S.T. Ribble FD198


Official Number: 109677
Yard Number: 643
Completed: 1900
Gross Tonnage: 182
Net Tonnage: 71
Length: 115.5 ft
Breadth: 21.1 ft
Depth: 11.4 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by N.E. Marine Engineering Co Ltd, Sunderland
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields


7.11.1900: Launched by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields (Yd.No.643) for The “Wyre” Steam Trawling Co Ltd (64/64), Fleetwood as RIBBLE.
30.11.1900: Registered at Fleetwood (FD198).
4.12.1900: Completed. Richard C. Ward & John N. Ward appointed joint managers.
23.1.1901: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to The Lancaster Banking Co Ltd, Lancaster at 43/4% interest (A).
14.9.1901: Sailed for the fishing grounds. Mate, Daniel Knight jumped overboard in an attempt to swim ashore. Despite all efforts to rescue him, he drowned. “He had some drink, which is supposed to be the cause of his unreasonableness”.
10.1905: At Bantry, Co. Cork, Sk. Richard Collinson was fined £30 with net forfeited for illegal trawling on 5.9.1905 within the limits of Bantry Bay.
17.5.1906: Sailed Fleetwood for grounds off the west coast of Ireland (Sk. Richard Collinson); nine crew total and two pleasurers.
26.5.1906: At 5.40pm. with a full catch left the fishing grounds and set an easterly course for Fastnet. At 9.40pm skipper left the bridge with the third hand on watch and instructions to call him when the log showed 55 miles run. No order was given regarding lights. At 11.40pm. ran into a bank of fog hanging over the land, but speed was not reduced. As the third hand was about to leave to call the skipper he noticed something looming ahead. The engine was stopped and reversed at full speed but the vessel struck the ground and with way still on her, went over a ledge into water surrounded by rocks and came to rest under the fog station construction site at Clohane Island near Mizen Head, Co. Cork. The vessel was making no water and apart from getting the boat ready nothing further was done until daylight.
27.5.1906: At 3.30am. without having taken any soundings over the ledge, the skipper backed her at full speed to try and clear the ledge. At each attempt she came fast amidships; no attempt was made to lighten her and by 6.00am she had started to make a little water. Shortly after the crew took to the boat, landing in Dunlough Bay and walking to Crookhaven were they arrived in the evening. Telegrams were sent and the paddle tug FLYING SPORTSMAN (187grt/1882) engaged.
29.5.1906: Tug arrived from Queenstown but vessel was under water from aft to the bridge.
15.6.1906: Fleetwood registry closed “Stranded. Total wreck”.
27.6.1906: At the formal investigation held at Liverpool (No.S.228), the Court found that the loss was due to the careless navigation of her master, Richard Collinson and of her third hand, John Stables. The certificate of skipper was suspended for three months and the third hand was strongly censured.

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