S.T. Cape Barracouta LO471

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Official Number: 162186
Yard Number: 548
Completed: 1930
Gross Tonnage: 369
Net Tonnage: 159
Length: 140.3 ft
Breadth: 24.6 ft
Depth: 13.5 ft
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley
Engine: 99nhp T.3-cyl and boiler by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull


(In 1935 the Hull trawler LEONIDAS (162186) (H267) was lengthened by Smiths Dock Co. Ltd. The work involved creating an improved hull form with new bow and stern sections. The design was successful, not only providing increased fish room capacity, but also, as was expected, reducing coal consumption and giving a slightly higher free running speed. Other owners stemmed vessels at Middlesbrough for similar work to be undertaken)
T.3-cyl and boiler by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull

26.6.1930: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.548) for Christensen & Co Ltd, Hull as LEONIDAS.
28.7.1930: Registered at Hull (H267).
31.7.1930: Completed. Jens C. Christensen designated manager.
16.8.1935: Completed lengthening by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, Middlesbrough to 151.5 feet (including fitting new bow and stern sections). Re measured 390g 159n.
16.8.1935: Re-registered at Hull (H267) – alteration of tonnage.
29.4.1938: Sailed Hull for Iceland, last trip under this name (Sk. B. Sigurassen).
13.5.1938: At Hull landed 1,531 kits £969 gross.
17.5.1938: Sold to Hudson Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull (Hudson Bros. Trawlers Ltd, managers).
18.5.1938: Sailed Hull for Iceland as CAPE BARRACOUTA (Sk. E. Yeomans).
4.6.1938: At Hull landed 1,385 kits £1,141 gross.
25.6.1938: Registered at Hull as CAPE BARRACOUTA (H267).
1938: Under both names, landed at Hull from North Sea/Iceland/White Sea/Bear Island (Sks. F. Yeomans, B. Sigurassen, A. Taylor), 319 days 23,114 kits £16,736 gross.
25.7.1939: Insured value £16,400.
26.8.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper, employed on examination service (Hire rate £210.12.9d/month).
30.10. 1939. Returned to owner.
17.5.1940: Sailed Hull for Iceland (Sk. W. Woodhall).
3.6.1939: At Hull landed 2,207 kits £2,254 gross.
1940: To requisitioning, landed at Hull from Iceland (Sks. T. Threlfall, G. Gough, J. Grantham, W. Woodall), 110 days 9,239 kits £14,644 gross.
3.6.1940: Requisitioned as an auxiliary patrol vessel (P.No.4.122).
6.1940: Based Invergordon (Ty/Sk. T. Threlfall RNR).
9.1941: Fitted out as a minesweeper.
24.1.1945: Owners re-styled Hudson Brothers Trawlers Ltd, Hull
17.8.1946: Returned after survey and restoration at Wallsend.
28.4.1947: Sold to Trawlers Grimsby Ltd, Grimsby (John C. Ross, manager).
6.5.1947: Registered at Grimsby (GY479).
3.9.1948: Sold to Heward Trawlers Ltd, London & Fleetwood (R. S. Hewett & H. F. Hayward).
21.9.1948: First landing at Fleetwood, grossed £4,083.
28.9.1948: Grimsby registry closed.
29.9.1948: Robert Scott Hewett, London appointed as manager.
9.1948: Registered at London (LO471).
1.1949: Registered at London as NEW PRINCE (LO471).
13.1.1949: Landed from White Sea grounds grossed £4,116.
9.1.1952: Best landing at Fleetwood grossed £6,995.
14.3.1956: Last landing at Fleetwood, grossed £1,173.
5.1956: Sold to Van Heyghen Freres S.A., Ghent for breaking up.
18.6.1956: Left Fleetwood for Ghent under own power.

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S.T. New Prince LO471

S.T. Leonidas H267
Picture courtesy of The Fred Baker Collection

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