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s.v. Alicia FD60

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 63930
Completed: 1870
Gross Tonnage: 27.92
Net tonnage: 19.56
Length: 58 ft
Breadth: 14.5 ft
Depth: 7.1 ft
Rig: Jigger Smack – Trawling


1870: Completed by Richard Smith?, Preston, for Richard Johnson, Fleetwood as ALICIA. 15.11.1970: Appropriated.
15.11.1970: Registered at Fleetwood.
1.1.1875: Owned by John Calder, Fleetwood.
12.10.1875: Body of Liverpool pilot, James B. Tudor, picked up off Blackpool and landed at Fleetwood.
27.7.1883: Arrived Fleetwood (Sk. Nicholas Wright) and reported having picked up a boot containing a man’s foot up to the ankle. The boot was identified by the maker and Mrs Nicholl, widow of the late Samuel Nicholl, skipper, as being that of her late husband who lost his life at sea when the smack, MARY ELLEN (FD21) was lost with all hands on 14 October 1881. While near the place where the boot was picked up, the gear came fast and the obstacle is supposed to be the sunken MARY ELLEN.
29.12.1884: Sold to Nicholas Leadbetter, Fleetwood & others (Lawrence Bond, skipper).
2.12.1889: The Fleetwood fishing fleet sent in some good catches, acting as a carrier along with IDA (FD51) and CHRISTINA (FD13).
31.1.1891/1.2.1891: Very few of the trawlers that returned home came back without some loss or damage. With very bad weather in the Irish Channel the fleet had attempted to reach the Irish coast but the weather on 26th January was so severe that they remained at anchor until the following day. Only a few boats made the Irish Coast and many put into Peel and Ramsey for shelter. In the midst of the heavy gale which lasted for six hours the Fleetwood boats that were still at sea suffered damage. Returned with trawl beam broken.
2.2.1891: Nearly all the boats alongside were undergoing repairs, some had landed fair catches which made around £12 gross.
20.4.1905: Sold to Granville Buckley, 21 Horncliffe Rd, Blackpool.
1906: Brookes’ steam capstan fitted.
5.10.1906: On Sale. Sailing Trawler “ALICIA” 60ft length (Brookes’ Steam Capstan, nearly new); or would arrange liberally with competent, sober skipper. – W. H. Buckley, 21 Horncliff Road, Blackpool.
11.1906: When trawling in the vicinity of the Nelson Buoy (Sk. Joe Holmes), some six and a half miles from St. Anne’s pier, the trawl came fast on a heavy obstruction. The crew which included the owner, George (sic) Buckley, hauled in the net with great difficulty and found a heavy chain attached. Working for fully eighteen hours they recovered sixty fathoms of chain and a large anchor, all very much corroded. Returned to Fleetwood with fish and salvaged chain and anchor. There was much speculation as to the origin of the salvaged gear, but St. Anne’s men were strongly of the opinion that they belonged to the Morecambe Bay Lightship which was driven from her station by the turbulent seas and severe NW gale in the early morning of 23rd December 1894. Her progress, which would surely have fetched her up on the Ribble Banks, being arrested by the Fleetwood tug FYLDE (217grt/1881) when outside Salthouse Bank, which connected and proceeded northwards.
19.10.1908: Sold to William Eaves, 90 Ash St, Fleetwood (James Wright, skipper), later of 56 Addison Road, Fleetwood (Lawrence Bond, skipper).
18.2.1909: Moses Burgoyne (58), fisherman, at about 7.00pm standing on the Jubilee quayside, drunk and intent on returning to the smack to sleep it off. Seen by Robert Eaves, fisherman who tried to persuade him to move away and taken to the railway foot bridge. Sitting Burgoyne down on the steps he left him to sleep. When some ten yards away, Eaves heard a splash and returning found that Burgoyne had fallen between the smack and the quay. Climbing down the ladder Eaves held Burgoyne for about fifteen minutes before rescuers, hearing his cries, brought both men onto the smack. Burgoyne suffered a 3” cut on his forehead and after first aid by the police was conveyed to the Cottage Hospital unconscious.
21.3.1909: Burgoyne died in the Cottage Hospital having made no progress since his admission.
24.3.1909: At the inquest held at Fleetwood into the death of Moses Burgoyne, a verdict of “Accidental Death” was recorded.
5.9.1911: Alongside Jubilee Quay. At about 12.50am a fire was discovered by Thomas McNaughton who at once raised the alarm. Both the Town and Wyre Dock Brigades attended and found that the bulkhead between the cabin and the hold and a quantity of loose material was well alight. Using the hydrants on the quay a good supply of water was obtained and after about an hour and a half’s combined efforts the fire was extinguished. The damage, which is estimated at £50, is covered by insurance, but the origin of the fire is unknown. Laid up.
13.12.1912: Pencil note from the Fleetwood Registry of Sea Fishing Boats (SS 13/1 3/774/2 Folio 35) “ boat to be dismantled and enquiry to be made in 3 months – 13.2.13 as to cancellation of registry. “
19.3.1913: Fleetwood registry closed “Vessel broken up at Fleetwood. Advice received from owner ”.

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