S.T. Nettle FD342

Additional information courtesy of Andy Hall and Colin Reed


Official Number: 121230
Yard Number: 311
Completed: 1905
Gross Tonnage: 173.26
Net Tonnage: 64
Length: 110.4 ft
Breadth: 22 ft
Depth: 11 ft
Built: Mackie J Thomson, Govan
Engine: C.2-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge


19.4.1905: Launched by Mackie & Thomson, Govan (Yd.No.311) for Charles Finlay Paton, Glasgow (trading as Glasgow Trawling Co Ltd, Glasgow) as NETTLE.
5.1905: Completed.
17.5.1905: Registered at Glasgow (GW11). Charles Finlay Paton designated managing owner. Crewed and operated from Granton.
19.11.1906: On fishing grounds 30 miles E from North Berwick collided with trawler U.S.A. (GN25) sustaining considerable bow damage.
5.9.1907: In Firth of Clyde between Cumbrae and Bute, in collision with and sank bucket dredger CALEDONIAN (249g/1875). Arrived Greenock with severe damage to bow and starboard shell plates.
1912: Sold to Patons’ Trawlers Ltd, Glasgow. Charles F. Paton designated manager.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 69.45net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
7.1918: Sold to Port St. Mary Fishing & Curing Co Ltd, London. Charles Jeffs Jnr, Cleveleys designated manager.
25.07.1918: Sailed Fleetwood for Icelandic grounds in company with J. BAELS-MAURICX (FD362) (Sk. George Cooke), senior ship and MANNOFIELD (A526) (Sk. B. Hume, Blackpool).
7.8.1918: Around noon, from a position off Vestmannaeyjar, streamed log and in company set course for home.
9.8.1918: At about 2.30pm. when some 63 miles NW of St. Kilda, sighted a submarine on the surface, which closed and when about 4,500yds away opened fire the shells falling ahead, either side and astern. Sk. George Cook ordered the NETTLE to keep clear, withdrew and laid to ready to respond to any call for assistance (see J. BAELS-MAURICX and MANNOFIELD for action details). After about 3 1/2 hours of shelling by the submarine and the two trawlers, observed the submarine withdrawing; closed J. BAELS-MAURICX and after discussion set course in company for Castlebay, Barra.
10.8.1918: At Castlebay after the wounded had been attended to, it was agreed to sail for Fleetwood, a distance of about 250 miles, keeping inside the islands; sailed for Fleetwood at 9.30pm.
12.8.1918: At 9.00am. passed Lune Buoy and came to anchor, proceeded to Wyre Dock on the afternoon tide and reported incident to Lieut. James A. Robertson OBE RNVR, Port Fishery Commander.
5.9.1918: At the Wyre Dock Cafe a a luncheon was held presided over by Lieut. Robertson in his role as president of the Fleetwood Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association. This was followed by an address and presentation by Cdr Abbott RN of a gold watch and gold albert to each skipper and silver watches, all suitably inscribed, to all crew members of the three trawlers.
8.1919: Granton registry closed.
8.8.1919: Registered at Fleetwood (FD342).
1919: Joseph A. Taylor, Fleetwood designated manager.
10.11.1919: Sold to The Nettle Trawler Co Ltd, London. Benjamin Allenby c/o Sam Isaacs Ltd, Aberdeen designated manager.
28.11.1919: Fleetwood registry closed.
14.1.1920: Registered at Aberdeen (A262).
11.1921: The Nettle Trawler Co Ltd in liquidation. Laid up at Pointlaw, Aberdeen.
12.12.1921: Advertised for sale by John Fraser, Liquidator, along with steam trawler Diana (FD135). Last Lloyd’s survey 10.1919. Vessel in good order, recently overhauled and extensive repairs carried out and sold with all gear on board as she lies.
13.1.1922: Sold to Charles Finlay Paton, Glasgow. Charles Finlay Paton designated managing owner.
1925: Sold to Joseph A. Taylor, Fleetwood.
18.9.1925: Aberdeen registry closed.
19.9.1925: Registered at Fleetwood (FD61). Harold Taylor designated manager.
1926: Sold to Bourne Trawling Co Ltd, Fleetwood. Joseph A. Taylor & Harold Taylor designated joint managers.
11.1931: Fishing off the Butt of Lewis caught a strange creature 38ft long, tail 6ft across and weighing about four tons. In attempting to bring it aboard the rigging and stays of the mast were carried away and the verandah under the wheelhouse smashed. The creature was carried for about 30 miles but space was needed on deck and it was thrown overboard further damaging the rigging and mast stays.
1933: Sold for breaking up.
2.11.1933: Fleetwood registry closed “Broken up”.

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