s.v. Conquest – FD54

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Official Number: 60268
Completed: 1867
Net Tonnage: 56.41
Length: 67.3 ft
Breadth: 18.2 ft
Depth: 10.0 ft
Rig: Dandy – trawling
Built: Grimsby


1867: Completed by ??, Grimsby for Timothy G. Vivian, Grimsby as CONQUEST.
4.11.1867: Registered at Grimsby (GY253).
3.1869: Re-registered at Grimsby (GY7).
10.10.1869: In the North Sea fell in with the disabled Danish barque, GEORGE, bound Tyne with deals, boards, battens and a deck cargo of timber. Along with the Faversham registered, Goole owned ketch ARNOLDI (59gnrt/1860), took the barque in tow, safely delivering her to the nearest port which was Grimsby.
22.11.1870: At the High Court of Admiralty the owners of the CONQUEST and ARNOLDI contended that they were entitled, if not the whole, at least to pro rata rate of the freight as salvors to Grimsby. In delivering his judgement Sir R. Phillimore, said that he was bound to say that the salvage services rendered on this occasion were carried out in a very able manner, when it was remembered that these were small sailing craft and happily they succeeded in performing their salvage duties without any loss of life or limb, or injury to property. His award was for £740 to be equally divided between the two claimants.
9.1873: Sold to James Sorrensen, 42 Cogan Street, Hull. Grimsby registry closed. Registered at Hull (H830).
1.1.1875: Owned by William Little, Hull.
23.10.1875: At Hull Magistrates Court, Thomas Hope and William Wilkinson, two fishermen, were charged by Mr William Little, smack owner, with committing wilful damage onboard the smack whilst at sea two days previously. The smack arrived in port, and her trawl warp had been cut and all fishing gear lost. The damage was about £60 – £70. From the skipper’s story suspicion was laid upon the two prisoners. Remanded until Tuesday.
26.10.1875: At the resumed hearing, several witnesses were called, whose evidence tended to implicate the prisoner Hope; he was ordered to forfeit his wages to the amount of damage done. Wilkinson was discharged.
1.1.1880: Owned by Carl A. Nielson, 42 Cogan Street, Hull.
1.1.1888: Owned by Rasmus Jensen, 12 Humber Avenue, West Dock Street, Hull.
1.1.1889: Owned by Mrs Elizabeth Jipson, Boulevard, Hull.
5.4.1889: Acting as a carrier. When some 90 miles ENE of Spurn, at about 4.30pm the skipper and William Murphy, apprentice, of the smack La MASCOTTE (GY1062), with the boat, were boarding fish to the CONQUEST. On the return journey a sea struck the boat, capsizing her throwing both occupants into the water. The skipper was rescued by means of a lifebuoy thrown from the CONQUEST, but Murphy was drowned before assistance could be rendered.
28.10.1889: Acting as a carrier arrived Fleetwood and landed 14 baskets of various fish. Fishing very light.
1.1.1890: Owned by Mrs Anne Holden, Sunnyside, Ainsdale (Thomas Smith, 18 Aughton Street, Fleetwood, manager).
Registered at Fleetwood (FD54).
23.4.1892: By Order of the Sheriff – FRIDAY NEXT, April 29th, by MR JOSEPH SMYTHE, at the Jubilee Jetty, Fleetwood, without reserve. Lot 1. The FISHING SMACK, GEORGE and MARIA, 63 tons register, now lying at the Jubilee Jetty, with Gear, consisting of trawl Beam, Irons, Sails, Anchor, Chain, Lamps, etc. Lot 2. The FISHING SMACK CONQUEST, 50.41 tons register, now lying on Kirk Bank near the Dock, Fleetwood, with all Gear now on board. Sale for cash at Three o’clock prompt. Also at No.25 ADELAIDE STREET, FLEETWOOD, Copying Press, Stationary, Books; also quantity of Sails, Trawl Ropes, Bridles, Beams, Lamps, Blocks, Spars, old Iron, Chains and Gear. Sale at Four o’clock prompt. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, Fleetwood; or to R. F. ADDIE, Esq, Solicitor, Fleetwood. 1892: Registry closed.


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