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S.D/T. Byng – LT632


Official Number: 140000
Yard Number: 284
Completed: 1919
Gross Tonnage: 107
Net Tonnage: 52
Length: 92.1 ft
Breadth 19.0 ft
Depth: 9.75 ft
Built: Fellows & Co Ltd, Gt Yarmouth
Engine: 270ihp T.3-cyl by Pertwee & Black, Gorleston


1918: Requisitioned by The Admiralty on the stocks, no instalment monies paid.
1919: Launched by Fellows & Co Ltd, Gt Yarmouth (Yd.No.284) (non-standard “Admiralty drifter”) for The Admiralty as ELEPHANTA.
2.1920: Sold to Victory Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Norwich and completed as a fishing vessel.
10.2.1920: Registered at Lowestoft as BYNG (LT632). Arthur W. Harvey, Lowestoft appointed manager.
1.6.1921: Sold to Vigilant Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Norwich. George F. Spashett, Lowestoft appointed manager.
1928: Landing at Fleetwood.
13.6.1928: Landed 47 boxes.
20.1.1931: Sold to George William Keable (22/64), Lewis Percy Keeble (21/64) and George James Keeble (21/64) all Lowestoft. George W. Keable designated managing owner.
25.1.1935: At Douglas, IoM suffered damage.
16.10.1939: Requisitioned for war service and employed on miscellaneous naval duties, boom drifter & balloon barrage (P.No.FT.1870) (Hire rate £32.16.0d/month).
14.4.1944: Sold to Locarno Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), London. John C. Hayward, Lowestoft appointed manager.
1946: Returned to owner.
Post WW2 – 1950: Seasonal white fish trawling from Fleetwood.
3.1955: Sold to Jacques Bakker & Zonen, Bruges for breaking up.
3.3.1955: Sailed Lowestoft for Antwerp towing steam drifter RAMSEY BAY (LT1290), also for breaking up.
9.3.1955: Delivered Bruges.
16.6.1955: Lowestoft registry closed.

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S.D/T. Thistle -YH829

Seasonal visitor


Official Number: 117557
Yard Number: 744
Completed: 1904
Gross Tonnage: 79.34
Net Tonnage: 17.32
Length: 80.0 ft
Breadth: 18.1 ft
Depth: 8.5 ft
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields
Engine: C.2-cyl by MacColl & Pollock Ltd, Sunderland


2.2.1904: Launched by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields (Yd.No.744) for Westmacott Ltd, Gt Yarmouth as THISTLE.
2.1904: Completed.
5.3.1904: Registered at Yarmouth (YH829). R. G. Westmacott appointed manager.
24.11.1904: In Yarmouth Roads in collision with steam drifter SUNFLOWER (YH567) which subsequently foundered; all hands picked up.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 27.80net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
5.1915: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter (1-6pdr) (Ad.No.1433). Renamed THISTLE III. Based Dover.
Post 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Yarmouth. Reverted to THISTLE (YH829).
1932: Westmacott Ltd in voluntary liquidation; fleet for sale.
1932: Sold by the Liquidator to P. W. Watson & Sons Ltd, Lowestoft for the sum of £675. Allan H. Watson appointed manager.
1930s: Seasonal white fish trawling from Padstow, Milford and Fleetwood (Alex Keay managing agent at Fleetwood).
4.1940: Requisitioned for war service and employed on Examination service (Hire rate £22.0.0d/ month). Renamed THISTLE V.
8.5.1941: Mined off Lowestoft in position 52.28N 01.47E. Pby/Ty/Sk. C. Sanson RNR, Ty/Sub Lieut. T. S. Wedderburn-Ogilvy RNVR and eight crew lost; one survivor.
17.1.1942: Yarmouth registry closed “Vessel totally lost on 8th May 1941 on NS.”

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S.D. Fume – LT524

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and Barry Banham


Admiralty Number: 4163
Official Number: 13999
Yard Number: 97
Gross Tonnage: 95.67g
Net Tonnage: 41 98.6
LOA: 86.2 ft
Breadth: 18.5 ft
Depth: 9.3 ft
Built: Colby Brothers Ltd, Oulton Broad
Engine: 270ihp T.3-cyl by Yeaman & Baggesen, Dundee


1918: Launched by Colby Brothers Ltd, Oulton Broad (Yd.No.97) (“Admiralty drifter”) for The Admiralty as FUME (Ad.No.4163).
4.6.1919: Completed as a fishing vessel.
1919: Sold to Victory Fishing Co Ltd, Norwich.
25.9.1919: Registered at Lowestoft (Part I & Part IV) as FUME O.N.139990 (LT524). Arthur William Harvey, Kessingland designated manager.
1.6.1921: Sold to The Vigilant Fishing Co Ltd, Norwich. George Frederick Spashett designated manager.
30.6.1927: Owner relocated Lowestoft.
14.10.1929: At Lowestoft landed 160 cran of herring.
2.1930: Seasonal white fish lining out of Fleetwood.
13.3.1930: Sold to Cdr. J. E. Capstickdale RANR representing Raphaël Fishing Co Ltd, Port Louis, Mauritius.
24.3.1930: Commenced fitting out for new fishing venture in East African/Indian Ocean waters.
29.3.1930: Lowestoft registry closed. Registered at Port Louis. Cdr. J. E. Capstickdale RANR designated manager.
18.4.1930: Completed BoT surveys.
21.4.1930: Sailed Fleetwood for machinery trial and compass adjustments.
22.4.1930: On the morning tide, sailed Fleetwood for Port Louis. Mauritius (Cdr J. E. Capstickdale RANR); ten crew all told *.
23.4.1930: Called Penzance for medical attention and took on more bunker coal. Subsequently called Las Palmas, Sierra Leone, Lobito, Cape Town, Durban.
4.7.1930: Arrived Port Louis. To fish the Soyha Da Main, Nazareth and St Brandon banks, some 300 miles north of Mauritius.
2.1931: Sk. William Ellis returned to Fleetwood.
1934: Port Louis registry closed. Registered at St. Pierre, Reunion as SAINT PIERRE.

