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Welcome to The Bosun’s Watch
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They made their mark as a breed of men. Earth shall not see their like again

In memory of The Bosun, Peter Ince who slipped his moorings and caught his last tide in 1998
Please note the links bars on both sides of the page. The “Motor Trawler List” and “The Gallery” will take you to the motor trawler site. Images from this site are hosted on the gallery there.
Under the heading “Categories” there are several options. Choosing “Steam Trawlers (picture)” for example, will list all vessels that have a picture attached to their page.
“Steam Trawlers” will list all vessels that we currently do not have images of. The numbers alongside the various categories lists the total number of files for each category.
If you do not wish to look through the list there is a site search box on the right side of the page. This will search on a partial name although a full one would be better. Entering “Bost” will list all pages that have Boston on them.
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Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust

Preserving our heritage for future generations.

Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust was established in 1999 by a group of local people, almost all of who have a seafaring background in various maritime traditions, having seen service in the fishing industry, merchant marine or the Royal Navy.

Their desire was to put their combined time and effort into providing Fleetwood with an accurate and exhaustive portrayal of our maritime history.

Since then they have been conducting exhaustive research into many aspects of Fleetwood’s maritime past, a large percentage of which has never before been generally known.

Fishing, of course, is what Fleetwood is best known for. Yet the port has been host over the years to both cross-channel cargo and passenger ferries, coasters, warships, cargo ships from all over the world and a miscellany of specialised vessels from underwater exploration and services to weather forecasting, gas rig support and other ancillary services. Boat building was a large part of the history with one vessel, the steam yacht Mauna Loa, still operational today.

Many ports across the UK now celebrate their maritime history with festivals. Sadly it seems that Fleetwood is intent on burying it. For the sake of all the men who sailed down the Wyre and never returned, we do not intend to let that happen.

As far as fishing is concerned, the list of lost vessels is horrendous. Many vessels cleared Wyre Light and were never heard of again. Some made the ultimate sacrifice in wartime while others were lost to ill-fortune or the weather.

There is an old saying, “The price of fish is men’s lives”, and this is true of Fleetwood.

FMHT need help.

FMHT need someone with the skills and knowledge to develop and maintain our proposed third website, which will deal exclusively with all other aspects of the port that are not presently covered by The Bosun’s Watch and Fleetwood Motor Trawlers sites.
These would include……..

  • Manx Steamers
  • Belfast Steamers
  • Docks and Harbour
  • River and Foreign Trade
  • The Ferry Boats
  • Shipbuilding
  • ICI Coasters

……….and much more.

So, if you’re interested in taking on a project that will attract some criticism, a little bit of personal expense, a lot of hard work researching and writing web pages, nothing in the way of thanks, BUT, an awful lot of personal satisfaction, please contact the hard pressed webmasters of either site. Thank you.

The basic site is already on line at Fleetwood’s Maritime Heritage so pop over and watch it grow.


We also need new members for the trust who are prepared to undertake some research into the fishing industry and its vessels, at Fleetwood Library and/or the Public Records Office at Preston. Anyone who is interested should contact the webmaster at either site.

Our Websites

Fleetwood Steam and Sail Trawlers Fleetwood Motor Trawlers
The Bosun’s Watch
Fleetwood Steam and Sail Trawlers. 

  • Technical Details
  • Vessel History
  • Trawler Images
  • Trawler Stories
  • Gallery
  • And much more …

To visit the site click here.

Fleetwood Motor Trawlers 
Fleetwood Motor Trawlers Listings. 

  • Technical Details
  • Vessel History
  • Trawler Images
  • Trawler Stories
  • Gallery
  • and much more …

To visit the site click here.

Fleetwood Steam and Sail Trawlers Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust
Fleetwood’s Maritime Heritage
Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Pictures and Articles. 

  • ICI Coasters
  • Harbour
  • Docks
  • World Trade
  • Manx and Belfast Trade
  • and much more …

To visit the site click here.

Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust 
FMHT Trust Website. 

  • Events
  • Local News
  • and much more …

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Videos & Updates

As im sure many of you are aware Facebook is a huge success and with millions of people using this service daily we thought it was a good idea to create a group for people to join.

If you are a member of facebook click the following link to view the group, Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust. If you do not have an account on facebook its free to join and will only take a few minutes to register.

The group is open for anyone to join and will allow us to keep in touch with all group members easily and notify them of events and updates. Also you can invite your friends into the group aswell.

I hope to see you all on facebook.

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We have created a youtube channel that people can subscribe to FREE of charge and view videos related to the fishing industry.

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