S.T. Camenes FD204

Additional information courtesy of Göran Olsson


Official Number: 93078
Yard Number: 18
Completed: 1886
Gross Tonnage: 153
Net Tonnage: 79
Length: 98.8 ft
Breadth: 20.1 ft
Depth: 11.0 ft
Built: Head & Riley, Hull
Engine: (1) C.2-cyl by E. Wales, Hull
Engine (2): T.3-cyl and boiler by Charles D. Holmes & Co, Hull


4.1886: Completed by Head & Riley, Hull (Yd.No.18) for William R. Leyman (64/64), Hull as CAMENES
17.5.1886: Registered at Hull (H1494). William R. Leyman designated managing owner.
6.1893: Lengthened by Cochrane & Cooper, Beverley (Yd.No.88) to 103.0 ft 159g 64n.
6.1893: T.3-cyl and boiler by Charles D. Holmes & Co, Hull.
6.6.1893: Registration closed and re-registered at Hull due material alterations.
14.2.1901: Sold to Charles H. Double (64/64), Hull (managing owner).
17.2.1903: Hull registry closed. Mortgaged to Hall, Leyman & Co Ltd, Hull for £2000 @ 5% interest (A).
18.2.1903: Registered at Fleetwood (FD204), Henry H. Double designated managing owner.
16.11.1906: Mortgage (A) sold to Ernest Crosby, Fleetwood.
3.12.1906: Thomas F. Kelsall appointed manager.
17.12.1906: Sold to John Salmond Doig, Grimsby & Walter Bacon, Fleetwood (joint owners 64/64).
17.12.1906: Mortgaged to Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Co Ltd, Lincoln (B).
20.12.1906: Thomas F. Kelsall appointed manager.
2.5.1910: Sold to Alfred Bannister (64/64), Grimsby.
05.1910: Mortgages (A) and (B) discharged.
7.5.1910: Fleetwood registry closed.
9.5.1910: Registered at Grimsby (GY531).
9.5.1910: Alfred Bannister designated managing owner.
6.6.1910: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to Stamford, Spalding & Boston Banking Co Ltd, Stamford (C).
1911: New boiler fitted (possibly new wheelhouse and funnel fitted at this time).
21.8.1912: Mortgage (C) transferred to Barclay & Co Ltd, London.
27.11.1913: Mortgage (C) discharged.
28.11.1913: Sold to Varbergs Exportaffär, Varberg, Sweden (Carl Andersson, manager).
4.12.1913: Grimsby registry closed.
12.1913: Registered at Varburg as MEERA (VG109).
21.10.1919: Carl Andersson died. Company in difficulties.
25.6.1920: Sold at auction to A.B Bergelin & Reuter, Gothenburg.
6.1920: Varberg registry closed. Registered at Gothenburg (GG871).
30.4.1926: Company re-styled Gustaf E. Reuters Kolimport A.B, Gothenburg. Haakon Reuter appointed manager,
1.11.1926: Sold to Trål A.B Meera, Gothenburg. Haakon Reuter appointed manager.
11.4.1929: Sold to Folke Berntsson & Harald Karlsson, Gothenburg.
22.1.1930: Sold to Lambert Häller, Josef Johansson & Folke Berntsson.
30.12.1930: Sold to Fiskeri A.B. Hebridena, Gothenburg. Lambert Häller appointed manager.
1932: Sold to Fiskeri A/B Hebriderna, Gothenburg. Lambert Häller appointed manager.
1940: When being positioned on the slipway at Lindolmen shipyard in Gothenburg for hauling out fell over and was badly damaged beyond economical repair.
11.9.1940: Sold to Lindolmens Varv. A.B., Gothenburg for breaking up.
4.10.1940: Broken up by shipyard. Gothenburg registry closed.

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