: Landed 190 boxes.
9.5.1923: Landed 160 boxes.
19.7.1923: Landed 310 boxes.
8.1923: Returned to Aberdeen.
7.3.1924: With twenty-eight trawlers and two steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 405 tons.
31.7.1924: Landed at North Shields.
10.1.1925: Arrived Burntisland from Aberdeen to load bunker coal, on completion sailed for fishing grounds.
22.7.1925: Typical day. With thirty-one trawlers and seven steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 435 tons.
23.4.1926: At Aberdeen Sheriff Court, James Johnstone Fraser, 2nd Eng, was charged with neglecting, or refusing, without reasonable cause, to proceed to sea in the trawler. Fraser did not appear in court and his wife pleaded guilty on his behalf. Fraser had arrived at the trawler drunk and delayed the sailing for about an hour. When the ship was in mid channel he requested the skipper to return to harbour, but he refused. The accused then jumped onboard a passing inbound trawler. The Sheriff ordered a fine of 24s – two days’ wages – and £1 8s 4d expenses. The alternative was seven days imprisonment.
21.8.1926: Typical day With thirty-one trawlers and three steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 375 tons.
19.9.1927: Landed at North Shields.
28.5.1928: Typical day. With twenty-eight trawlers and two steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 405 tons.
6.6.1929: Typical day. With thirty-one trawlers and sixteen steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 245 tons, including 47 tons of Iceland fish.
18.2.1930: With twenty-four trawlers and three steam liners landed an aggregate catch of 235 tons, including 60 tons from Iceland by two German trawlers.
3.6.1930: Sold to Thomas Thomson Brown, Leith. Thomas T. Brown designated managing owner.
25.8.1931: Sold to James Johnston, Leith. James Johnston designated managing owner.
25.8.1931: Aberdeen registry closed.
8.1931: Registered at Granton (GN32).
11.1.1934: Sailed Aberdeen for the fishing grounds (Sk. Philip Stevenson, Edinburgh).
12.1.1934: When fishing some 105 miles NE of Buchan Ness, Second fisherman, Joseph Mulligan was engaged in shooting the trawl. When blocking up, the messenger hook broke and the preventer chain struck Mulligan knocking him overboard. A lifebelt was thrown to him and he managed to catch it but was unable to retain his hold, apparently due to injury. George Galbraith (33)*, deckhand, jumped in the sea and managed to get hold of Mulligan but a heavy sea separated them and Mulligan disappeared. Cruised the vicinity for two hours but Mulligan was not seen again. He left a widow and one daughter.
24.1.1938: At Aberdeen reported that in the fiercest storm in memory, had boat swept overboard.
23.3.1939: Sailed Granton for the fishing grounds. When only a few miles out, the lower door of the boiler blew out. Fortunately no one was injured and returned to Granton assisted into harbour by the steam trawler INVERCAULD (GN47).
5.2.1943: On a West Coast trip. In severe weather foundered 5 miles S of Loch Spelve, Isle of Mull. All eleven crew saved.
7.2.1943: Survivors arrived back in Granton. Granton registry closed.

Note *. 17.4.1934: At a Ceremony in Edinburgh, George Galbraith, 236 Marionville Road, Edinburgh, received £5 and the Honorary Testimonial on vellum of the Royal Humane Society for his efforts to save Joseph Mulligan.

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S.T. Bedouin – A601

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 115584
Yard Number: 112
Completed: 1902
Gross Tonnage: 199.77
Net Tonnage: 54.21
Length: 115.0 ft
Breadth: 21.65 ft
Depth: 12.1 ft
Built: Scott of Kinghorn Ltd, Kinghorn, Fife
Engine: 400ihp T.3-cyl by W.V. V. Lidgerwood, Glasgow


