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s.v. Eliza Charlotte FD17

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 20270
Net Tonnage: 53
Completed: 1857
Length: 66.4 ft
Breadth: 16.4 ft
Depth: 10.2 ft
Rig: ketch-trawling
Built: ??, Littlehampton


1857: Completed, possibly by Henry Harvey & Sons, Littlehampton as ELIZA CHARLOTTE.
1857: Owned by George Goodwin, Kingston-upon-Hull.
30.11.1957: Registered at Hull.
9.12.1863: The smacks fishing in the North Sea suffered much damage in the gale that raged the previous week. Arrived Hull with several sails lost and other damage with smack ATLAS in tow. The ATLAS had been struck by a heavy sea and thrown on her beam ends, failing to right herself as the ballast had shifted. After several hours the crew managed to bring her in trim with severe damage throughout.
11.1869: Hull registry closed. Registered at Grimsby (GY266).
1878: Sold to Walker Moody, Cleethorpes (J. Steer, skipper).
8.1887: Sold to Charles Henry Saunby, 21 Albert Street, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD17). Charles H. Saunby designated managing owner.
w/c 9.9.1889: When trawling some 20 miles west of Barrow (Sk. Kay), on hauling found in the trawl a a piece of crockery in the form of a basin in perfect condition. The inscription on the basin showed that it originated from the paddle steamer HER MAJESTY (??/1843) and must have been dropped overboard from that vessel.
30.1.1890: Owing to extraordinary bad weather, the first landing for some time was made. Along with the smack VIVID (FD57) landed some prime fish which made the following prices:- Soles 1s 6d per lb, ray 5s per basket, plaice 5s per score, haddock & cod 3s per score, grey gurnards 4s per basket.
9.10.1890: On the morning tide the Swedish barque OTTO (214grt/1868) whilst leaving the quay, ran foul of the smack and carried away her masthead.
12.4.1892: Along with smacks GRACE DARLING (FD113) and SEVEN SISTERS (FD23) offered for sale by auction at Jubilee Quay; Mr J. Crookall auctioneer. Good attendance but no bids received.
1895: Sold to Robert Gray, 167 Nelson Street, Belfast & others. Robert Grey designated managing owner. Coasting. Fleetwood Part IV registry closed.
14.10.1895: Stranded Isle of Whitehorn, got off and towed into Garliestown. Very leaky.
16.11.1895: Reported ashore at Innerwell, Garliestown, cargo slates.
1897: Sold to Robert Symington, 15 Newington Avenue, Belfast & others. Robert Symington designated managing owner.
6.11.1900: In NNE gale and rain, out of Greenock with coals for lighthouses stranded Rhynns of Islay.
7.11.19: Reported sunk and being dismantled.
12.1900: Fleetwood Part I registry closed.

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s.v. Fern Leaf BM317

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and David Slinger


Official Number: 131935
Completed: 1911
Gross Tonnage: 41
Net Tonnage: 29
Length: 64.7 ft
Breadth: 16.2 ft
Depth: 7.9 ft
Rig: Ketch/Aux-trawling
Built: Sanders & Co, Galmpton, Devon


