S.T. Malaga GY393

Additional information courtesy of Bill Blow


Official Number: 146901
Yard Number: 59
Completed: 1917
Gross Tonnage: 271
Net Tonnage: 122.76
Length: 125.7 ft
Breadth: 23.5 ft
Depth: 12.7 ft
Built: Dominion Shipbuilding Co Ltd (Thor Iron Works), Toronto
Engine: 370ihp T.3-cyl by National Shipbuilding Co, Goderich, Ontario
Boiler: John Inglis & Sons, Ontario


1.1917: Ordered by The Admiralty (paid for and built under direction of RCN) (Canadian “Castle”- “T.R.” class) from Collingwood Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Ontario (Yd.No.59) and subcontracted to Dominion Shipbuilding Co Ltd (Thor Iron Works), Toronto.
15.6.1918: Completed as TR.13 (1-12pdr).
8.1919: Paid off and laid up.
1920: Accepted offer of Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd, Inverness (Captain D. J. Munro as agent) to bring drifters with trawlers as escorts to UK for lay-up in Muirtown Basin, Caledonian Canal, Inverness prior to sale and possible refit for classification as steam trawlers (The Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd letter dated 12 April 1920).
1921: Brought over at The Admiralty’s expense.
1.1926: Still laid up.
2.1926: Rejected offer for all remaining trawlers at £2,000 each (B. Allenby, Aberdeen letter dated 10 Feb 1926).
4.9.1926: Sold “as is” to Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd (64/64), Grimsby.
4.9.1926: Fred Parkes, Blackpool appointed manager.
22.9.1926: Registered at Grimsby as MALAGA (GY393); fishing out of Fleetwood.
16.10.1926: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to Midland Bank Ltd, London (A).
6.2.1928: Registered office transferred to Fleetwood.
25.4.1928: Alteration of particulars of IHP (500IHP). Certificate of Survey at Liverpool dated 18.10.1927.
24.6.1929: Mortgage (A) discharged.
14.12.1929: Sailed Fleetwood for West of Scotland/Butt of Lewis grounds.
27.12.1929: Berthed at Stornoway with forecastle and fish room flooded having struck submerged rocks off Butt of Lewis.
17.1.1933: Stood by SAN SEBASTIAN (FD126) stranded near White Beach Point, NE side of Galway Bay. Connected and at 11.3 am. refloated and towed to anchorage to await tide to Galway.
5/6/7.1933: Chartered by Italian Government to provide support for a transAtlantic flight involving 20 to 30 aeroplanes.
9.5.1933: Sailed Fleetwood for NW Atlantic.
19.5.1933: Arrived St. John’s, Newfoundland.
8.10.1935: Sailed Fleetwood for fishing grounds (Sk.George A. Novo DSC); twelve crew.
17.10.1935: Spoke with trawler SAN SEBASTIAN (FD126); last communication.
18.10.1935: In severe storm conditions, missing off Portrush, Co. Antrim; no survivors *.
27.10.1935: Posted missing.
20.12.1935: Grimsby registry closed “ Vessel missing since 18th October 1935 and presumed lost with all hands”.

(* Lost – Sk.George Arthur Novo DSC; George Arthur Novo Jnr, Mate; Richard Blundell, Bosun; Walker Jackson, Ch. Eng; Edward Gove, 2nd Eng; George Nelson, Arthur Perry, Christopher Blair, deckhands; Daniel Logue and John Burke, firemen; William Ellis, cook; Francis Turner, boy.)

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S.T. Malaga GY393

S.T. Malaga GY393
Picture courtesy of The Fred Baker Collection

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  1. James Jessop says:

    Skipper G A Novo was my great grandfather, his son G A Novo junior was also lost.

  2. gil mayes says:

    Can you confirm that G. A. Novo Jnr was mate of the MALAGA. We have the crew names but do you have any further information on the loss?

  3. nessiecook says:

    My great grandmother Martha Novo (maiden name Eynon) was the mother of George Albert Novo (Snr). I’d really like to contact James who posted earlier.

  4. James Jessop says:

    Hi Gil,, according to my mother, she was told that her uncle George had drowned with her grandfather. Unfortunately that is all the information I have.
    She was in Nazareth House, Lancaster (childrens home) at the time after the death of her father, Stanley Ellarby. He was also a Fleetwood fisherman, killed minesweeping on the Drifter Ocean Retriever in the Thames Estuary.

    My mother maintains the Novo’s were a well known family in Fleetwood but I haven’t seen much history of them.

  5. James Jessop says:

    Correction to 4. Stanley Ellarby had not been killed by that time – 1935. He was mined in WWII. 1943. My mother Monica and her sister Stella were in Nazareth House as her mother Marion Novo had suffered post natal depression (not know in those days) and left the family home. My mum was fourteen at the time and of course her father was a seaman and couldn’t look after his children. Sad days.

    Hi nessiecook, you must be a relative. Would love to hear from you but don’t know how to facilitate this unless we are allowed to swap email addresses on this site.

  6. James Jessop says:

    Hi Gil, I’ve been on the site FLOAT. There is list of those lost and also a note that Captain Novo told a 14 year old John Tandy’s mother that John was too ill to sail, thus saving his life. Unfortunately I think John Tandy was lost thirteen years later on the the Trawler “Goth” off Iceland. He was survived by his wife. Don’t know of any children.

  7. nessiecook says:

    Hi, Thanks James, I believe you are my second cousin once removed! If you are subscribed (on the most basic subscription) to Genes reunited you will be able to find me and email me as my username is part of my email address.

    The 1911 census has 6 Novo’s listed in England and Wales – five of them are in Fleetwood – and includes Monica Novo (age 8), George (10), John (14) Marion (6) and Mary (30). Hope we get to speak soon – my family are all still in Blackpool and Fleetwood and many of them like yours were trawlermen.

    PS did you know that Novo is a Spanish name?

  8. gil mayes says:

    Hello James OCEAN RETRIEVER (YH307) was mined in the Thames Estuary 22 Sep 1943.

  9. James Jessop says:

    Cheers Gil. I know all the information is somewhere, it’s just trying to find it. As a trawlerman from Fleetwood would there be any records of trawlers my grandad trawled on? It’s amazing how much you can find out through sites such as this (and by the way I think it is brilliant, especially all the stories I’ve been reading from the trawlermen). I found out doing some research the Ellarby’s moved from Hull to Fleetwood around 1900. I think probably with one of the fishing companies. Anyway, thanks once again.

  10. charles fairey says:

    Hi James Jessop

    My grandmother’s brother was Richard Blundell who went down on the ST Malaga GY393, with your relatives the Skipper and his son, the first mate. Richard was the Bo’ son.

    I have a copy of an old newspaper article with a picture of the ST Malaga which I have digitalised. I have also seen the brass plaque which is on display in the Fleetwood Museum. I have photos of the plaque and have a transcription.

    Most of the Blundell family were fishermen at Fleetwood and before at Southport, or involved with boats, Naval and Civil.

    If you are interested I can share information, my email address is charles.fairey@btinternet.com

  11. James Jessop says:

    Hi, Nessie Cook, tried the Genes re-united site but it doesn’t share email addresses. But as I have been given an email address from another user, Charles, here is mine j3syj@yahoo.co.uk Hope to hear from you soon, James
    PS I did know Novo was Spanish as myself, my siblings and mother were always called the five sticks of spanish when growing up in Lancaster.

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