Sailing Trawler Ida FD51


Official Number: 62807
Completed: 1869
Gross Tonnage: 44
Net Tonnage: 32
Length: 63.3 ft
Breadth: 17.2 ft
Depth: 9.1 ft
Rig: Dandy
Built: John Barter, Brixham


Dandy – trawling

1869: Completed by John Barter, Brixham for John Petherbridge, James Barry & George Thomas Barry, Brixham as IDA. Registered at Dartmouth (DH168).
20.5.1869: Sold to Lancaster (Preston?) owners. Dartmouth registry closed. Registered at Preston (PN??).
12.1873: Sold to John Godfrey, 161 Church Street, Grimsby. Preston registry closed.
12.1873: Registered at Grimsby (GY450).
10.1886: Sold to J. Kitching, Grimsby.
2.1889: Sold to J. M. Hildred, Grimsby.
2.1889: Grimsby registry closed.
2.1889: Registered at Fleetwood (FD51).
19.1.1891: Sold to James R. Gibson, Fleetwood.
7.2.1899: Sold to Nicholas Leadbetter, 23 Victoria St, Fleetwood (managing owner).
11.11.1904: Tonnage altered to 22.02net. New Fishing Certificate issued.
12.9.1908: Sold to Richard Ashcroft, Devon House, Blakiston St, Fleetwood.
21.7.1913: Sold to Richard Ashcroft & R. Bradley, Fleetwood (Richard Ashcroft, managing owner).
1916: Sold for demolition.
15.4.1916: Fleetwood registry closed.