S.T. Ceylonite GY170


Official Number: 144317
Yard Number: 340P
Completed: 1917
Gross Tonnage: 249
Net Tonnage: 109
Length: 125.4 ft
Breadth: 22.5 ft
Depth: 12.2 ft
Engine: 480ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley


Ordered by Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull. Requisitioned by The Admiralty on the stocks, no instalment monies paid.
7.7.1917: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.340P) (non-standard “Castle” class) for The Admiralty as THOMAS BUCKLEY (Ad.No.3607).
20.12.1917: Completed as a minesweeper (1-12pdr & W/T).
24.12.1917: Delivered.
1.10.1918: At Penzance F.C.T. Escort (Chief Skipper RNR).
28.5.1919: Loaned to US Navy (North Sea Minesweeping Detachment).
7.10.1919: Returned to The Admiralty.
1919: Allocated to Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries and engaged in commercial trawling.
7.1.1920: Registered by The Admiralty at London (Part I) as THOMAS BUCKLEY O.N.144317.
28.01.1920: Registered by The Admiralty at London (Part IV) (LO276). Laid up.
between 18.05.1920 – 18.06.1920: Allocated to Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, London for commercial trawling.
13.08.1920: Minesweepers’ Cooperative Trawling Society Ltd, London registered.
12.1920: At John I Thornycroft & Co Ltd, Woolston completed fitting out for fishing under Special Survey of Lloyd’s Register and classed 100A1 Stm Trawler at Southampton.
1920: Allocated to the Minesweepers’ Cooperative Trawling Society Ltd, London.
01.1922: Scheme abandoned, the necessary working capital of £100,000 having not been subscribed. Laid up.
1922: Sold to Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull.
25.10.1922: London registry closed.
10.1922: Remeasured 100net.
6.11.1922: Registered at Hull (H724). Walter Scott designated manager.
27.11.1922: Registered at Hull as CEYLONITE (H724).
29.1.1930: Sold to Taylor Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Grimsby. Charles Taylor designated manager.
31.1.1930: Hull registry closed.
1.2.1930: Registered at Grimsby (GY170).
22.6.1939: Sold to Saint Andrew’s Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Hull.
27.6.39: Basil Arthur Parkes, Thornton-le-Fylde designated manager.
9.4.1940: Requisitioned for war service and employed on patrol duties (1-12pdr) (Hire rate £72.12.6d/month).
9.1941: Fitted out as a minesweeper (P.No.FY1853).
1.1946: Laid up.
22.5.1946: Returned to owner.
9.10.1947: Sold to Joseph Croan (64/64), Newhaven, Edinburgh.
3.12.1947: Joseph Croan designated managing owner.
3.12.1947: Grimsby registry closed.
12.1947: Registered at Leith (LH246).
1960: Sold to BISCO (£2750) and allocated to Shipbreaking Industries Ltd for breaking up at Charlestown, Fife (Contract No.77E).
14.6.1960: Delivered Charlestown from Granton under own power.
12.6.1961: Breaking up commenced.
(Thomas Buckley, Private, Marine, age 29, b. Northwich, Cheshire – VICTORY (ML69))

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S.T. Ceylonite LH246

S.T. Ceylonite LH246
Picture courtesy of Shetland Maritime Museum

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