S.T. Lanercost FD292

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Official Number: 137373
Yard Number: 607
Completed: 1915
Gross Tonnage: 226.82
Net Tonnage: 86.72
Length: 117.0 ft
Breadth: 22.5 ft
Depth: 13.0 ft
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough
Engine: 450ihp T.3-cyl by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough
Boiler: Richardson Westgarth & Co Ltd, Middlesbrough


7.12.1915: Launched by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough (Yd.No.607) for John Reed, North Shields & Thomas Maurice Reed, Tynemouth as LANERCOST.
1.1916: Completed. 21.1.1916: Registered at North Shields (SN248) Thomas Morrice Reed designated managing owner.1.1916: Requisitioned from the builders for war service and fitted out as a minesweeper (1-12pdr) (Ad.3254). Based Tyne.
12.1916: Sold to The Palatine Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Fleetwood. Magnus Bodvar Johannessen Wedum designated manager.
27.12.1916: North Shields registry closed.
29.12.1916: Registered at Fleetwood (FD292). Based Tyne.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Fleetwood.
25.6.1920: At the Court of Session, Edinburgh. The Admiralty (LANERCOST) v George Gibson & Co, Ltd (Hunterfield). Judgment was given in an action in which the Admiralty sued George Gibson & Co., shipowners Leith, for £1913.12s. in respect of damage to pursuers’ steam trawler LANERCOST which was in collision off St Abb’s Head on 12th March 1918 with defenders’ steamer HUNTERFIELD (1454grt/1903). It was stated LANERCOST was escorting the steam tug AUTOCRAT (128grt/1915) which had a lighter in tow, Tyne for Methil. The HUNTERFIELD was sailing with a convoy bound from Leith to Dunkirk. According to the evidence of the pursuers’ witness the LANERCOST was exhibiting her regulation lights, but no masthead light. This was denied by the witnesses for the defenders, who said that the LANERCOST did not show any lights, either prior to or at the time of the collision. His Lordship held that the LANERCOST was showing her side light at the time of the collision, and that there was therefore, fault on the HUNTERFIELD in not observing the lights and taking action sooner than she did. His Lordship, Lord Hunter, found that the HUNTERFIELD was in fault, and allowed the pursuers a proof the amount of damage.
27.9.1921: Registered at Fleetwood as DARWEN (FD292).
1.06.1923: At Fleetwood landed a royal sturgeon, purchased by Messrs. C. M. Topham and Blackhurst, fish merchants and offered to the Royal Household. The sturgeon was accepted by the Master of H.M. the King’s Household, dispatched to Buckingham Palace the same day, and receipt acknowledged by the Master.
12.9.1924: At Fleetwood Magistrates Court, Harry Legry, the ship’s cook, was charged with stealing ship’s stores to the value of 5s, the property of J. Ward and Sons. When stopped by P.C. Seare of the railway police leaving the docks with a bulky bag, accused stated that it contained his own property but later admitted to have taken the goods from the trawler; fined 20s.
1925: Fishing out of North Shields.
2.10.1926: Reported having gone ashore near IJmuiden and assisted by another British trawler came afloat having sustained slight damage.
11.2.1928: In North Sea (Sk. Sam Hickling), in a fierce gale some 120 miles off the Tyne came upon the French steam trawler EDMUND RENE (F247) partially disabled. The Frenchman had sailed on 11th January from Grimsby bound for Iceland, but owing to a defective compass had steamed around in mostly stormy weather and consumed all 200tons of bunker coal. Great difficulty was experienced in connecting and only deft handling by Sk. Hickling secured the tow which parted twice and stern damaged by contact.
12.2.1928: Delivered safely to the Tyne.
6.10.1928: Stranded in Druridge Bay, Northumberland.
10.10.1928: Refloated and towed into North Shields. Repaired and returned to service.
1934: Sold to Thomas Morris Reed, Tynemouth. Thomas Morris Reed designated managing owner.
2.6.1937: Arrived at North Shields with Robert Johnson, (42), Hartlepool who had fallen against the winch and damaged his ribs. Upon arrival he was detained in Tynemouth Infirmary.
25.11.1939: Requisitioned for war service and employed on auxiliary patrol duties (Hire rate £64.6.4d/month).
16.1.1940: Returned to owner.
4.1940: Skipper Alexander Craig, R.N.R received the D.S.C. for courage, resource, endurance and devotion to duty.
1940: Owners became Exors. Thomas M. Reed dec’d.
7.5.1940: Requisitioned for war service and fitted out for minesweeping duties (P.No. FY.1859).
2.1946: Reclassed at Liverpool and returned.
1948: Sold to Mrs C. M. Reed, Tynemouth & W. F.Reed, Crail. Harry Markham Cook, Grimsby designated manager.
7.1951: Sold to Goodleigh Fisheries Ltd, Milford Haven. Henry J. Richards designated manager.
7.1951: Fleetwood registry closed.
20.7.1951: Registered at Milford as WESTLEIGH (M169).
7.1952: Sold to Percy Vernon Turner; Percy Vernon Turner Jnr & Charles Russel Turner, Plymouth (joint owners 64/64).
24.7.1952: Milford registry closed.
25.7.1952: Registered at Plymouth (PH116).
25.7.1952: Percy Vernon Turner Snr designated manager.
30.7.1952: Registered at Plymouth as PERVERUS (PH116).
1955: Sold to BISCO for breaking up.
23.3.1955: Sailed Plymouth.
15.9.1955: Plymouth registry closed “Vessel broken up”.

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S.T. Lanercost FD292 stranded in Druridge Bay, Northumberland

S.T. Lanercost FD292 stranded in Druridge Bay, Northumberland
Picture courtesy of The John Stevenson Collection

S.T. Lanercost FD292

S.T. Perverus PH116
Picture courtesy of The Terry Bunker Collection

S.T. Lanercost FD292

S.T. Westleigh M169
Picture courtesy of The Terry Bunker Collection (TrawlerPhoto Forum)

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