15.12.1902: Launched by Miss Ingram, Aberdeen with machinery installed and fitted out at Scott of Kinghorn Ltd, Kinghorn, Fife (Yd.No.112) for The North Sea Steam Co Ltd (64/64), Aberdeen as BEDOUIN.
16.12.1902: At Leith for bunker coal.
17.12.1902: Arrived Aberdeen.
19.12.1902: Registered at Aberdeen (A601). W. L. Stewart, Edinburgh and John Mortimer, Aberdeen, designated managers.
22.12.1902: Sailed Aberdeen for a trial trip with guests of Mr Mortimer onboard, returning in the afternoon.
1903: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
22.1.1903: Landed 100 boxes 4 score.
25.2.1903: In stormy weather, arrived Fraserburgh (Sk. Smith) for supplies.
27.2.1903: James Allan (37), Mate, Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen was drowned in the harbour shortly after midnight. The weather was wild and very dark and he had left the trawler to visit a friend in the trawler ANNIE WALKER (A479) but missed his footing at the corner of Saltoun Jetty near the Fish Market and fell in the dock. His cries were heard and the alarm raised by John Ross, 2nd Eng of the ANNIE WALKER. A large number of seamen were quickly on the scene and a man jumped in to the dock but failed to rescue him.
4.4.1903: Landed 90 boxes and 40 score.
6.6.1903: Landed 214 boxes and 16 score.
26.10.1903: Landed 250 boxes and 10 score.
16.11.1903: Landed 140 boxes and 16 score.
1904: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
16.1.1904: Landed 60 boxes and 5 score.
18.1.1904: While lying at Blaikie’s Quay the stop valve on the boiler burst. John Rae, 2nd Eng who had been working on the boiler was scalded on his arms and taken to the Infirmary for attention.
18.2.1904: At Aberdeen Police Court, C. Percy Hanson, trawl master, Macrone Road ,Torry, was charged with having on the 19th of February, on board the trawler, lying at Blaikie’s Quay, assaulted Joseph Waugh, fisherman. Waugh had been placed on a company ‘black list’ following complaints by Hanson. Waugh had gone onboard the trawler to find out why he was on the list. The skipper was not in the cabin and Waugh was speaking with the Ch. Eng when he was allegedly assaulted from behind by the skipper. Waugh stated that he did not see the skipper come on board and he never threatened him. Several witnesses, however, stated that Waugh was the aggressor and that the accused had severe provocation. The Magistrates imposed a fine of 40s with the alternative of twenty days imprisonment.
30.8.1904: Alongside Matthews’ Quay, Aberdeen. Suffered damage to stem when contacted by steamer PRINCESS BEATRICE (982grt/1893) which having left the inner dock and in drawing up to the quay east of the trawler collided with the stem. Damage estimated at £8.
20.9.1904: Landed 230 boxes and 18 score.
21.10.1904: Reported that at Aberdeen Small Debt Court, Sk. Frank Parsons sued the The North Sea Steam Co Ltd for payment of £3.1s being coal money and the balance of wages due to him as late master of the BEDOUIN belonging to the company. The accuracy of the amount was questioned by the defendants as it was said 15s was owed to them for damage to cushion covers, which had not been reported by the skipper and this should be deducted from the sum. Agent for Parsons, while objecting to the relevancy of this defence, also contended that the proposed deduction being of the nature of damages ought to have been the subject of a separate counter claim. This contention was upheld by the Sheriff and discerned in favour of Parsons.
30.11.1904: Landed 200 boxes and 20 score.
1905: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
21.8.1905: Landed 180 boxes and 90 score.
6.10.1905: Landed 170 boxes 70 score.
5.11.1905: Homeward in strong winds from the fishing grounds with a good catch, between 5.00am and 6.00am stranded on Braga Rock, Hoy Sound. Sea was relatively calm, boat launched and kedge anchor laid out but with the ebb she remained fast. The stranding only a few miles north of the point where the Aberdeen trawler SUNSHINE (A322)) had stranded the week before. Engaged in salvage work on the SUNSHINE was the trawler STRATHBLANE (A431) which proceeded to assist; at about 3.30pm towed off. Owing to a strong gale which had sprung up both vessels took shelter in Stromness Harbour.
6.11.1905: Found not making water and sailed in the afternoon for Aberdeen.
7.11.1905: Arrived Aberdeen, landed catch and placed in dry dock. No serious damage found and not making water.
28.12.1905: Landed 220 boxes and 61/2 tons side fish.