1911: Completed by Sanders & Co, Galmpton for Charles Bond, 16 Prospect Road, Brixham as FERN LEAF.
25.10.1911: Registered at Brixham (BM317).
5.12.1912: Reported hull damage following collision with other Brixham smacks.
5.5.1919: Sold to Charles C. Bond, Church Street, Brixham.
28.8.1919: At Brixham took part in race for Brixham registered ketch rigged trawlers over 40grt. In very light winds, with MISTLETOE (BM250) (Sk. E. R. King), VIOLET (BM228) (Sk.T. Lovell) and SUNNY ISLE (BM318) (Capt Jones) participated. After a collision at the start between SUNNY ISLE and VIOLET, made good of her advantage and got away from her rivals finishing the winner (First Prize £15, Special for owner, £10 and three gallons of anti fouling paint).
23.7.1920: In the early morning off the Lizard (Sk. E. Maddick), in rough weather with a heavy sea running, the main mast fell over the starboard side, fortunately without injuring any of the crew. The top portion of the stem was damaged and the main gaff, mainsail, fore sail and rigging had to be cut away.
24.7.1920: Sk. Maddick, with great skill, navigated the smack back to Brixham without the need of a tow. The smack is insured by the Brixham Fishing Smack Insurance Society.
20.8.1920: Brixham Royal Regatta, The Perpetual Challenge Cup, “Vancouver Trophy” and added prizes for Brixham registered ketch rigged trawlers over 40grt. Participated along with LOVE AND UNITY (BM263) (Sk. W. Dart), PREVALENT (BM337) (Sk. J. H. Blackhurst) and SEAPLANE (BM83) (Sk. R. C. Elliot). The winner was PREVALANT by about eight and a half minutes and in an exciting finish FERN LEAF took second place from SEAPLANE by seven seconds.
192?: Remeasured 24n.
1922: Sold to George Henry Cole, 10 Trafalgar Terrace, Brixham.
25.4.1925: Sold to Charles M. Ashford, Brixham.
30.8.1925: Sold to John Edmund Rowse Jnr (64/64), Milford Haven.
26.3.1927: At Newlyn, alongside an East Coast drifter (Sk. Richard Penny). In the afternoon, a Penzance youth by the name of Dunn, in crossing the boats, fell between the two. On hearing the splash, Sk. Penny, who was onboard at the time, went to his assistance. Being unable to reach the lad, he jumped into the water and took hold of him. The boats were ranging against each other and those men that had gathered, with great difficulty, kept them apart. Penny was able to pass the lad to those on deck and he was hauled onboard. Penny, a large man, made for a difficult task, but he was safely hauled out of the water.
21.8.1921: At the Brixham Regatta, ketch rigged trawler REPLETE (BM27) (Sk J. R. Bond) under full sail, came between the Committee boat and the FERN LEAF and collided with a launch owned by Mr S, Ellis, Brixham, which was chartered to carry the British Movietone News camera crew. The launch which had been attempting to come alongside the Committee boat was badly damaged, but the camera equipment (£2,000) was saved and the damaged launch towed into Brixham.
26.8.1932: Reported finished fifth (Sk. J. Rowsell) in the annual Brixham Regatta.
22.1.1934: Sold to Ralph Stockman Dugdall (64/64), The Quay, Brixham.
25.8.1934: Reported finished fourth in the annual Brixham Regatta.
4.7. 1935: Reported finished third in the annual Brixham Regatta.
24.8.1936: Reported finished third in the annual Brixham Regatta.
1938: Remeasured 13n.
1938: Fitted with 8nhp oil engine, re-classed as auxiliary fishing vessel.
1938: Brixham registry closed. Reregistered as an auxiliary fishing vessel by Ralph S. Dugdall, 57 Esplanade, Fleetwood.
9.2.1941: Requisitioned for war service and employed on miscellaneous naval duties (Hire rate £20.0.0d/month).
1942: Brixham registry closed “no longer fishing”.
1943: Based Clyde as TRV attached to Alexandria Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire.
1946: Returned to owner.
1947: Sold to William Newton (64/64),
113 Abercrombie Road, Fleetwood.
6.6.1947: Reported that a company, the Fern Leaf Co Ltd, had been formed at Fleetwood with a capital of £5,000, to acquire the business of fishing vessel owner William Newton. The directors are William Newton and Arthur Smith with the registered office 134-136 Dock Street, Fleetwood.
1947: Sold for breaking up.

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Fern Leaf BM317

Fern Leaf BM317
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s.v. Young Walker FD47

Additional information courtesy of Andy Hall and Christine Simm


Official Number: 65810
Gross Tonnage: 65.01
Net Tonnage: 47.56
Length: 70.4 ft
Breadth: 18.25 ft
Depth: 10.1 feet
Rig: Ketch – Trawling
Built: Sandwich Shipbuilding Co, Sandwich, Kent


