S.T. Nancy Hague FD133

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Official Number: 132406
Yard Number: 470
Completed: 1911
Gross Tonnage: 299
Net Tonnage: 121
Length: 130.5 ft
Breadth: 23 ft
Depth: 13.2 ft
Engine: 525ihp T.3-cyl by Shields Engineering Co Ltd, North Shields
Boiler: Richardsons Westgarth & Co Ltd, Middlesbrough
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough


1911: Launched by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough (Yd.No.470) for The New Docks Steam Trawling Co (Fleetwood) Ltd, Fleetwood as NANCY HAGUE.
6.6.1911: Registered at Fleetwood (FD133).
6.1911: Completed (Ernest Tomlinson, manager).
18.3.1915: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.1360). Based St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly.
1918: Joseph A. Taylor & Ernest Tomlinson Ltd appointed joint managers.
1919: Returned to owners.
1924: William W. Brierley appointed manager.
1938: Sold to The Clifton Steam Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood.
9.1939: On a trip to St. Kilda ground (Sk. Reginald King).
18. 9.1939: Trawling WNW of St. Kilda. Stopped by U-boat (U.35) in position 58.09N 09.17W; tried to escape and made use of radio to send emergency signals. Examined i.a.w. Prisenordnung (Prize Regulations) Art.54. Seized along with ARLITA (FD188) and LORN MINTO (FD51), as the smallest and oldest and ships boats were not considered safe for crews, allowed to take both crews onboard before they were sunk by gunfire; returned to Fleetwood. At 2047 H M destroyers SOMALI (P.No.F33) and MATABELE (P.No.F26) detached to assist.
10.4.1940: Requisitioned for war service as a boom defence vessel (P.No.Z.166) (Hire rate £74.15.0d/month). Cost of conversion £20,524.
27.8.1942: Sold to Northern Trawlers Ltd, London (William A. Bennett, manager).
23.11.1943: Compulsorily acquired by M.O.W.T.
10.2.1944: Fleetwood registry closed.
1944: Based at Fort William (D. MacBrayne Ltd, Glasgow, agents).
6.1946: Laid up for disposal. Estimated cost of re-conditioning £7,500.
3.1947: Remeasured 284.7g 109.13n.
3.1947: Sold to Kelvin Trawlers Ltd (64/64), Glasgow.
17.3.1947: Registered at Grimsby as KELVINDALE (GY463) (MoT Minute R.G.No.1663/1946 dated 20.11.1946).
7.3.1947: Ian Clarkson Macfarlane appointed manager.
30. 6.1947: Grimsby registry closed.
3.7.1947: Registered at Aberdeen (A371).
1954: Sold to BISCO and allocated to Malcolm Brechin, Granton for breaking up.
26.2.1954: Arrived Granton from Aberdeen under own power.
10.3.1954: Aberdeen registry closed “Vessel broken up”.

Annex A

18.3.1915: Commissioned at Fleetwood.
21.3.1915: Arrived Devonport. Fitted out for minesweeping duties (Ad.No.1360).
26.3.1915: Mounting fitted, gun not available.
30.3.1915: Allocated Unit 85 – Section D based at St. Mary’s, Scilly Islands (Sk. R. Wright).
By 10.1916: 3rd Division based at St. Mary’s, Scilly Islands (Sk. T. Farley RNR ).
By 1.10.1918: At St. Mary’s (General Patrol and Escort work).

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S.T. Nancy Hague FD133

S.T. Nancy Hague FD133
Picture courtesy of The Fred Baker Collection

S.T. Kelvindale A371

S.T. Kelvindale A371
Picture from The Internet

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