S.T. Gladys (2) FD423

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Admiralty Number: 3613
Official Number: 143963
Yard Number: 358
Completed: 1917
Gross Tonnage: 306
Net Tonnage: 116
Length: 130 ft
Breadth: 23 ft
Depth: 12.2 feet
Built: Cook Welton & Gemmell, Beverley
Engine: 600ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Speed: 10.5 knots


Ordered by Standard Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby as the SANNYRION. Requisitioned by The Admiralty on the stocks, no instalment monies paid.
10.2.1917: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.358) (non-standard “Mersey” class) for The Admiralty as JOHN ARTHUR (Ad.No.3613).
14.6.1917: Completed (1-12pdr, Hydrophone).
16.12.1919: Registered by The Admiralty at London (Part I) O.N.143963.
1919: Engaged in commercial trawling on an opportunity basis.
1920: Allocated to the National Fishery Scheme for the setting up of the Minesweepers’ Cooperative Trawling Society Ltd, London.
03.02.1920: Registered by The Admiralty at London (Part IV) (LO299).
13.08.1920: Minesweepers’ Cooperative Trawling Society Ltd, London registered.
05.1921: At HM Dockyard, Pembroke fitted out for fishing under Special Survey of Lloyd’s Register and classed 100A1 Stm Trawler at Milford.
01.1922: Scheme abandoned, the necessary working capital of £100,000 having not been subscribed. Laid up.
1.1923: Sold to Fleetwood Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood.
19.1.1923: London registry closed.
19.1.1923: Registered at Fleetwood (FD423).
22.2.1923: Registered at Fleetwood as GLADYS (FD423). George E. J. Moody, Grimsby designated manager.
13.12.1924: Disabled without a propeller, arrived Fleetwood after being towed 690 miles from Faroes by steam trawler SOLA (FD369). Whilst trawling on the Faroe grounds lost propeller after it was fouled by trawl warp. In heavy swell and thick weather drifting for some three hours until in the afternoon the Norwegian steamer NOREFJORD (3,082grt/1920) responded to distress calls. Closing, two unsuccessful attempts were made to secure a line and in heavy seas and darkness no further attempts were made. Drifting throughout the night with NOREFJORD standing by, at first light and within three miles of the rocky shore of the island of Sydero managed to get a line onboard and commenced tow to Torshavn Harbour beaching on arrival. SOLA arrived from Fleetwood with a replacement propeller but with only a small tidal difference at low water it was not possible to fit the propeller. Decided to tow back to Fleetwood. In bad weather and with very limited food supplies the tow took five and a half days with the hawser parting twice.
1926: Sir George E. J. Moody designated manager.
25.4.1932: Arrived Fleetwood from St. Kilda ground in tow of FLORENCE BRIERLEY (FD105) having damaged propeller.
1938: Will B. Moody, Grimsby designated manager. William Moody Kelly, Fleetwood, managing agent.
29.11.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a boom defence vessel (Hire rate £83.8.4d/month).
23.11.1943: Compulsorily acquired by M.O.W.T.
1944: Based at Fort William (D. MacBrayne Ltd, Glasgow, agents).
1946: Laid up at Fort William.
16.4.1947: Advertised for sale by tender and open for inspection. Not to be resold within two years.
24.4.1947: Tenders closed.
1947: Sold to Jones Buckie Shipyard Ltd, Larbert, Stirlingshire.
1947: Registered at Buckie as THE BRUCE (BCK179).
1949: Sold to Joseph Croan, Newhaven, Edinburgh.
Post 6.1949: Buckie registry closed. Registered at Leith (LH21).
6.1960: Sold to BISCO and allocated to G. & W. Brunton, Grangemouth for breaking up.
6.1960: Delivered Grangemouth.
28.6.1961: Breaking up commenced. Leith registry closed.
(John Arthur, Landsman (prest), age 22, b. London, age 22 – VICTORY (SB544))

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S.T. Gladys FD423

S.T. Gladys FD423
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

S.T. Gladys FD423

S.T. Gladys FD423
Picture from The Osta Collection

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