1906: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
9.1.1906: Landed 150 boxes and 61/2 tons loose.
6.3.1906: Landed 100 boxes and 25 score.
22.3.1906: After working the Iceland grounds, landed two very large ungutted cod, 3’ 7” long at 66lb and 4’ 10” long at 91lb respectively. The largest cod previously landed was 60lb. The fish was purchased by Mr George Mortimer.
9.6.1906: Landed 150 boxes and 400 score.
1.8.1906: Landed 240 boxes and 23 score.
8.10.1906: Landed 240 boxes and 12 score.
12.12.1906: Landed 190 boxes and 6 score.
22.12.1906: Arrived Lerwick escorted by fishery cruiser MINNA (Capt Mackenzie). In the afternoon at Lerwick Sheriff Court, Sk. Christian Pedersen pleaded guilty to trawling within the three mile limit south side of Fair Isle that day. Fined £75 with the alternative of forty days imprisonment and confiscation of the starboard trawl.
1908: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
8.1.1908: Landed 140 boxes and 15 score.
24.3.1908: In collision with steamer MARS (1644grt/1905); plates and stanchions damaged.
7.4.1908: Landed 250 boxes and 600 score.
27.8.1908: Landed 270 boxes and 8 score.
9.11.1908: Landed 300 boxes and 20 score.
25.12.1908: Landed 140 boxes and 12 score.
1909: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
13.2.1909: Landed 150 boxes and 1 ton loose.
1.9.1909: From West of Ireland grounds, when some 17 miles WbyS from Coningbeg Light off Co. Wexford, in collision with Glasgow steamer ARDCHATTAN (264grt/1905). Damage to stem.
12.10.1909: Arrived Aberdeen and reported that Alexander Stewart, deck hand of 9 Grampian Road, Aberdeen had been lost overboard and drowned. Engaged in fishing off Rumblin’ Rocks, Shetland, at about 10.30pm on 10th October, the fore warp of the starboard gear parted. A leech line was cast in order to heave the gear on board, part of which was lying on deck, with the remainder hanging over the side. Stewart was standing on the fishing gear on deck and when the line broke he went over the side with the gear. The net was made fast and a line was thrown to him and he was hauled to the ship’s side. Unfortunately his feet became entangled in the meshes and he could not be taken onboard. Whilst in this position a heavy sea swept him off the net and he gradually drifted away. The skipper cruised about until after midnight but there was no trace of Stewart. It was Stewart’s first trip on the BEDOUIN having only joined her on 6th October on leaving Aberdeen.
1910: Fishing out of Aberdeen and landing into Fleetwood from local and Irish West Coast grounds as required.
22.8.1910: At Fleetwood landed 143 boxes.
16.9.1910: At Aberdeen landed from West of Ireland, 13 tons including 220 pairs of black soles and 20 score turbot, approx £200 gross.
28.9.1910: At Fleetwood landed 275 boxes and 143 turbot.
12.12.1910: At Fleetwood landed 86 boxes.
6.1.1911: At Aberdeen landed 60 boxes and 34 score.
1911: Fishing out of Aberdeen and landing into Fleetwood from local and Irish West Coast grounds as required.
30.1.1911: At Fleetwood landed 56 boxes.
6.3.1911: At Fleetwood landed 76 boxes.
31.3.1911: Sold to Thomas Leishman Devlin, Edinburgh. Thomas L. Devlin designated managing owner.
10.4.1911: At Aberdeen landed 171/2 tons.
2.10.1911: At Aberdeen landed 200 boxes and 10cwt.
1912: Fishing out of Granton.
10.2.1913: At Aberdeen landed 25 boxes.
27.6.1913: Arrived Aberdeen in tow of steam trawler PROCYON (A890) having been picked up disabled with lost propeller.
19.7.1913: Aberdeen registry closed.
7.1913: Registered at Granton (GN80).
1914: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
23.3.1914: Landed from a 10 day Home ground trip, about £140 gross.
8.1914: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (Ad.No.353). Based Buncrana, Co. Donegal.
13.2.1915: Sailed Sheephaven Bay, Co Donegal (Sk. George Hollins RNR) with other minesweeping trawlers to once again sweep the minefield (approx 200 mines) laid on 23.10.1914 off Tory Island, Co. Donegal by the former Norddeutscher Lloyd steamer Berlin (17324grt/1908) (converted to a fast minelayer and commerce raider) (Capt Hans Pfundheller). At about 3.55pm when recovering the sweep saw at least one mine snagged in the gear as it broke surface on the starboard quarter. Order given to veer away but mine exploded blowing away much of the starboard side aft, started to settle and foundered stern first. All crew picked up safely by other trawlers and landed at Buncrana. Granton registry closed.

