sv Perula FD61

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Official Number: 162070.
Completed: 1932
Gross Tonnage: 26
Net Tonnage: 18
Length: 45.2 ft
Breadth: 13.5 ft
Depth: 6.7 ft
Built: A. M. Dickie & Sons, Bangor, Carnarvonshire
Engine: 36bhp oil engine


1932: Completed as a fishing boat by A. M. Dickie & Sons, Bangor, Carnarvonshire for ?? as
193?: Converted to a ‘yacht’.
1935: Sold to Miss Winifred S. Brown, Salford. Converted to yawl rigged yacht by A. M. Dickie & Sons, Bangor.
15.06.1936: Registered (Part I) at Fleetwood. O.N.162070.
late 1930s: Sailed three times from Wales to Norway, going on to Spitsbergen in 1938 (Winifred Brown & Ron Adams,).
28.10.1939: Registered (Part IV) at Fleetwood (FD61).
1939: On marriage owner became Mrs Winifred S. Adams, Menai Bridge, Anglesey. Based Beaumaris, Anglesey.
By 1945: Fleetwood (Part IV) registry closed.
1974: Sold to Medway. Possibly still afloat.

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