S.T. Westray H390


Official Number: 132300
Yard Number: 233
Completed: 1917
Gross Tonnage: 207
Net Tonnage: 81
Length: 112.2 ft
Breadth: 22.5 ft
Depth: 12.3 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley


7.12.1911: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.233) for The Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd (64/64), Hull as WESTRAY.
29.1.1912: Completed.
5.2.1912: Registered at Hull (H390).
5.2.1912: Joseph Vivian appointed manager.
2.1917: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.1277). Based Holyhead.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Hull.
13.5.1920: Vessel mortgaged (all 64 shares) to The London County Westminster & Parr’s Bank Ltd, London (A).
6.3.1923: Mortgagee re-styled as Westminster Bank Ltd, London.
14.10.1927: Mortgage (A) transferred to William Augustus Hayward, Eastbourne.
14.10.1927: Mortgage (A) transferred to Mercantile Marine Finance Corporation Ltd, London.
22.10.1928: Robert Burton appointed manager.
16.9.1932: Charles Hugh Emerson appointed manager.
10.1932: Mercantile Marine Finance Corporation Ltd in liquidation.
1.11.1932: Mortgage (A) transferred to Harold Frank Hayward, London; Maud Florence Katherine Rogers, Chelsea and Ernest Norton, London (joint mortgagees).
3.1936: Combined boxing and trawling fleet of Kelsall Bros. & Beeching Ltd and the Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd consisting of 59 vessels laid up at Hull (declining catches, coal bill and increased maintenance costs had made the venture uneconomical).
6.3.1936: At Extraordinary General Meeting at Hull, Kelsall Brothers & Beeching Ltd placed in Creditors’ Voluntary Winding-up (Richard Field Helm of Messrs Hodgson Harris & Co, Hull appointed liquidators).
2.1937: Sold by joint mortgagees to German shipbreakers.
1.3.1937: Hull registry closed “… on sale to foreigners (German Subjects) for breaking up. Advice received from Joint Mortgagees.”


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