s.v. Onward – FD99


Official Number: 68618
Yard Number: 20
Completed: 1873
Gross Tonnage: 58
Net Tonnage: 24
Registered Tonnage: 34.45
Built: John Gibson, Fleetwood
Rig: Ketch


18.4.1873: Completed by John Gibson, Fleetwood (Yd.No.20) for Richard Leadbetter & others, Fleetwood as ONWARD.
1873: Registered at Fleetwood (FD99).
1.1.1875: Owned by Richard Johnson, Fleetwood.
1884: Owned by Walter D. Cowman, 15 King St, Whitehaven & others. Fleetwood registry closed Registered Whitehaven (6/1884). Walter D. Cowman, managing owner.
Pre1919: Sold to Edward S. Kirkham, Fleetwood.
15.3.1920: Whitehaven registry closed. Broken up.

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s.v. Onward FD99

s.v. Onward FD99

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