s.v. Ospray LR18

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Official Number: 20830
Gross Tonnage: 36
Rig: Sloop – trawling
Built: John Upham, Brixham


25.10.1857: Keel laid by John Upham, Brixham.
1858: Completed by ??, Brixham as OSPRAY for Robert Narraway Smith, Brixham. Registered at Dartmouth (D??).
1969: Dartmouth registry closed.
21.4.1869: Registered at Brixham.
By 1875: Owned by Jeffery Wright, Fleetwood. Brixham registry closed. Registered at Lancaster (LR18).
1888: Sold to James Richard Gibson & John David Gibson, Dock Street, Fleetwood.
By 1900: John David Gibson appointed managing owner.
1906: Lancaster registry closed. FATE?

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