S.T. Princess Marie-José FD12

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Official Number: 136234
Yard Number: 314
Completed: 1915
Gross Tonnage: 273.94
Net Tonnage: 108.64
Length: 125.4 ft
Breadth: 22.7 ft
Depth: 12.2 ft
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley
Engine: 500ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by C. D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull
Speed : 10.5 knots


17.12.1914: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.314) for Armitage’s Steam Trawling Co Ltd (64/64), Hull as PRINCESS MARIE-JOSÉ.
12.2.1915: Completed.
22.2.1915: Registered at Hull (H242). George Thomas Armitage designated manager. Transferred to fish out of Fleetwood.
22.2.1915: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to Union of London and Smiths Bank Ltd, London (A).
22.5.1915: Requisitioned for war service.
24.5.1915: Arrived Falmouth. Fitted out as a minesweeper (1-12pdr, 1-7.5” A/S Howitzer) (Ad.No.1770). Fitted as Leader.
20.7.1915: Operating between Orkney and Shetland as a decoy trawler (Lt Cantlie RN) towing/and in company with HM S/M C.27 (Lt Cdr Dobson RN). To the east of Fair Isle, shelled by U-boat (U.23) which C-27 stalked and subsequently sank in position 58.55N 00.14W; twenty four dead, ten survivors.
30.12.1916: Mortgage (A) discharged.
23.11.1917: At Aberdeen fitted with hydrophones.
18.5.1918: Some 21 miles E of Kinnaird Head, attended the tanker WILLIAM ROCKEFELLER (7175grt/1916), Lamlash, Firth of Clyde for Rosyth, cargo oil, torpedoed by U.boat (UC-58). WILLIAM ROCKEFELLER sank in 13 minutes in position 57.46N 01.22W. With Liverpool tug WILLIAM POULSON (219grt/1917) picked up 48 survivors; three lost.
12.12.1918: Sold to The Sun Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull.
16.12.1918: James William Armitage, Fleetwood designated manager.
Post 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Hull.
27.10.1920: President of the Prize Court awarded £170 to officers and men to share with HM S/M C.27 in respect of action in sinking U-boat (U.23).
1.4.1922: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to James William Armitage, Scarborough and Thomas ? Jackson, Hull for the sum of £4,150 with interest at 6% (B).
31.5.1923: Mortgage (B) transferred to George Thomas Armitage, Hull.
22.10.1923: Mortgage (B) discharged.
22.10.1923: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to James William Armitage, Scarborough for the sum of £5,000 with interest at 5% (C).
11.12.1923: Sun Steam Trawling Co Ltd registered office transferred to Fleetwood.
19.2.1924: Hull registry closed.
19.2.1924: Registered at Fleetwood (FD12). James William Armitage, Scarborough designated manager.
4.6.1928: Typical landing 140 boxes.
7.1934: Sold to John C. Robertson (44/64) & David Wood (20/64), Aberdeen. John C. Robertson designated managing owner.
27.8.1934: Registered at Aberdeen as FEUGHSIDE (A114).
6.10.1939: Sold to Loch Fishing Co of Hull Ltd (64/64), Hull.
7.10.1939: Sailed Hull for Faroe, first trip for new owner (Sk. T. Mason).
24.10.1939: At Hull landed 307 kits £453 gross.
2.11.1939: Aberdeen registry closed.
6.11.1939: Registered at Hull (H220).
6.11.1939: Henry Wight designated managing owner.
29.11.1939: Registered at Hull as LOCH HOPE (H220) (MofS minute RG1421/39 dated 21.12.1939).
11.6.1940: Requisitioned for war service as an auxiliary patrol vessel (P.No.4.97) (Hire rate £85.10.0d/month).
10.8.1945: Sold to A. & M. Smith Ltd, Aberdeen.
12.1945: Returned to owner.
11.6.1947: Foundered off east coast of Iceland when a mine caught in the trawl exploded. One man died and seventeen survivors (including eight injured) picked up by trawler URKA (FD289) and landed at Seydisfjordur. Three injured too poorly to be moved, remaining five flown to hospital in Reykjavik. Thirteen crew returned to Hull in the Icelandic trawler JUPITER (RE61).
28.8.1947: Hull registry closed “ Vessel lost off Iceland 11th June 1947.”

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S.T. Princess Marie-Jose FD12

S.T. Princess Marie-Jose FD12
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HMT Loch Hope

HMT Loch Hope
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