S.T. Sureaxe M35

Information courtesy of Andy Hall with additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number144595
Yard Number: 425
Completed: 1907
Gross Tonnage: 185.11
Net Tonnage: 84.64
Length: 112.4 ft
Breadth: 21.5 ft
Depth: 11.7 ft
Built: Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: 400ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by Hall, Russel & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


3.4.1907: Launched by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.425) for Sociedad Pescadora Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentine as UNO. Registered at Buenos Aires as UNO. F. Dumas designated manager.
Late 4.1907 sailed for Argentine. Fishing in Argentinian waters.
12.1908: New boiler fitted.
Late 3.1916: Sold in an en bloc deal (11 ships), through Hans Smith, ship brokers, Kronshtadt to the Russian Maritime Department to form part of the Arctic Ocean Flotilla; total cost 2.56m roubles. Sailed for Bristol via New York for docking and inspection.
4.1916: Arrived Bristol. Buenos Aires registry closed. At Bristol, under the direction of Mardew, Carney & Co Ltd, commenced conversion to a ‘sweeper trawler (I-75mm).
29.10.1916: Listed by Sea Department order No.209 in the Division of the Minesweeping Flotilla of the Arctic Ocean.
31.10.1916: Renamed T.31 (FSLO * Order No.465).
11.1916: Conversion completed.
Late 12.1916: Sailed Bristol for Alexandrovsk, Murmansk, Russia.
20.01.1917: Arrived Kola Bay, Murmansk. Minor repairs carried out.
2.1917: Imperial Russian Navy dissolved.
8.3.1917: Monarchy abolished.
9.3.1917: By order No.225 included in 4th Group of the Minesweeping Division.
20.9.1917: Handed over to the Division of Trawlers of FSLO Integrated Unit.
26.10.1917: Came over to the Soviets.
1918: Federated Socialist Republic formed.
27.3.1918: By order No.292, removed from the FSLO for demobilisation.
13.5.1918: Handed over to the Northern Cooperative of Military Seafarers and Employees of the Maritime Department as a trawler.
Since 7.1918: Under control of English interventionists at Murmansk.
30.7.1918: Sailed with the British Squadron for Arkhangelsk with British crew under the white ensign as SUREAXE (Ad.No.4344).
2.8.1918: Arrived Arkhangelsk.
9.1918: Returned with British Squadron to Murmansk.
11.11.1918: Armistice signed. Added to the Royal Navy list. Sailed for UK. Disarmed.
8.1919: At Newport, Mons completed fitting out for fishing under Survey of Lloyd’s Register and classed as a Stm Trawler at Newport. Laid up at Brightlingsea.
11.5.1920: By order of The Admiralty, sold at auction in the Baltic Exchange, London by Messrs C. W. Kellock & Co Ltd, ship brokers, to unidentified owners.
11.5.1920: Sold to James Mearns Davidson, Aberdeen.
9.6.1920: Registered at London (Part I) as SUREAXE O.N.144595.
1920: London registry closed. Registered at Glasgow (Part IV) (GW24). James Mearns Davidson designated managing owner.
1.1926: Sold to William Baxter, Aberdeen.
1.1926: Glasgow registry closed.
8.1.1926: Registered at Aberdeen (A161). William Baxter designated managing owner.
18.2.1926: Sold to Harrow-Baxter Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen. William Baxter designated manager.
13.10.1927: Arrived Aberdeen with the steam trawler BEN LUI (A.185) in tow, picked up about 100 miles off Aberdeen disabled with broken tail shaft.
7.12.1939: Sold to John Charles Llewellyn & Joseph Leslie Yolland, Milford Haven; John Yolland Jnr, Fleetwood & Thomas Stewart Yolland, Swansea.
7.12.1939: Aberdeen registry closed.
11.12.1939: Registered at Milford (M35). John Charles Llewellyn designated manager.
1941: Sold to Mrs Ellen Mary Marsh Cubbin, Douglas, IoM.
5.5.1941: Milford registry closed.
5.1941: Registered at Douglas (DO37). Robert Alan Colby Cubbin designated manager.
17.8.1942: Requisitioned for war service and employed on miscellaneous naval duties (P.No.FY1834)(Hire rate £46.5.0d/month).
9.1942: Employed on target towing duties.
11.1945: Returned to owner at Douglas, IoM.
11.1946: Laid up at Douglas.
20.11.1946: Advertised for sale by Thomas McLaren & Co, Glasgow, ship brokers, on behalf of the owner; open for inspection at Douglas Harbour, IoM. Not sold.
1951: Sold to BISCO and allocated to West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co Ltd, Troon.
20.8.1951: Arrived Troon.
31.8.1951: Breaking commenced.
1.10.1951: Beached.
22.11.1951: Breaking completed. Douglas registry closed.

Note: * – FSLO – (ФСЛО) Флотилия Северного Ледовитого Океана – North Ice Ocean Fleet (Arctic Ocean)

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S.T. Sureaxe DO37

S.T. Sureaxe DO37
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