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S.T. Hainton – GY535

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm, Finn Björn Guttesen and Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: 110863
Yard Number: 600
Completed: 1899
Gross Tonnage: 156
Net Tonnage: 59
Length: 106.0 ft
Breadth: 20.7 ft
Depth: 11.0 ft
Built: Edwards Bros,, North Shields
T.3-cyl by Baird & Barnsley, North Shields


11.1.1899: Launched by Edwards Bros,, North Shields (Yd.No.600) for Excalibur Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby as SIR PERCIVALE.
24.2.1899: Registered at Grimsby (GY1078).
3.1899: Completed. Henry Smethurst designated manager.
23.3.1909: Sold to Christian M. Evensen, Hull (Evensen & Black).
1.3.1909: Grimsby registry closed.
25.3.1909: Registered at Thorshavn, Faroe Islands as NANSEN (TN149). J. P. Evensen, Thorshaven designated manager.
5.1910: Sold to Alick Black, Grimsby.
10.5.1910: Registered at Grimsby as HAINTON (GY535). Alick Black designated managing owner.
7.2.1911: Thorshavn registry closed.
6.1911: Transferred to fish out of Fleetwood.
13.6.1911: First landing at Fleetwood – 40 boxes (3 of soles).
20.11.1912: Last landing at Fleetwood – 40 boxes (14 of soles.)
07.12.1912: Sold to William Ellis, Grimsby. William Ellis designated managing owner.
18.2.1913: When trawling some 95 miles to the E of Spurn Point (Sk. Benjamin Dunn) in darkness and heavy rain, deckhand Alfred Porter (45) of Boston, lodging in Grimsby, went on deck to to start the winch, which was his duty, to haul the trawl, the only other man on deck was the third hand, John Henry Poppleton who was on his way to the forecastle to put on his oilskin. At that time the gear was coming in and Porter was standing on the aft side of the winch. At about 6.05am. a scream was heard and Poppleton rushed out immediately and to his horror found Porter was in the winch. The winch was stopped at once and it was plain that Porter had met with an instantaneous death, his body was torn and mangled beyond recognition but he was identified by his boots. After collecting the body parts, the gear was hauled and headed for Grimsby.
19.2.1913: At the inquest held at Grimsby District Hospital, the Borough Coroner, Mr T. Mountain, recorded a verdict of “Accidental
11.7.1915: In the morning, stopped some 45 miles NExE of Hornsea by U-boat (U25), crew given five minutes to leave the vessel by boat
and trawler sunk by gunfire. After twelve hours in the boat, picked up by the steam trawlers EARL (H436) and HELVETIA (GY767) and
landed at Grimsby.
15.7.1915: Grimsby registry closed “Sunk by a submarine.”

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S.T. Lindum – GY619

Occasional visitor
Additional information courtesy of David Slinger, Finn Björn Guttesen, Christine Simm and Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: 109849
Yard Number: 599
Completed: 1899
Gross Tonnage: 155.55
Net Tonnage: 58
Length: 106.0 ft
Breadth: 20.7 ft
Depth: 10.9 ft
Built: Edwards Brothers, North Shields
Engine: T.3-cyl by Baird & Barnsley, North Shields
Boiler: J. T. Eltringham & Co, South Shields.