* Crew on sailing Fleetwood: Cdr. J. E. Capstickdale RANR; Capt. W. B. Wilkinson RD RANVR, Mate; Sk. W. Ellis, Fishing Master; W. Paul, Ch.
Eng; S. Smith, 2nd Eng; R. Castel and A. Hakim, ABs; W. Hosent and S. Shrewe, Firemen/Seamen; W. Vernon, Cook.

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S.T. Erithian GY312

In Parkes (Fleetwood) ownership. Did not fish from the port.


Official Number: 145803
Completed: 1918
Gross Tonnage: 95.36
Net Tonnage: 41.56
Length: 84.4 ft
Breadth: 19.2 ft
Depth: 10.4 ft
Built: Davie Shipbuilding & Repairing Co, Levis, Quebec, Canada
Engine: 200ihp C.2-cyl by Davie Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Levis, PQ.


1.1917: Ordered.
1917: Launched by Davie Shipbuilding & Repairing Co, Levis, Quebec, Canada (Yd.No.) (Canadian Admiralty drifter) for The Admiralty (paid for and built under direction of RCN) as CD.32.
12.7.1918: Completed (1-6pdr) and commissioned.
12.1918: Laid up at Halifax, NS.
1920: “Cost of maintenance is high and the agents, Messrs Anderson Overseas Co, New York have failed to find any buyers”.
1920: The Treasury/Admiralty accepted offer of Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd, Inverness (Mr S. Hunter Gordon) to bring drifters with trawlers as escorts to UK for lay-up in Muirtown Basin, Caledonian Canal, Inverness prior to sale and possible refit for classification as steam drifters (The Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd letter dated 12 April 1920).
1921: Brought over at The Admiralty’s expense with Captain Donald John Munro CMG RN as convoy commander.
1923: Sold to Stanley Walter Watts, Dartford, Kent.
17.10.1923: Registered at Lowestoft as ERITHIAN (LT1276).
23.6.1925: Sold to Fred Parkes, Blackpool.
16.7.1925: Lowestoft registry closed.
21.7.1925: Registered at Grimsby (GY312).
8.1925: Sold to French owners.
31.8.1925: Grimsby registry closed. Registered at Dieppe as RACHEL MARIE LOUISE.

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S. D. Record H777

Seasonal visitor
Additional information courtesy of Mike Thompson, Barry Banham and David Slinger


Official Number: 119360
Yard Number: ??
Completed: 1904
Gross Tonnage: 67.26
Net Tonnage: 40.57
Length: 80.0 ft
Breadth: 18.5 ft
Depth: 8.4 ft
Engine: 125ihp T.3-cyl by Crabtree & Co, Gt Yarmouth
Boiler: Riley Bros (Boilermakers) Ltd, Stockton on Tees


4.1904: Launched by Henry Reynolds, South Side Shipyard, Lowestoft for Robert Catchpole (64/64), Kessingland as RECORD.
5.1904: Completed.
25.5.1904: Registered at Lowestoft (LT360). Robert Catchpole designated managing owner.
22.12.1913: Sold to Jermyn T. Greengrass (64/64), Lowestoft. Jermyn T. Greengrass designated managing owner.
27.5.1918: Sold to John Victor Breech (64/64), Lowestoft. John Victor Breech designated managing owner.
30.12.1918: Sold to William Samuel Capps (21/63), George Gurney Hall (21/64) and John Victor Breach (22/64), Lowestoft. John Victor Breech designated managing owner.
6.4.1920: Sold to Goldthorpe, Scott & Wright Ltd, Grimsby.
26.4.1920: Lowestoft registry closed “No longer fishing”.
4.1920: Registered at Grimsby. Samuel L. Goldthorpe, New Cleethorpes designated manager. Employed running between Grimsby and Hull, parcels and general.
16.11.1922: Sold to Frederick Arthur Boards, Jesse Edwin Worth, Hull and Ernest William Little, Bridlington (64/64 joint owners). Ernest William Little, Bridlington designated managing owner. Grimsby registry closed.
16.11.1922: Registered at Hull.
4.12.1922: Sold to Record (Hull) Steam Fishing Co Ltd. Hull (64/64). Grimsby registry closed.
29.12.1922: Ernest William Little, Bridlington designated manager.
19.1.1923: Re-measured 71.18g 33.74n as per Board of Trade Survey at Hull dated 15.1.1923.
28.1.1923: Registered at Hull (H777).
15.2.1923: Re-measured 27.86n as per Board of Trade Survey at Hull dated 13.2.1923.
24.9.1924: Sold to Frank Andrew Peterson (64/64), Grimsby. 6.10.1924: Peter M. Peterson, Hessle designated manager.
12.2.1925: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to National Provincial Bank Ltd, London (A).
1928: Seasonal fishing out of Fleetwood.
25.5.1928: Typical landing 18 boxes.
6.6.1928: Typical landing 15 boxes.
20.7.1929: Mortgage (A) discharged.
20.7.1929: Sold to Basil Arthur Parkes (64/64), Blackpool.
30.7.1929: Basil Arthur Parkes designated managing owner.
10.1930: Sold to French principals.
8.10.1930: Hull registry closed “ Sold foreign – French principals ”.

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