s.v. Brazen Nose FD3

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 17237
Completed: 1839
Registered Tonnage: 27
Net Tonnage: 28
Rig: Smack
Built: ??, Lytham


1839: Completed by ??, Lytham for ??, ?? as BRAZEN NOSE.
3.6.1851: Landed at Fleetwood.
4.6.1851: Sailed Fleetwood for fishing grounds.
18.6.1851: Sailed Fleetwood for fishing grounds.
19.6.1851: Landed at Fleetwood.
23.6.1851: Sailed Fleetwood for fishing grounds.
24.7.1851: Landed at Fleetwood.
27.11.1851: Registered at Fleetwood. O.N.17237.
28.6.1852: Landed at Fleetwood.
10.8.1863: At Blackpool Petty Sessions, seven fishermen, Peter Leadbetter (ALICE); James Wilson (BRAZEN NOSE); Richard Wright (ELIZABETH); William Ball (EMMA); Nicholas Leadbetter (MARY ELLEN) and Richard Roskell (NIMBLE), had summonses issued against them for illegally landing and having onboard their vessels quantities of oysters during a prohibited time of the year. Richard Roskell giving evidence maintained that they could not avoid catching these oysters which damaged their nets, and that they were not the type of oysters forbidden in the Act. After legal argument the cases against William Ball, Peter Leadbetter, Richard Roskell and James Wilson were dismissed with costs; Nicholas Leadbetter and Richard Wright were each fined 8s and costs.
18.12.1964: Reported that at Fleetwood Magistrates Court, Peter Leadbetter Jnr, Richard Leadbetter, Henry Clarkson and William Horne were charged with that on the night of 23rd November, secreted 112lbs of palm oil. Part of the cargo of the brig CHIMERA of Liverpool. wrecked off Lytham on 18th November. The casks of oil were landed along with the catch, some 20 baskets of fish, and driven away from the Ferry Boat slip. When challenged by Matthias Flatworthy, coastguard, Clarkson said they had picked up three casks of oil. Later Flatworthy returned and searched the small boat and found nothing but walking away saw a fish basket hidden behind the piling and on inspection it contained a cask of palm oil to the value of 30s – £2. The case was proven but the bench wished to treat the defendants leniently and were fined 1s each with costs.
11.1.1865: Owned by Peter Leadbetter, Victoria Street, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD3).
1885: Not recorded in MNL after this year.

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