14.12.1898: Launched by Edwards Brothers, North Shields (Yd.No.599) for The Excalibur Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby as SIR GALAHAD.
2.1899: Completed.
6.2.1899: Registered at Grimsby (GY1043). Henry Smethurst designated manager.
3.1909: Sold to Christian M. Evensen, Hull & Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.
4.3.1909: Grimsby registry closed.
3.1909: Registered at Tórshavn, as FINSEN (TN232) to enable vessel to fish in restricted British waters, etc.
31.8.1910: At Fleetwood landed 30 boxes (6 boxes soles).
9.12.1910: At Fleetwood landed 45 boxes, (4 boxes soles and 150 brill.
3.1911. Sold to Alick Black, Grimsby.
9.3.1911: At Fleetwood landed 50 boxes (3 boxes soles).
9.3.1911: Registered at Grimsby as LINDUM (GY619). Alick Black designated managing owner. Fishing out of Fleetwood.
1.4.1911: At Fleetwood landed 100 boxes.
3.1913: Sold to Walter H. Beeley & others, Grimsby. Walter H. Beeley designated managing owner.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 61.26 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
24.7.1915: Fishing some 53 miles E off Spurn in company (Sk. George Staples). At 11.00am witnessed steam trawler PERSEUS (GY 445) (Sk. John Constantine) some four miles away, lifted clear of the water by explosion having struck a mine. Hauled gear and with steam trawler VENTNOR (GY293) arrived on scene. Both vessels launched their boats to search amongst the wreckage. The body of the skipper, who was apparently still alive when he entered the water but died shortly after, was recovered by the LINDUM along with that of the mate, William Edward Picket. The PERSEUS picked up the body of deckhand George Christopher Monkton and he was transferred to the LINDUM.
25.7.1915: Arrived Grimsby and bodies landed.
11.1915: Sold to Isaac Bennett & others, Grimsby. Isaac Bennett designated managing owner.
8.1916: Sold to Alfred Stringer, William Stringer, Walter Stringer, Herbert Stringer and Harold Stringer (64/64 joint owners), Boston.
14.8.1916: Grimsby registry closed. Registered at Boston (BN61). Alfred Stringer designated manager.
26 9.1916: Sailed Boston for North Sea grounds off Flamborough Head (Sk. Charlie Baker); nine hands all told.
3.10.1916: At about 6.00am. moved to fish the Scarborough grounds fishing en route. At 4.20pm hauled the trawl and position estimated as ENE off Scarborough, distance about 11 miles. Secured trawl gear and at 4.40 pm set course south, to clear Flamborough Head 4 miles. At full speed making about 8 knots in hazy weather, but clear to see 3 to 4 miles, sea smooth, no wind. Several trawlers passed northwards some inshore, the skipper hailed one, PETREL (GY609), and asked what distance he had run but could not hear the reply. The skipper left the wheelhouse at 5.50pm. after relief by the third hand Ernest Wharman, told to steer south he had with him a deck hand, keeping lookout through the starboard bridge windows. At 6.40pm, he was relieved by the second hand, Charles Henry Burman, and a deck hand, Thomas Reader. At 6.55pm. a large black buoy was sighted on the starboard beam and passed at a distance of about two ships lengths. Wharman left the bridge and reported to the skipper who told him to proceed on a southerly course. At about 7.15pm. the look out asked what the black mass ahead was, the second hand looked through the glasses and seeing that it was land, immediately rang full astern, but before the engine room could obey the vessel struck the rocks heavily. The skipper came on the bridge, the engine was stopped and pumps started, but the vessel was making water so fast that the pumps could not cope. The water found its way into the engine room and the fires were put out. Settling by the stern and also taking on a heavy list there was likelihood of capsize. The order was given to launch the boat and at about 7.40pm. the whole crew abandoned the vessel in the boat. The trawler had stranded at Thornwick Bay at the extremity of the headland known as Thornwick Nab to the N of Flamborough Head and with a sea breaking heavily against the rocks through a ground swell, it was too dangerous to try to land. The boat therefore headed seawards and at about 11.0pm. they were picked up by the Grimsby steam trawler Rameses (GY715).
4.10.1916: Survivors landed at Grimsby. Boston registry closed.
22.12.1916: At the formal investigation at Grimsby (No.S340) into the loss of the steam trawler Lindum, the Court found skipper Charlie Baker in default and suspended his certificate for a period of six months with £20 costs. The stranding and the loss of the Lindum was not caused by any wrongful act or default of the second hand, Charles Henry Burman. Subsequently the trawler slid off rocks into about 9m of water off Thornwick Nab. The wreck is well broken up.

Crew of PERSEUS who lost their lives – Sk. John Constantine (43); William Edward Picket (42), Mate; William Henry Webster (30), Third Hand; Henry Thomas Waugh Ramsey (39), Ch Eng; James Richardson Mackrill (33), 2nd Eng; Christopher George Monkton and George Watson (20), deckhands; Andrew Ward (15) and Ernest Edmund Higgins (16), Apprentice; Walter Harvey (38), cook/steward.

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S.T. Lindum GY619

S.T. Lindum GY619
Picture (In Wyre Dock-early 1900s) courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

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S.T. Baltic GY186


Official Number: 94095
Yard Number: 320
Completed: 1880
Gross Tonnage: 154
Net Tonnage: 93
Length: 100.6 ft
Breadth: 20.01 ft
Depth: 11.6 ft
Built: Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull


1888: Launched by Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull (Yd.No.320) for The Grimsby Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Grimsby.
11.1888: Completed as a well vessel and liner/trawler.
23.11.1888: Registered at Grimsby (GY186). Henry Kelly, Cleethorpes designated manager.
6.4.1904: Attended Aberdeen steam trawler BEN VENUE (A83) stranded on Skerry Rock, Boddam, Aberdeenshire. Trawler came afloat but foundered after crew had taken to boat. All nine crew picked up and landed at Aberdeen.
1912: George Edward James Moody, Cleethorpes designated manager. Fishing out of Fleetwood. Engaged in trawling. William Moody Kelly managing agent.
1.1915: Requisitioned for war service (1-3pdr) (Ad.No.967).
7.1915: Sold to Allen Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Grimsby. William J. Allen designated manager.
6.1915: Returned to owner at Grimsby.
29.2.1916: In storm force winds and heavy seas off the North Yorkshire coast, forced ashore at Bempton. Crew taken off by lifesaving team. Vessel a total loss.
8.3.1916: Grimsby registry closed. “Wrecked”.

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