S.T. Inverneill A474

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Admiralty Number: 3628
Official Number: 143910
Yard Number: 618
Completed: 1917
Gross Tonnage: 215.81
Net Tonnage: 93.28
Length: 115.4 ft
Breadth: 22.1 ft
Depth: 12.1 ft
Built: Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: 430ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


13.9.1917: Launched by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.618) (“Strath” class) for The Admiralty as SAMUEL BARKAS (Ad.No.3628).
26.10.1917: Completed (1-12pdr HA).
2.12.1919: Registered by The Admiralty at London (Part I) as SAMUEL BARKAS O.N.143910.
1.1920: Sold to Alfred Rainbow (22/64), William Rainbow (22/64), Milford Haven; Harry Eastoe Rees (21/64) & Frank Berry Rees (21/64), Swansea.
30.1.1920: Registered at Milford (M84). Alfred Rainbow designated managing owner.
16.3.1920: Sold to Rainbow Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Milford Haven. Harry E. Rees designated manager.
28.5.1921: Arrived Dartmouth.
29.5.1921: Sailed Dartmouth for Channel fishing grounds.
11.1925: Sold to David Dryburgh, Leith.
6.7.1926: Milford registry closed.
8.7.1926: Registered at Granton (GN69). Robert Bell Jnr designated manager.
9.7.1926: Registered at Granton as INVERNEILL (GN69).
27.2.1929: In dense fog stranded near Dunbar. Refloated with assistance of Leith tug EARL of POWIS (116grt/1882) and returned to Granton.
Pre 1935: Planet Fishing Co Ltd, designated managers.
1937: Sold to Robert Baxter, Aberdeen.
21.3.1938: On arrival at Aberdeen reported that on 19th when fishing some 80 miles from the Out Skerries, Shetland the ship was struck by lightning. The mate had a miraculous escape as just before the lightening struck he stepped into the galley for a cigarette and thus avoided being injured by the falling aerial. The wireless apparatus damaged and the compass also affected.
5.1938: Granton registry closed.
20.5.1938: Registered at Aberdeen (A474). Robert Baxter designated managing owner.
26.12.1940: Sold to Bunch Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby. Herbert G. Crampin, designated manager.
1940: Directed to Fleetwood under wartime control.
3.5.1943: Typical wartime landing. 193 kits – hake-35, cod/codling-1, flats-6, ling/coley-140, roker-4, dogs-4, sole & prime-3.
11.12.1946: Sold to Camperdown Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen. John Walker designated manager.
1956: Sold to BISCO (£3850) and allocated to Shipbreaking Industries Ltd for breaking up at Charlestown, Fife (Contract No.13E).
29.11.1956: Delivered Charlestown from Aberdeen under own power.
12.1956: Breaking up commenced.
28.6.1957: Aberdeen registry closed “Vessel broken up”.

(Samuel Barkas, Landsman (Volunteer), b. Lancaster, Lancashire, age 23 – VICTORY (SB185))

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S.T. Inverneil A474

S.T. Inverneil A474
Picture courtesy of The Peter Green Collection

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