S.T. Katwijk II KW134 (Wartime visitor)

Information courtesy of Jan Harteveld and Maurice Voss


Official Number: Unknown
Yard Number: 232
Completed: 1905
Gross Tonnage: 189
Net Tonnage: 41
Length: 35,38m (116.1 ft)
Breadth: 7,70m (22.0 ft)
Depth: 3,50m (11.5 ft)
Built: G. Seebeck A.G., Geestmünde
Engine: T-3-cyl by G. Seebeck A.G., Geestmünde


1905: Launched by G. Seebeck A.G., Geestmünde (Yd.No.232) for Hochsee Fischdampfer GmbH, Hamburg as GUSTAV PLATZMANN.
1905: Registered at Hamburg (HH23).
1908: Registered at Hamburg as SEENEIKE (HH23).
1908: Sold to Hochseefischerei A.G., Cuxhaven. Hamburg registry closed. Registered at Cuxhaven as Senator O’SWALD (HC6).
1914-1918: Requisitioned by the Imperial German Navy.
10.1918: Abandoned at Zeebruge during the German evacuation. Taken over by the Belgian State (Administration de la Marine), Brussels. Cuxhaven registry closed. Registered at Antwerp as YSER.
1920: Converted to a pilot boat and registered at Antwerp as LOODSBOOT 3.
1933: Sold to Gebroeders Taat, Katwijk, Holland. Renamed ANTWERP 3 and laid up at IJmuiden.
2.1942: Vessel made ready for fishing. Registered at Katwijk as KATWIJK II (KW134).
8.4.1942: At sea eleven crew, vessel taken over by a resistance group – eight men, and skipper forced to set course for England. On arrival directed to Fleetwood.
1940s: Fishing out of Fleetwood. Bloomfields Ltd,Fleetwood managing agents.
22.7.1943: Typical wartime landing, Home Waters. 683 kits – hake-478, cod-4, flats-27, ling/coley-150, roker-15, gurnard-9.
8.1945: Returned to Holland and fishing.
Late 1949: Laid up.
1951: Sold to Frans Rijsdrik, Hendrik Ido Ambacht for breaking up. Katwijk registry closed.

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S.T. Katwijk II KW134

S.T. Loodsboot 3
Picture courtesy of The Maurice Voss Collection


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