sv Impregnable – FD178

Additional information courtesy of David Slinger


Official Number: Unknown
Completed: 1903
Net Tonnage: 50
Length: 69.4 ft
Breadth: 18.4 ft
Depth: 9.9 ft
Rig: Sail with auxiliary motor
Built: Wm. Fulton, Pittenweem as a liner/seiner


1903: Completed by Wm. Fulton, Pittenweem for George Flett & W. McKechnie, Pittenweem as IMPREGNABLE. Registered at Methil (ML24).
Pre 1910: Auxiliary motor fitted.
5.1928: Sold to Frederick Newton, Bispham Road, Blackpool. Methil registry closed.
22.5.1928: Registered at Fleetwood (FD178).
15.6.1928: Sold to Sk. Frederick Newton, Bispham Road, Blackpool & Sk. Holmes, Fleetwood. Carried out seining trials on Kish Bank off east coast of Ireland. Returned after six days with no fish.
27.6.1928: Sailed for Clyde for further trials with the seine net; five crew all told.
9.7.1928: Returned to Fleetwood under sail having suffered damage to engine. Trials unsuccessful.
19.1.1929: Fleetwood registry closed “Sold to foreigners (Belgian subjects)”.

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Impregnable FD178

sv Impregnable FD178

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