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They made their mark as a breed of men. Earth shall not see their like again

In memory of The Bosun, Peter Ince who slipped his moorings and caught his last tide in 1998
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  1. shiner says:

    Delighted to be accepted on Bosun’s Watch, am researching my late fathers war career as he served on HMST Goth P No FY 649 (later ST Goth FD 52) as PO his name was J G Wright & he was awarded the DSM for his part in an action in the Mediterranean in 1944. AS he never talked about the war I don’t know which action this was & would love to find out. Also been trying to obtain plans of the vessel as I have always wanted to build a model of the Goth (I’m a retired Shipwright). Would appreciate any help I can get. Fraternally John.

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