sv Alice FD??


Official Number: 17225
Net Tonnage: 23
Built: 1829
Rig: Smack


1829: Completed by Henry Mayor and William Backhouse, Burscough Bridge, Lancashire as ALICE. A flat.
16.12.1851: Appropriated.
16.12.1851: Registered at Fleetwood. Owned by John Calder (Sk. Sam Colley).
7.7.1856: Sailed on the morning tide for the fishing grounds. The wind was variable changing direction and freshening throughout the day. At about 11.30pm it started to blow from the north.
8.7.1856: At 12.30am a furious gale suddenly blew up and the Fleetwood fleet 12 in number, which were lying off Black Combe, north of Duddon Estuary, received considerable damage. Lost one of the jibs. The smacks then laid their vessels under snug canvas and the wind later being favourable for them to reach Fleetwood, left the area.
10.7.1856: Most of the fleet arrived home about 6.00am without further damage.
3.4.1863: The Dumfries sloop JANNETS (37nrt/1837)(Lowrie, master), having put into Ravenglass in heavy weather while on passage Dumfries for Liverpool, cargo timber, continued her voyage. When some ten miles out the forestay parted causing the mast to break about seven feet above deck carrying with it the bowsprit, boom , sails and rigging. Owing to the heavy seas obliged to cut them all adrift. By now in Morecambe Bay and under jury rig attempting to reach Morecambe. Picked up by the Fleetwood paddle tug WYRE (165grt/1862) and brought into Fleetwood. Later the cut away mast, rigging and sails recovered by the ALICE and brought into Fleetwood.
10.8.1863: At Blackpool Petty Sessions, seven fishermen, Peter Leadbetter (ALICE); James Wilson (BRAZEN NOSE); Richard Wright (ELIZABETH); William Ball (EMMA); Nicholas Leadbetter (MARY ELLEN) and Richard Roskell (NIMBLE), had summonses issued against them for illegally landing and having onboard their vessels quantities of oysters, during a prohibited time of the year. Richard Roskell giving evidence maintained that they could not avoid catching these oysters which damaged their nets, and that they were not the type of oysters forbidden in the Act. After legal argument the cases against William Ball, Peter Leadbetter, Richard Roskell and James Wilson were dismissed with costs; Nicholas Leadbetter and Richard Wright were each fined 8s and costs.
1864: Tonnage altered to 24nrt.
20.6.1864: At the County Court before T. H. Ingham, Esq., held at the Temperance Hall, Ulverston, Mrs Valliant brought a case against Peter Leadbetter, skipper of the fishing boat. Mrs Valliant had taken passage in the ALICE from Fleetwood to Barrow along with a tub containing some clothes and paid Leadbetter 1s. On arrival Mrs Valliant asked for the tub to be placed on the quay, but it could not be found and Leadbetter denied all knowledge of it. The empty tub was later found at house in Hindpool, Brarrow. In his defence Leadbetter said that he was not a common carrier and merely engaged to take Mrs Valliant to Barrow. His Honour, however, held that the defendant having taken the goods in question into his possession, was responsible for their safe delivery. Judgement was therefore given for the amount claimed.
1864: Sold to Robert Jones, 7 Eastgate Street, Carnarvon. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Carnarvon.
18.11.1864: Fishing in Carnarvon Bay (Sk. Daniel). Caught in a gale blowing southward and westward ran into Porthdynllaen for shelter but the wind chopping round to the northward and eastward obliged to run on the beach at Nevin. Received no damage.
About 1869: Fishing the Calf grounds, SW of Calf of Man (Sk. Sam Colley) along with six or seven other boats and landing into Holyhead. Reputed to be the first skipper to place hake on the Manchester Wholesale Market through agent Theophilus Handley.
29.4.1870: Fishing in Carnarvon Bay, took a fine sturgeon, 6’ 10” and weighing 106lbs. The fish was brought ashore and exhibited in the shop of Mrs Robert Jones in Eastgate and afterwards sold for 6d per lb. The head and skin, weighing 24lbs will be retained, cured and stuffed.
By 1887: No longer fishing, possibly employed in coastwise trade.
1890: Not recorded in MNL under this name.

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