s.v. Grace Darling FD113

Additional information courtesy of Ian Wilson


Official Number: 56626
N.R.T: 58.12
LOA: 70.3 ft
Length: 64.7 ft
Breadth: 19.0 ft
Depth: 9.6 ft
Rig: Dandy-Trawling
Built: J. Dewdney, Brixham


1867: Completed by J. Dewdney, Brixham as a coasting ketch for James Watson, Goole as GRACE DARLING.
11.5.1867: Registered at Brixham.
By 1870: Owned by Charles Vinton, Hull.
1875: Owned by James Watson. Goole. Brixham registry closed. Registered at Hull.
3.1877: Sold to Walker Moody, Cleethorpes. Hull registry closed. Registered at Grimsby (GY602). Converted to a sailing trawler, dandy rigged.
11.1882: Sold to Edward Wales, Waverly Hotel, Cleethorpes Road, Grimsby.
3.1887: Sold to Sk. T. W. Lingard, Grimsby.
10.1887: Sold to George E. J. Moody, 14 Albert Road, Cleethorpes.
1.1888: Sold to Charles H. Saundby, Fleetwood. Charles H. Saundby designated managing owner.
5.1888: Grimsby registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood (FD113).
1892: Owned by Mrs F. C. Saundby, Fleetwood.
1893: Sold to Alexander Hull, 68 Gt. Patrick Street, Belfast. Alexander Hull designated managing owner. Operating as a coasting ketch.
1893: Remeasured 43n.r.t.
17.10.1897: Stranded on Carradale Beach, Carradale, Kintyre while on passage Belfast – Loch Fyne in ballast. Master and two crew safe. Total loss.
1897: Fleetwood registry closed.

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