S.T. Hercules FD172


Official Number: 118780
Yard Number: 35
Completed: 1903
Gross Tonnage: 261
Net Tonnage: 95
Length: 128.3 ft
Breadth: 22.0 ft
Depth: 12.0 ft
Engine: 70NHP T.3-cyl and boiler by Charles D. Holmes & Co, Hull
Built: Cook Welton & Gemmell, Beverley
Speed: 10.5 knots


26.8.1903: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley (Yd.No.35) for The Anglo-Norwegian Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull as HERCULES.
9.10.1903: Completed (William R. Leyman, manager).
10.10.1903: Registered at Hull (H771).
21.10.1912: Sold to The Lancashire Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood (James A. Robertson, manager).
25.11.1912: Hull registry closed.
26.11.1912: Registered at Fleetwood (FD172).
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 103.35 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
11.1914: New boiler fitted.
20.3.1915: Requisitioned for war service as an auxiliary patrol vessel (1-12pdr).
19.4.1915: Registered at Fleetwood as HERCULES IV (FD172). Based St. Mary’s (Sk. George Birch RNR).
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Fleetwood.
12.10.1924: Edward Towne appointed manager.
21.6.1930: Sold to J. Marr & Son Ltd, Fleetwood (Geoffry E. Marr, manager).
12.4.1933: In collision with AMALIA (LT241) which sustained damage.
1937: Sold to Thos. W. Ward Ltd, Sheffield (£900) for breaking up at Preston.
13.12.1937: Fleetwood registry closed “Ship broken up”.

Annex A

20.3.1915: Commissioned at Fleetwood.
22.3.1915: Arrived Devonport. Fitted out for auxiliary patrol duties (Ad.No.1361).
26.3.1915: Mounting fitted, gun not available. Allocated Unit 85 – Division D based a t St. Mary’s, Scilly Islands (Sk. George Birch RNR).
By 10.1916: 5th Division based at St. Mary’s, Scilly Islands (Sk. G. Birch RNR).
By 1.10.1918: At St. Mary’s (General Patrol and Escort work).

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S.T. Hercules FD172

S.T. Hercules FD172
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

S.T. Hercules H771

S.T. Hercules H771
Picture courtesy The David Slinger Collection

S.T. Dania FD22

Rachael (background) Redwing (foreground)
Hercules (alongside)
Dania (outboard)
Picture courtesy of The Bill Blow Collection

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