S.T. Macaw M18


Official Number: 128745
Yard Number: 393
Completed: 1908
Gross Tonnage: 187.40
Net Tonnage: 69.01
Length: 110.8 ft
Breadth: 21 ft
Depth: 11.7 ft
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields
Engine: T.3-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood, Glasgow
Boiler: R. Stephenson & Co Ltd, Hebburn


7.12.1908: Launched by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields (Yd.No.393) for Sydney Morgan Price (22/64), Milford; Cornelius Cecil Morley (21/64), Hakin; Edward Gerrish (21/64), Stoke Bishop & Frederick Robert Greenish (21/64), Haverfordwest as MACAW.
1.1909: Completed. Sidney M. Price designated managing owner.
27.1.1909: Registered at Milford (M18).
6.7.1909: Edward Gerrish shares (21/64) sold to David Waters (21/64), London.
11.1912: Transferred to Fleetwood. Messrs Morley & Price designated manager owners.
8.1914: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.145).
11.8.1914: Sailed Fleetwood for Portsmouth.
1914: Based Portsmouth.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Milford Haven.
6.9.1919: Sold to The Swansea Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Swansea. Harry Eastoe Rees designated manager.
22.12.1921: Bosun, Joseph Shervin died from fractured skull sustained while weighing anchor in rough weather.
26.3.1932: In Ballycotton Bay sheltering from heavy SE gale (Sk. Jack Bean Jnr). Dragged anchor in thick fog off Capel Island and when cable parted went ashore on the Black Rocks between Ballycotton and Garryvoe, Co. Cork.
27.3.1932: Attended by Ballycotton lifeboat and salvage tug ROODE ZEE (573grt/1908). Refloating unsuccessful. Vessel undamaged apart from some bottom plates set-up and propeller blade chipped.
6.4.1932: Refloated. Anchored Ballycotton Bay, vessel tight.
7.4.1932: Took bunker coal from ROODE ZEE and sailed for Milford at slow speed.
8.4.1932: Arrived Milford.
28.8.1933: Sold to Harry E. Rees, Milford Haven (managing owner).
12.11.1933: Returning to Milford from fishing grounds run into by German steamer SAMLAND (771g/1896) on passage Liverpool for Hamburg and sustained damage to port bulwark rail and shear strake.
11.12.1935: Sold to William Gove, Aberdeen. William Gove designated managing owner.
11.12.1935: Milford registry closed.
13.12.1935: Registered at Aberdeen (A388).
15.1.1943: Sold to James Johnson (64/64), Scarborough.
25.2.1946: Sold to General Discount Trust Ltd (64/64), Scarborough. James Johnson designated manager.
8.12.1950: Sold to Richard Cameron Kelman & Andrew Gordon Shirreff, Aberdeen.
1951: Sold to BISCO and allocated to J. J. King & Co Ltd, Gateshead for breaking up.
1.1951: Delivered Tyne from Scarborough under own power.
13.6.1951: Aberdeen registry closed “Vessel broken up”.

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S.T. kingsway GY37

S.T. Macaw M18
Picture © George Scales – The George Westwood Collection

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