1871: Completed by Sandwich Shipbuilding Co, Sandwich, Kent for Walker Moody, Cleethorpes as YOUNG WALKER.
13.7.1871: Registered at Grimsby (GY315).
13.7.1871: Appropriated.
3.10.1871: Arrived Grimsby from the fishing grounds (Sk. Fisher).
19.1.1872: Arrived Grimsby from the fishing grounds (Sk. Fisher).
6.3.1872: Arrived Grimsby from the fishing grounds (Sk. Fisher).
8.4.1872: Arrived Grimsby from the fishing grounds (Sk. Fisher).
14.6.1875: Arrived Grimsby from the fishing grounds (Sk. Webb).
5.7.1876: Arrived Grimsby from the fishing grounds off the Dutch coast (Sk. Webb).
29.3.1878: Reported that on a North Sea trip (Sk. Johnson), picked up seven casks of cider, one marked “DCE No.8”.
23.7.1887: Sold to John Gidley Jnr, Grimsby.
2.8.1887: Reported sold to The Great Grimsby Fishing & Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Grimsby (C. Taylor, Skipper).
13.7.1888: Reported that at Grimsby Borough Court, John Ridley Jnr was summoned by Thomas Thompson Grizel, a coloured seaman, for £3. 5s wages due. It was reported that on behalf of the previous owner, John Gidley was given a cheque for the sum of £9 10 8d to pay off the complainant and crew. The defendant stated that he used the cheque to pay the crews of the CHANTICLEAR and YOUNG WALKER. This should not have been done, the cheque was issued to indemnify the previous owner and should have been used first to pay off the complainant. Mr Gidley said that he would pay the complainant and the crew out of his own pocket.
13.10.1888: Reported sold to Amos King, 91 Orwell Street, Grimsby.
22.10.1888: At Fleetwood Mr Robert Westby offered the trawler for sale by public auction, on the quay. With good attendance and brisk bidding, the smack with her sails and all complete was knocked down for the sum of £110 to Mr Thomas Parkinson, Fleetwood (Roe Island, previously of Fleetwood).
1.1888: Grimsby registry closed.
11.1888: Registered at Fleetwood (FD47).
1.2.1889: At Fleetwood offered for sale by public auction, with all her sails, rigging, gear, etc. There was poor attendance, bidding was very slack and ultimately the smack was withdrawn at £70.
22.5.1889: Sold to Mrs Mary G. Gibson, Fleetwood.
15.6.1889: Reported sold to John D. Gibson, Fleetwood. John D. Gibson managing owner.
24.10.1898: Sold to Robert Westby, Fleetwood.
24.12.1889: In the Lune Channel in the early hours, sailing with masthead light only, in collision with the ketch rigged trawler WILLIAM & MARTHA (FD50) which had side lights on but no masthead light. The jib boom was broken, but the WILLIAM & MARTHA sustained considerable damage, bulwarks knocked down, several planks stove in, besides other damage. According to the regulations no smack is allowed to sail with a mast head light, but must have side lights. The skipper of the YOUNG WALKER had failed to put the sidelights out and hence the collision.
6.1.1890: For over a month the weather had been unfavourable for trawling and Fleetwood fishermen had earned nothing. Put to sea in company with FLEETWING (FD63).
7.1.1890: Returned having lost the trawl beam and broken her bridle, FLEETWING having the punt and bulwarks smashed with heavy seas. What little fish they caught was sold – soles 1s 5d per lb, rays 6s a basket and plaice 4s per score.
4.3.1890: In boisterous weather in the Irish Sea had the trawl beam broken.
25.10.1890: Taking advantage of a favourable breeze some thirty smacks left for the fishing grounds. The Harbour Authorities were constructing a groyne near the Lower Shore Light with piles driven in. Along with WONDER (FD68), ROBERT and ANN (FD98) and FLEETWING (FD63) ran amongst the piles. Drove one or two piles down but FLEETWING was holed and had to put back into harbour with pumps manned. Other trawlers ran aground or were involved in collisions while tacking down the channel.
29.10.1890: Early on Wednesday morning in increasingly stormy weather, the boats returned to Fleetwood.
7.11.1890: Following on from the bad weather in October, the storms of early November caused considerable damage on the Fylde Coast and many ships in distress, much anxiety was felt for the Fleetwood fishing fleet. The first to return home at 7.00pm was the OSPREY (FD52) (Sk James Fogg) under foresail only, crewed by the cook. On passage they had attempted to rescue the crew of Wigtown registered schooner JEAN CAMPBELL (3169) (56n/1844), but the boat capsized on return, the only survivor being fisherman James Wilkinson. At between 10.00 and 11.00pm YOUNG WALKER arrived and overnight and the following day the rest of the fleet arrived, many with sails damaged and spars smashed.
9.11.1890: The OSPREY’s punt was washed ashore at Rossall but no sign of any of the men who were drowned.
11.12.1891: Reported that at Fleetwood Petty Sessions Lawrence Hunter summoned Robert Salthouse for alleged assault upon him on 2nd December on board the smack which was lying in the river. Complainant was hauling a rope when Salthouse started swearing at him and then without provocation struck him down. In his absence (at sea), Salthouse was fined 10s and costs.
31.1.1891/1.2.1891: Very few of the trawlers that returned home came back without some loss or damage. With very bad weather in the Irish Channel the fleet had attempted to reach the Irish coast but the weather on 26th January was so severe that they remained at anchor until the following day. Only a few boats made the Irish Coast and many put into Peel and Ramsey for shelter. In the midst of the heavy gale which lasted for six hours, the Fleetwood boats that were still at sea suffered damage. Returned with beam shattered and mainsail split.
2.2.1891: Nearly all the boats alongside were undergoing repairs, some had landed fair catches which made around £12 gross.
1.3.1901: Landed at Holyhead after fishing in Cardigan Bay (Sk. Fred Jackson, Hoylake).
27.9.1903: Sailed Holyhead for Liverpool for attention in a graving dock (Sk. Smith).
27.10.1903: Sailed Glasson Dock for Fleetwood after attention by Nicholsons in the graving dock (Sk. Smith).
26.1.1904: Arrived Holyhead from the fishing grounds (Sk. Smith).
8.12.1904: Sailed Fleetwood for fishing grounds (Sk. J. Little, Hoylake).
9.12.1904: When off the North Wales coast, in a strong SE gale and sea running high, started to take in water and although the pumps were manned the ingress of water could not be controlled. Hoisted signals of distress.
9.12.1904: Just before noon, the Cork registered steamer INNISFALLEN (Capt J. M Browne)(1405grt/1896) when about six miles NE of Great Orme’s Head observed signals of distress flying from the trawler and at once hove to. Seeing the steamer had stopped, the punt was launched and the crew abandoned, but exhausted and cold from exposure they made little headway. The INNISFALLEN was brought closer to the boat and the crew of four HoyLake men taken onboard and well looked after. Survivors landed at Liverpool and taken charge of by the Customs authorities.
10.12.1890: In the afternoon the Swansea registered steamer ABERTAWE (Capt. Prior) (1336grt/1884) Santander for Liverpool when some 30 miles WNW of the North West lightship, Holyhead sighted a fishing boat 47FD, Fleetwood, flying signals of distress. Capt Prior sent the Chief Officer and two men in a boat to board the trawler but the sea was too rough for them to do so. Every means was used to find any trace of the crew, the steamer cruising the area using her whistle but there was no response. It was assumed that the crew had been taken off and the ABERTAWE proceeded on passage. The derelict is right in the way of traffic.
12.12.1904: Reported that the trawler had been sold to Capt Joseph Settle, Hoylake. This transaction is not recorded in the vessel’s Registration Folio – SS13/1 – 3/774/2 Page 33.
24.6.1905: Fleetwood registry closed. “ Ship abandoned 10 miles N of Great Orme’s Head on 9th December 1904.”

