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S.T. Emily Morley FD415


Official Number: 109036
Yard Number: 186
Completed: 1898
Gross Tonnage: 172
Net Tonnage: 67
Length: 110 ft
Breadth: 21 ft
Depth: 10.9 ft
Built: Mackie & Thompson Ltd, Govan
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Muir & Houston, Glasgow


A design submitted by Mackie & Thomson, Govan was approved by the Kingston board and four vessels were ordered. Contracts were signed with the shipyard to build the vessels, and supply engines and boilers. The names chosen were AMBER, AMETHYST, BERYL and CAMEO. Total cost for AMETHYST with amendments, fees, classification, fishing gear, stores and coal £5,236.6s.0d.

4.5.1898: Launched by Mackie & Thomson, Govan (Yd.No.186) for Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull as AMETHYST.
7.6.1898: Registered at Hull (H401).
6.1898: Completed trials and accepted (Lawrence Spring, manager).
1902: New boiler fitted (made 1899).
1.1915: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-3pdr) (Ad.No.1214).
2.1915: Renamed AMETHYST II.
17.4.1915: Registered at Hull as AMETHYST II (H401).
1.11.1915: Returned to owner after reconditioning by The Admiralty.
22.11.1915: Reverted to AMETHYST (H401).
29.5.1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.
10.10.1917: Arthur Taylor appointed manager.
14.2.1918: Skipper reported losing fishing convoy for 48 hours; admonished by Convoy Committee but not suspended.
15.10.1918: Released.
20.12.1918: Armament removed.
19.6.1919: Engineers on Hull North Sea vessels gave 24 hours notice of strike for better conditions; fleet laid up.
7.8.1919: With strike breaking crew landed and grossed £1,035 but enginemen found to be incapable and laid up again.
18.8.1919: Engineers and trimmers accepted owners offer and signified willingness to return to sea.
28.8.1919: Sailed after strike.
13.3.1920: Skipper reported mine in trawl cleared by cutting belly and baitings no damage to ship.
14.7.1921: Walter Scott appointed manager.
29.8.1922: Sold to Walter Henry Utley Morley, Fleetwood for £8.500 plus £10 for spare propeller.
25.9.1922: Hull registry closed.
10.10.1922: Registered at Fleetwood as EMILY MORLEY (FD415). Walter H. U. Morley managing owner.
26.2.1929: Sold to Mason Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood (Thomas Cardwell, manager).
1934: Sold for breaking up.
16.1.1935: Fleetwood registry closed, breaking up completed.

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