s.v. Champion FD67

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 20855
Completed: 1858
Net Registered Tonnage: 20
Rig: Smack
Built: William & Richard Ashburner, Barrow


1858: Completed by William & Richard Ashburner, Barrow as CHAMPION.
1.9.1859: Registered at Fleetwood (FD67).
By 1863: Sold to Peter Leadbetter, Fleetwood.
Prior to 10.8.1863: In the river across from Fleetwood, boarded by Thomas Cumpsey officer of Her Majesty’s Revenues and found 13 hampers of oysters on deck and a further 14 in the hold.
10.8.1863: At Blackpool Petty Sessions, Peter Leadbetter, owner, fined 8s and costs. At the same session, seven fishermen, Peter Leadbetter (ALICE); James Wilson (BRAZEN NOSE); Richard Wright (ELIZABETH); William Ball (EMMA); Nicholas Leadbetter (MARY ELLEN) and Richard Roskell (NIMBLE), had summonses issued against them for illegally landing and having onboard their vessels quantities of oysters, during a prohibited time of the year. Richard Roskell giving evidence maintained that they could not avoid catching these oysters which damaged their nets, and that they were not the type of oysters forbidden in the Act. After legal argument the cases against William Ball, Peter Leadbetter, Richard Roskell and James Wilson were dismissed with costs; Nicholas Leadbetter and Richard Wright were each fined 8s and costs.
1866: Sold to Nicholas Bibby, Fleetwood.
16.10.1869: On the fishing grounds when a gale sprung up, the sea was not high bit there was a ‘chopping swell.” Had trawl beam broken, but managed to save all the fishing gear.
1871: Sold to Thomas Roskell, Fleetwood.
1878: Sold to John Chamney, Fleetwood.
10.1.1881: Fishing out of Ayr.
26.1.1881: At about 4.30am. in collision with Fleetwood smack HANNA ELIZA (FD8) hitting her right astern, cutting through the counter up to the deck planks, starting some. The Skipper’s young son, thinking that the boat was going to sink shouted out and the cook, Robert McCoy raced on deck, jumped across to the CHAMPION but fell into the water and was drowned. Two other crew members made it on to the CHAMPION. Escorted the HANNA ELIZA to off Ayr harbour, berthing about 1200 noon. It later transpired that the HANNAH ELIZA was not exhibiting any navigation lights, the light had gone out and the man on watch was down below trimming it at the time of the accident.
19.2.1881: Berthed at Ayr. William Bond (20), Kent street Fleetwood, returning to the boat in the dark, overbalanced and fell off the quay into the river. On hearing that a man was in the water the crew ran to the spot and found his cap which they identified as being worn by Bond. The river was grappled and his body pulled out some 100 yards from the place where he fell in.
22.2.1881: Bond was buried at Ayr with an impressive array of masters and crews from all the boats in the harbour.
1882: Sold to William Hudson, Fleetwood.
25.11.1882: In heavy weather, “lying to” on the fishing grounds off the Isle of Man, came across a boy in an open boat, who they picked up. They found that the boy was out of Douglas and had been in the open boat for over twelve hours. When weather eased took the boy into Douglas.
21.2.1884: Making way into Fleetwood when for some unaccountable reason collided with the smack ROBERT & ANN. Badly damaged and leaking run ashore. There a ‘tingle’ was put over the damaged planking and on the evening tide refloated and taken into harbour for repair. The ROBERT & ANN sustained slight damage.
30.9.1886: William Hudson (44), Fish Merchant and Grocer passed away.
8.10.1886: NOTICE TO ALL TRADESMEN. TRADESMEN are hereby FORBIDDEN to supply any of my Fishing Boats with any GOODS without a written order signed by me, or such Person as I think fit to appoint after this date. (Signed) MARGARET HUDSON.
24.12.1886: Registered at Fleetwood to Mrs Margaret Hudson, 49 Warren Street, Fleetwood.
18.3.1891: Leaving Fleetwood for the fishing grounds, Richard “Dicky Darby” Wright, having imbibed a fair amount of spirits decided to jump overboard and swim to the Pier. This he accomplished and then went on a further drinking spree. Towards evening he got noisy and whilst creating a disturbance in Aughton Street he was arrested and placed in the cells overnight.
19.3.1891: Before the Magistrate, Dr. Ramsey he pleaded guilty to being very drunk and was fined 8s 6d and costs or in default seven days. He asked for a week’s grace to pay and this was granted.
22.3.1897: Sold to James Armour, Fleetwood. Stripped and broken up.
1897: Fleetwood registry closed.

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