The Reader Family

J. C. Reader

J. C. Reader

J C Reader

The association of the READER family with the fishing industry started with a Stephen READER who was born in Broadstairs, Kent on the 17th of November 1830 but moved to Scarborough in Yorkshire and became a fisherman. He married Helen PEART and they had thirteen children. Of those that survived childhood the sons became fishermen and the daughters married fishermen or boat builders!

John READER 1853 – 1922 was a fisherman. In 1871 Mate on the “Achilles” SH 525
Ann READER born on the 4th of July 1854 married a Scarborough fisherman Henry MATSON
Stephen Peart READER 1856 – 1872. In 1871 fish boy on his father’s fishing smack the “Achilles” SH 525
Patience READER 1858 – 1858
Thomas Robinson READER, 1858 – 1930 Fisherman. In 1881 Mate of fishing ketch “Acacia” SH 134
Ellen READER born on the 21st of January 1860 married Walter MORLEY. In the1881 Census Walter was the Third Mate on the fishing Boat “Evelyn & Maud”, George WHITTLETON, master. On the 16th of November 1892 the “Evelyn & Maud” was lost at sea, Daniel George READER; Ellen’s younger brother was on board.
William Henry Peace READER 1862 -1935 was a fisherman.
Robert Watson READER born in 1865 was a Fish Boy on his father’s fishing boat the “Acacia” in 1881.
Henry James READER born in 1867 was a fisherman.
Daniel George Brazer READER 1869 – 1870
Daniel George READER 1871 – 1892 was a fisherman
Sophia Ann READER 1872 – 1943 married James SMITH a boat owner and builder from Lowestoft in Suffolk. In 1901 Sophia’s occupation was described as a Beatster net mender working from home.
Sarah Evaline Maud READER 1875 – 1876
Stephen READER was skipper of the Dandy Yawl (Contrast) SH 221; of the fishing ketch “Acacia” SH 134 and the fishing smack (Achilles) SH 525
Stephen READER was skipper of the Dandy Yawl (Contrast) SH 221; of the fishing ketch “Acacia” SH 134 and the fishing smack (Achilles) SH 525.


JOHN READER 1853 – 1922

John READER married Esther Elizabeth SHAW on the 17th of August 1875. They had two sons who were both born in Scarborough and lived in Fleetwood as fishermen.

Stephen Peart READER 1876 – 1954 and John William READER 1879 – 1951


Stephen Peart READER married Margaret GORE; they had eleven children that lived, five sons and six daughters all born in Fleetwood. All five sons were fishermen and held skippers certificates.

Daniel George READER 1903 – 1928 John Arthur READER 1905 – 1975

Stephen Herbert READER 1907 -1968 William R. READER 1911 – 1946

Henry READER 1912 – 1980


Daniel George READER died when the steam trawler “Briarlyn” (ex “Patrick Cullen”) FD 220 which was owned by the Hewitt Fishing Company was sunk on the 13th of February 1928 off St. Kilda.


John Arthur READER was a Mate and held a skipper’s ticket he married Janet FYALL in 1929. They had four sons and two daughters all born in Fleetwood.

John READER 1930 – He was a fisherman. Derek George READER 1932 – 2000 was fisherman.

Kevin READER 1939 – 1950. David READER 1945- is a fisherman.


Stephen Herbert READER born in 1907 married Marjorie Irene KING in 1929. They had three sons and three daughters, all were born in Fleetwood.

Stephen H. READER 1930 – 1999. He was a blacksmith.

William G. READER born in 1934 was a trawler skipper.

Michael READER born in 1945 was a fitter at Marr’s Fishing Company.

Stephen Herbert READER was the skipper of the steam trawler the “Agnes Whickfield” FD 32 out of Fleetwood.

WILLIAM R. READER 1911 – 1946

William R. READER was drowned at sea while serving as Mate of the steam trawler “Navena” on the 27th of July 1946.

Henry READER 1912 – 1980

Henry READER born 14th of October 1912 at Fleetwood was a fisherman all his life. In World War 2 he joined the Royal Naval Reserve as an officer. Henry READER was skipper of M.V. Wyre Conqueror FD187 after WW 2.


John William READER was born on the 27th of April 1879 He was a fisherman and in World War 1 served in the Royal Navy Reserve onboard Minesweepers. He married Margaret Jane CORLETT in St. John’s Church, Liverpool in 1897. They had two sons and two daughters.

John Richard Corlett READER was born on the 5th of August 1900. Stephen Robert READER born on the 24th of March 1903 was a blacksmith’s striker at J. Marr and Son Ltd.

John William READER was the skipper on one-fourteenth and three-eighths of one-fourteenth shares in 1927
1. Of the Steam Trawler “Lincolnia ” FD 118 Owned by Magnolia Steam Fishing Company
2. Of the Steam Trawler “Kingston ” FD 144 Owned by R.W. Mason and Co.
3. Of the Steam Trawler “Rattler” FD 199 Owned by J. Marr and Son Ltd.

John William READER was skipper of the Steam Trawler “Sarrail ” FD 373 owned by Jonckheere & J.Nierinck

On one trip the average weekly sales were £100 14s 5d but the Balance was in Debt £2 11s 1d after 10.5 weeks sea time! (From Settling Sheet 8th September 1924 to 18th September 1927). Stories told by John William READER were reported in the FLEETWOOD CHRONICLE AND TIMES MARCH 17 1972


John Richard Corlett READER born on the 5th of August 1900 married Ellen PORTER they had two daughters and two sons all born in Fleetwood In World War 1 John Richard Corlett READER was a seaman in the Royal Navy on minesweepers. After the War he was Bosun on the “Lizzie Melling” PN 45.
Circa 1938 skipper of the “Alonzo” H887.
Circa 1939 skipper of the steam trawler the ” Norene Mary”.

During the Second World War he served in the Royal Naval Reserve on Mine Sweeper Trawlers. The first was H.M.S. Brecon Castle a mine sweeper trawler built in 1916. Her Naval Pennant was FY 507 She was commissioned by the Admiralty in August 1939; then in 1940 the Mine Sweeper Trawler H.M.S. Alberic.
John Richard Corlett READER was the captain of H.M.S. Patti another mine sweeper trawler and Flotilla Leader which was built in 1929. Her Naval Pennant was 4.10280; she was commissioned by the Admiralty in 1941.

After the Second World War he moved to Lowestoft and became skipper of one of Boston Trawlers Ltd. diesel trawlers the “Lowestoft Lady “LT 247. On Saturday the 4th of February 1956 “Lowestoft Lady” starred in the B.B.C. Television programme “Saturday-Night Out – Goes to Sea”. Robert Beatty reported on the fishermen of Lowestoft, with Bob Danvers-Walker on board at sea.

Skipper’s Ticket for John William READER 24th February 1902 (Printed on linen) Skipper’s Ticket for John William READER 24th February 1902Reverse Certificate 6685 11 Trafalgar Road, Milford Haven Date of Birth 1978, Scarborough Issued at Liverpool Lieutenant John Richard Corlett READER Royal Navy Reserve