sv Mayflower – CT28

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Possibly Part IV registered.
Length: 56.00ft
Breadth: 17.00 ft


1887: Completed as MAYFLOWER. Owned by Joseph Qualtrough, Port St. Mary and others. Registered at Castletown (CT28).
1887: Sold to T. Gale, Port St. Mary and others.
18.10.1890: Isle of Man Times. FOR SALE, that well known TRAWLBOAT “MAYFLOWER,” of Port St. Mary, built 1887. Length of keel, 56 feet, Beam 17 feet, in good sea-going condition, – For particulars apply, to Mr THOMAS CARINE, Shipbuilder, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man.
21.11.1890: Reported sold to Edward Blackburn, Fleetwood and arrived at the port from Castletown, IoM.
1891: Registered at Castletown to Mary Blackburn, Fleetwood.
19.9.1892: At Kirkham Petty Sessions, John William Anderson, fisherman, was fined 10s and costs for being drunk and creating a disturbance in West Street, Fleetwood.
1893: Registered at Castletown to Edward Blackburn, Fleetwood.
21-22.12.1894: A whole fleet of trawlers and cargoes were lost during the great storm over Europe. Running for home (Sk. Robert Roskell). After a day of severe weather, in the early evening the NW wind strengthened and during the night in storm force conditions (96 mph) driven before the wind and foundered in the vicinity of Shell Wharf. Wreckage, jiggermast and spire of mainmast, found at Shell Wharf Back by smack HARRIET (FD111) one of the trawlers at sea to search for survivors. Other boats of the Fleetwood fleet lost that day. PETREL (FD59) driven ashore off Gynn, Blackpool. Skipper Richard Wright drowned. SUSPRISE (FD15) (Sk. William Baxter) foundered off Cumberland coast/in Morecambe Bay. Crew lost.
1894: Fleetwood registry closed.
28.6.1895: Body of James Ball recovered at St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea.

Lost* – Skipper Robert Roskell, Blakiston Street; John Roskell, North Church Street; George Bond, Garfield Street and James Ball, Cross Street. All were married and leave eleven orphans.
Smack at time of loss valued at about £400.

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