S.T. Patrick Cullen – FD220

Additional information courtesy of David Slinger and Andy Hall


Admiralty Number: 4460
Official Number: 141949
Yard Number: 351
Completed: 1919
As built: 360disp 125.6 x 23.5 x 12.8 ft
Gross Tonnage: 276
Net Tonnage: 106
Length: 125.6 ft
Breadth: 23.5 ft
Depth: 12.8 ft
Engine: 480ihp T.3-cyl by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Troon
Built: Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Ayr


31.3.1919: Launched by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Ayr (Yd.No.351) (“Castle” class) for The Admiralty as PATRICK CULLEN (Ad.No.4460).
1919: Sold to Henry Blackburn, Fleetwood.
21.6.1919: Registered at Fleetwood (Part I) as PATRICK CULLEN O.N.141949.
24.6.1919: Completed as a fishing vessel.
7.1919: Sold to The Brooklyn Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood.
2.8.1919: Registered at Fleetwood (Part IV)(FD220). Thomas Cardwell designated manager.
7.7.1921: Registered at Fleetwood as BRIARLYN (FD220).
9.2.1928: Sailed Fleetwood for West of Scotland and St. Kilda grounds (Sk. James Sandham); twelve crew.
15.2.1928: At night in very heavy seas, struck and grounded on one of the ledges in Soay Bay off the island of Soay and with vessel filling rapidly sent out distress call. Decided to beach the vessel in North Bay, Hirta, St. Kilda, and at about 1.00 am. took the ground, but with a full NW gale and heavy seas the position was hopeless. Distress picked up by wireless operator R. W. O. Ridley (23) of steam trawler CUIRASS (FD220) (Sk W. Brewster) which responded. All the crew succeeded in launching the dinghy and four of the crew, William Reader, William Howarth, Michael Brady and Michael Durig managed to get in but unfortunately the painter was let go and they drifted away. With the oars lost on launching they were helpless. On arrival in the Bay and with great skill and seamanship these men were picked up by CUIRASS. Eight men * remained on board and CUIRASS made two attempts to reach the wreck, manning first the dinghy and then their own boat, but the wind and sea were high and both attempts failed.
16.2.1928: CUIRASS stood by until daybreak but by then only 15ft of the mainmast and about 6ft of the mizzen mast could be seen. Search was continued for the eight men but no one was found. With wind rising to a gale, left the area for shelter. Islanders searched the cliffs and rocks in the vicinity but there was no trace of the remainder of the crew.
17.2.1928: CUIRASS returned to wreck and continued search, but without success and reluctantly left the area.
17.2.1928: Survivors arrived Fleetwood in steam trawler EDWARD CATTELLY (FD204).
1.3.1928: Fleetwood registry closed “Total loss”.

(Lost* all Fleetwood unless stated – Sk. James Sandham, Newton-le-Willows; Daniel G. Reader, Mate; A. E. Impett, Blackpool, Bosun; Henry Clarke, Ch.Eng; Bert Beavers, 2nd Eng; G. Waugh; J. Larne, Preston and George Haigh, deckhands; William Jackson, Blackpool, fireman.)

(Patrick Cullen, Landsman, age 20, b. Dublin – ROYAL SOVEREIGN (SB630))

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Capt. W. Brewster

Capt. W. Brewster
Picture courtesy of The David Slinger Collection

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