S.D/T. Ramsey Bay FD378

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Official Number: 141957
Yard Number: 5
Completed: 1918
Gross Tonnage: 97
Net Tonnage: 39
Length: 86 ft
Breadth: 18.5 ft
Depth: 9.3 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by Plenty & Sons Ltd, Newbury
Built: J. W. Brooke & Co Ltd, Oulton Broad


1918: Launched by J. W. Brooke & Co Ltd, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft (Yd.No.5) (“Admiralty Drifter”) for The Admiralty as FORK LIGHTNING (Ad.No.4112).
22.11.1918: Completed as a minesweeper (1 – 6pdr).
1920: Transferred to Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, London for disposal.
1920: Leased to Harry Dingle & Wright Bros, Fleetwood (Harry Dingle managing owner).
6.8.1920: Registered at Fleetwood (FD378).
28.6.1921: Renamed RAMSEY BAY (FD378).
8.1923: Returned to Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, London.
25.8.1923: Fleetwood registry closed “ceased fishing”.
21.12.1923: Sold to Dennis Nathaniel Randlesome (32/64), Frank Burton (16/64) & Arthur Gouldby (16/64), Lowestoft.
21.12.1923: Registered at Lowestoft (LT1290).
7.3.1928: Sold to Dennis Nathaniel Randlesome (48/64) & Arthur Gouldby (16/64), Lowestoft.
10.2.1930: Sold to Dennis Nathaniel Randlesome, Lowestoft.
1930s: Seasonal trawling from Padstow and Fleetwood (Alex Keay managing agent).
14.4.1937: Trawling in Morecambe Bay (Sk. D. N. Randlesome), Ch.Eng Sidney Howe of Lowestoft disappeared, presumed fallen overboard and drowned.
31.12.1938: Sold to Locarno Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft.
3.1955: Sold to Jacques Bakker & Zonen, Bruges for breaking up.
3.3.1955: Sailed Lowestoft for Antwerp in tow of BYNG (LT632), also for breaking up.
9.3.1955: Delivered Bruges.

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S.D/T. Ramsey Bay LT1290

S.D/T. Ramsey Bay LT1290
Picture courtesy of The Robert Durrant Collection

S.D/T. Ramsey Bay LT1290

S.D/T. Ramsey Bay LT1290
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