S.T. River Spey A6

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Admiralty Number: 3691
Official Number: 143906
Yard Number: 80
Completed: 1918
Gross Tonnage: 202
Net Tonnage: 89
Length: 115.1 ft
Breadth: 22.1 ft
Depth: 12.1 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by W. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Boiler: Lindsay Burnett & Co, Govan
Built: Montrose Shipbuilding & Repairing Co Ltd, Montrose


13.7.1918: Launched by Montrose Shipbuilding Co, Montrose (Yd.No.80) (“Strath” class) for The Admiralty as DAVID CONN (Ad.No.3691).
3.12.1918: Completed (1-12pdr).
29.11.1919: Registered by The Admiralty at London (Part I) O.N.143906.
26.8.1919: The Admiralty (Director of Contracts) letter giving Charles F. Paton, Glasgow the option to purchase twelve steam trawlers at a price of £182,000.
21.10.1919: Option transferred by Charles F Paton to The Montrose Fishing Co Ltd, Montrose.
15.11.1919: Sold to The Montrose Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Montrose. Charles F. Paton, Glasgow designated manager.
29.11.1919: Registered at London (Part I) as DAVID CONN O.N.143906.
12.1919: London registry closed.
26.12.1919: Registered at Montrose (Part IV) as DAVID CONN (ME96). Fishing as a great liner.
16.3.1920: Registered at Montrose as RIVER SPEY (ME96).
26.8.1921: Extraordinary general meeting called for the purpose of considering resolutions for the voluntary winding-up of the company, and the selling, by the liquidators, of the business and property of the company to a new company proposed to be formed with a name nearly as may be the same as that of the present company. Further finance to be arranged. Vessels laid up.
9.1921: Some vessels returned to fishing. Harry A. Holmes, Aberdeen designated manager.
10.5.1922: Extraordinary general meeting of the Company has been called in Edinburgh to consider the voluntary winding-up of the Company as, in the words of the resolution submitted, it ” cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue its business.”
10.5.1922: Company in voluntary liquidation; deficit about £100,000. Mr James Winning, chartered accountant, Glasgow appointed liquidator on advice of National Bank of Scotland Ltd the largest secured creditor.
1923: Sold by the liquidator to Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Boston. Fred Parkes, Wyburton designated manager.
16.1.1924: Sold to the Misses Williamina & Kate H. Lewis (64/64 joint owners), Pitfodels, Aberdeen. William A. Mackie designated manager.
22.1.1924: Montrose registry closed.
23.1.1924: Registered at Aberdeen (A6).
17.10.1932: Sold to William Alexander Leith (64/64), Aberdeen. William Alexander Leith designated managing owner.
23.3.1934: At Sheriff Court, Stornoway, Sk. George Marsh pleaded “Guilty” to a charge of illegal trawling four-fifths of a mile off the Butt of Lewis and was fined £100 or 60 days imprisonment. On a second charge of failing to show regulation lights he was fined £40 or 40 days imprisonment. Sk. Marsh had three previous convictions and elected to go to prison.
29.12.1937: Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd (64/64), Fleetwood. Basil Arthur Parkes, Cleveleys designated manager.
9.1.1939: First landing at Fleetwood, 290 boxes grossed £502.
8.4.1940: Requisitioned for war service for patrol duties (Hire rate £38.18.4d/month).
20.4.1940: Fitted out as a minesweeper (P.No.FY.1643).
21.10.1942: Sold to Northern Trawlers Ltd (64/64), London. William A. Bennett designated manager.
16/17.4.1941: On patrol off Lowestoft (Sk. G. J. T. Rose RNR). RAF Wellington (S/L. Roy Elliott RAF) of No.3 Photographic Unit returning from a mission over Bremen in the wake of a bombing raid, had engine fire and shedding a propeller, lost height and ditched some nine miles E of Lowestoft. The eight man crew took to the damaged dinghy with two in the water holding on and were eventually sighted and picked up.
17.4.1941: Survivors landed at Lowestoft.
4.1944: Fitted out for danlaying and miscellaneous duties.
11.1944: Returned.
30.11.1945: Insured value £17,000; for 1946 same.
17.6.1946: Sold to St. Christopher Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), London. Basil Arthur Parkes, Cleveleys designated manager.
3.4.1951: First landing at Milford.
4.4.1951: Sold to J. C. Llewellin (Trawlers) Ltd (64/64), Milford Haven. John Charles Llewellin designated manager.
4.4.1951: Aberdeen registry closed.
9.4.1951: Registered at Milford (M130). Pareja pair trawling with SHIELBURN (M15).
14.8.1951: At Milford landed from a twelve day trip to west Ireland grounds (Sk. Jack Garnham Snr) pairing with SHIELBURN (M15) (Sk. Matthew Owston) a record post war catch of 401 kits £4,301 gross.
15.1.1955: Last landing at Milford.
16.1.1955: Berthed between SHIELBURN (M15) and LETTERSTON (M158), alongside Fish Market at Milford Haven. At just after 6.00 am. watchman found water ingress in engine room. Fire Brigade arrived quickly but despite their efforts with three pumps, started to settle by the stern and sank.
27.1.1955: Sold to D. V. Howells & Sons Ltd, Hakin. David V. Howells designated manager.
3.1955: Salved and sold to BISCO, allocated to Thos. W. Ward, Sheffield for breaking up.
23.5.1955: Arrived at Castle Pill, Milford Haven.
4.8.1955: Milford registry closed, breaking up completed.

(David Conn. Landsman, age 24, b. Stratford, London – VICTORY (SB61)

Note: – Crew 1940/41 – Skipper G. J. T. Rose RNR; Coxswain P. D. Jackson; Engine W. O. J. F. McEune, & Engineman W. Johnstone; Ldg Sea W. MacDonald: L/Sig (T) J. Quinn; Seaman Greathead, Seaman M’Coy, Seaman MacLeod, Seaman W. Rea, Seaman Squires; O/Seaman Chatburn, O/Seaman Booth, O/Seaman Wood; Stoker 1/c W. Walsh; Stoker 2/c G. Butler; Stoker 2/c G. G. Phipps; L/Cook G. W. Hume.
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HMT River Spey

HMT River Spey
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S.T. River Spey A6

S.T. River Spey M15
Picture courtesy of Milford Trawlers

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