S.T. Dragoon FD60

Additional information courtesy of Bill Blow, Andy Hall, Mike Thomson and David Slinger

Official Number: 181280
Yard Number: 686
Completed: 1942
Gross Tonnage: 522.44
Net Tonnage: 196.81
Length: 167.7 ft
Breadth: 28.1 ft
Depth: 14.1 ft
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley
Engine: 970ihp T.3-cyl by Charles D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull (later up-rated to 1050ihp)
Boiler: Central Marine Engine Works, West Hartlepool
Speed: 11 knots


18.1.1941: Ordered.
4.6.1941: Laid down.
21.10.1941: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.686) (“Hills” class) for The Admiralty as YES TOR (P.No.T.222).
10.4.1942: Completed (1-12pdr HA/LA, 4-MG, 1-20mm, ASDIC, DC).
1941: Home Fleet. Western Approaches based Campbeltown.
1942: To Freetown, 2nd A/S Group.
1945: Armament increased (2-20mm).
1946: Laid up at Rosyth on Disposal List (SORF, Rosyth).
10.4.1946: Sold to Hudson Brothers Trawlers Ltd (64/64), Hull for the sum of £27.500, estimated cost to convert for fishing, £32,000.
11.1946: Converted to a fishing vessel by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields.
1946: Engine re-rated 1050ihp.
12.11.1946: On completion of conversion, registered at Hull (Part I & IV) to Clyde Trawlers Ltd, Hull as CAPE CLEVELAND O.N.181280 (H355). Insured for the sum of £77,000. Gilbert Hudson designated manager.
7.12.1946: Sailed Hull for White Sea grounds (Sk. George William Thompson).
31.12.1946: At Hull landed 3,155 kits, £7,359 gross.
11.11.1947: Registered at Hull as STELLA CARINA (H355).
11.1947: Converted for burning oil fuel, F.P. above 150° F.
7.6.1949: Clyde Trawlers Ltd, Hull placed in voluntary liquidation. Reginald Philip Clarke, Grimsby appointed Liquidator.
5.9.1949: Sold by the Liquidator to Hudson Brothers Trawlers Ltd (64/64), Hull.
18.10.1949: Registered at Hull as CAPE FINISTERRE (H355).
24.1.1952: Sold to The Great Grimsby & East Coast Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Grimsby. Albert Wright Butt designated manager.
28.1.1952: Hull registry closed.
29.1.1952: Registered at Grimsby (GY222).
20.2.1952: Registered at Grimsby as DRAGOON (GY222) (BoT Minute R.G.No.1025/52 dated 5.2.1952).
1953: Made one trip to Greenland fishery.
1959: Laid up at Grimsby.
27.8.1959: Being re-activated, two men overcome by fumes while inside boiler and died.
25.2.1960: Leslie Wheildon, Fleetwood designated manager.
26.2.1960: Arrived Fleetwood.
5.3.1960: Sold to Wyre Trawlers Ltd (64/64), Fleetwood.
16.3.1960: Grimsby registry closed.
16.3.1960: Registered at Fleetwood (FD60).
16.3.1960: Leslie Wheildon appointed manager.
14.10.1962: On NW coast of Iceland (Sk. Roy Belcher). Arrested for alleged illegal fishing and escorted to Isafjördhur.
16.10.1962: Court at Reykjavik fined Sk. Belcher £1,916 and confiscated nets and catch. Fine overturned by Icelandic Supreme Court.
15.9.1964: On north west Iceland grounds arrested for alleged illegal fishing. Court at Reykjavik.
12.1966: Sold to West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co Ltd, Troon for breaking up.
17.12.1966: Delivered Troon from Fleetwood under own power (draughts 7’6”/16’0”).
23.8.1968: Breaking commenced.
21.11.1968: Beached (draughts 7’0”/11’0”).
7.5.1969: Breaking completed.
29.12.1969: Fleetwood registry closed “Vessel broken up.”

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HMT Yes Tor

HMT Yes Tor
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S.T. Dragoon GY222

S.T. Dragoon GY222
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S.T. Dragoon H222

S.T. Dragoon H222
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S.T. Dragoon FD60

S.T. Dragoon H222
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S.T. Dragoon FD60

S.T. Dragoon FD60
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S.T. Dragoon FD60

S.T. Dragoon FD60
Picture courtesy of The John Bonner Collection

S.T. Dragoon FD60

S.T. Dragoon FD60
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S.T. Dragoon FD60

S.T. Dragoon FD60
Picture courtesy of The Peter Hearn Collection

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