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s.v. Eagle FD74


Official Number: 67122
Completed:: 1871
Gross Tonnage: 39
Net Tonnage: 39
Length: 57 ft
Breadth: 16.3 ft
Depth: 8.6 ft
Rig: Smack/jigger smack/steam/dandy – trawling
Owner: Hugh Singleton, Fleetwood
Built: William Sumner, Fleetwood


1871:  Completed by Hugh Singleton, Fleetwood for  William Sumner, Fleetwood as EAGLE.  Registered at Fleetwood (FD74). 
1881:  Sold to Mrs Tabitha Leadbetter, Fleetwood.
1882:  Sold to Samuel Jones (32/64), Back Sea View, Hoylake & William Jones (32/64), Hoylake (Samuel Jones managing owner).  Fleetwood registry closed.   Registered at Liverpool (LL??). 
7.1981:  Liverpool registry closed. 
4.7.1891:  Registered at Douglas (DO??).
27.1.1894: Re measured after conversion to a jigger smack.
14.8.1894:  William Jones died (Will dated 26.12.1894). 
18.10.1894:  Probate granted leaving 32 shares  to Samuel Jones (64/64), Back Sea View, Hoylake.
8.4.1895:  Samuel Jones appointed managing owner.
5.5.1905:  Sold to Frederick William Rubra (64/64), 174 High Street, Bangor, Carnarvon. 
10.5.1905:  Frederick William Rubra appointed managing owner.  
1906:  Sold to William Richards, 174 High Street, Bangor, Carnarvon.
10.7.1906:  Douglas registry closed. 
7.1906:  Registered at Beaumaris (BS57).
1912:   Converted to steam 4nhp.  Re-measured 22 net.
1913:  Owned by Walter P. Hutson, 2 Elm Street, Fleetwood.
1915:   Steam machinery removed re-rigged as a dandy.
1915:  Remeasured 21n.
1927:  Owned by T. Kirkman, Fleetwood.  
1927:  Register closed.

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