sv Alice FD??

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Information courtesy of Gordon Wilson


Official Number: 17225
Net Tonnage: 23
Built: 1829
Rig: Smack


1829: Completed at Burscough Bridge, Lancashire as Alice.
16.12.1851: Appropriated.
16.04.1855: Registered at Fleetwood. Owned by John Calder (Sk. Sam Colley) About 1869: Fishing the Calf grounds, SW of Calf of Man (Sk. Sam Colley) along with six or seven other boats and landing into Holyhead. Reputed to be the first skipper to place hake on the Manchester Wholesale Fish Market through agent Theophilus Handley.
By1870: Fleetwood registry closed. Owned by Robert Jones, 7 Eastgate Street, Carnarvon. Registered at Carnarvon.
1890: Not recorded in MNL under this name.

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