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s.v. White Rose FD21


Official Number: 109670
Completed: 1900
Gross Tonnage: 44
Net Tonnage: 41
Length: 59.4 ft
Breadth: 17.2 ft
Depth: 8.6 ft
Built: ??. Freckleton


Ketch – trawling

1900: Completed by ??. Freckleton for Richard Leadbetter & Others, Fleetwood (Mary Ellen Leadbetter (managing owner) as WHITE ROSE.
14.3.1900: Registered at Fleetwood (FD21).
31.12.1907: Tonnage altered to 24.80net. New Fishing Certificate issued.
1910: William Leadbetter, North Church St, Fleetwood (managing owner).
30.7.1920: Fleetwood registry closed. Sold to foreigners (Belgian subjects).

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s.v. Vivid FD57


Official Number: 51224
Completed: 1864
Gross Tonnage: 58
Net Tonnage: 52
Length: 66.1 ft
Breadth: 17.2 ft
Depth: 9.4 ft
Rig: Ketch – trawling
Built: ??, Rye


1864: Completed by ??, Rye for John Lewis Potter, Kingston-upon-Hull, as VIVID.
1865: Registered at Hull.
4.1874: Sold to H. Smethurst Jnr, Grimsby.
4.1874: Hull registry closed. Registered at Grimsby (GY460).
1.1.1875: Owned by Henry George, Gt. Yarmouth.
1.1.1880: Owned by The Grimsby Smack Co Ltd, Grimsby.
1.1.1883: Owned by Charles R. Taylor, 230 Heneage Street, West Clee, Lincolnshire.
12.1886: Sold to W. Kennington, Grimsby.
2.1889: Sold to C. M. Mundahl, Grimsby.
6.1889: Sold to Charles H. Saunby, Fish Market, Fleetwood (managing owner).
6.1889: Grimsby registry closed.
6.1889: Registered at Fleetwood (FD57).
18.2.1892: Sold to James Jackson, Fleetwood.
8.12.1895 (?): Fleetwood registry closed “No longer fishing”. Employed as a trading ketch.
1.1.1899: Not listed in MNL.

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