S.T. Admiral GY1168

Additional information courtesy of Bill Blow And Granton Trawlers


Yard Number: 209
Completed: 1897
Gross Tonnage: 188.15
Net Tonnage: 66
Length: 112.7 ft
Breadth: 21.0 ft
Depth: 11.6 ft
Built: Cochrane & Cooper, Beverley
Engine: 320ihp T.3-cyl by Bailey & Leetham, Hull


29.9.1897: Launched by Cochrane & Cooper, Beverley (Yd.No.209) for East Coast Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull as as ADMIRAL.
19.10.1897: Registered at Hull (H376). Robert Blades designated manager.
21.10.1897: Completed.
23.5.1899: Arrested by Danish gunboat GRÖNSUND for alleged fishing in Danish territorial waters off Nyminde Gab and escorted into Esbjerg.
4.1900: Sold to West Riding Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Grimsby. George William Stennet designated manager.
21.4.1900: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Co Ltd, Stamford (A).
26.4.1900: Hull registry closed.
27.4.1900: Registered at Grimsby (GY1168).
8.6.1900: Arrested by Danish fishery cruiser HEIMDAL fishing in Icelandic waters and taken into Eskifjordur. In court, Sk. Henry Harris was fined 1,000 kroner and catch and gear confiscated.
1907: Fishing from Fleetwood (Harpley C. Rowe, Fleetwood, manager).
26.9.1906: Mortgage (A) discharged.
26.9.1906: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to The London City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (B).
5.12.1908: At Fleetwood to land but with depressed market ordered back to sea to fish Morecambe Bay and land on 7.1908. Bosun, Oscar Pluskett, given advance to buy tobacco but then declined rejoin and sail. After ship had sailed, Pluskett, who was drunk, went to the office and demanded his “trip” money and when this was declined, threw a ledger through the office window.
8.12.1908: At a special court held at Fleetwood, Oscar Pluskett was charged with disobeying orders. Pluskett stated that he had intended rejoining but whilst in the Fleetwood Arms he had injured his arm and was unfit for work. He was fined 10/- and costs to include the advocate’s fee.
18.1.1909: H. Charles Lowe, Fleetwood designated manager.
19.1.1910: Mortgage (A) discharged.
20.1.1910: Sold to Richard Watson Lewis (64/64), Aberdeen.
22.6.1910: Grimsby registry closed.
22.6.1910: Richard Watson Lewis designated managing owner.
23.6.1910: Registered at Aberdeen (A315).
1911: Sold to Kobe Sanbashi Kabushiki Kaisha, Kobe, Japan (Kobe Pier Co Ltd).
19.10.1911: Aberdeen registry closed “Sold to Foreigners”. Registered at Nishinomiya as DAIGO MARU.
1920: Sold to Hara Shin-ichi, Nishinomiya, Japan.
27.11 (7?).1924: Foundered following collision.

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