S.T. Adriatic FD186

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Official Number: 99560
Yard Number: 475
Gross Tonnage: 144.24
Net Tonnage: 30.39
Length: 105.0 ft
Breadth: 20.6 ft
Depth: 11.0 ft
Engine: 450ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by Hepple & Co, North Shields


16.12.1891: In the afternoon launched by Capt. Dyer at the yard of Hepple & Co, North Shields (Yd.No.475 ) for John Kelsall (64/64), Prestwich, trading as Messrs Kelsall Brothers, Manchester as ADRIATIC.
11.3.1892: Registered at Hull (H190).
3.1892: Completed. Edmund Kelsall, Hull designated manager.
1892: Operating out of Fleetwood.
20.5.1892: Reported poor landings of about 45 boxes. Owners are considering moving the vessel to Hull unless the railway companies provide better accommodation for discharging. The quay side is in great demand by coasting vessels, Belfast steamers and mackerel and herring boats.
23.4.1893: Passed Ushant bound east.
1895: Transferred to fish out of Fleetwood. Kelsall & Co, designated managers.
30.8.1897: Sold to Kelsall Brothers & Beeching Ltd (64/64), Manchester. John E. A. Kelsall & George Beeching, Fleetwood designated managers.
4.9.1897: Registered at Fleetwood (FD186).
24.3.1899: Fleetwood registry closed. Transferred to fish out of Hull.
13.4.1899: Registered at Hull (H448).
11.12.1899: Trawling some 18 miles EbyN of Spurn Head, 2nd Eng on watch in the engineroom when a steam pipe burst, filling the space with steam and driving out the engineer.
17.8.1900: At the BoT Inquiry it was stated that a brazed seam of the steam pipe had given way for about 24” allowing steam to escape. The explosion appeared to have either been due to defective brazing in the first instance or to the condition of the spelter, thus causing a defective seam. It was not possible to determine if this was an original fault or whether caused by repair.
28.3.1904: In North Sea (Sk. W. Wood), laid dead in water boarding boat for cutter. At 8.50am. struck on port side by steam trawler PARRAMATTA (H448), crew took to boat and picked up by steam trawler THRUSH (H703). At about 11.00am. foundered. PARRAMATTA returned to Hull with bows stove in.
10.5.1904: Hull registry closed “Vessel sunk by collision in North Sea 28 March 1904”.

(Survivors – Sk. W. Wood; 2nd Hand W. Windass; Bosun J. Tricket; 3rd Hand W. Moore; 4th Hand A. East)

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