S.T. Sola FD369


Official Number: 141954
Yard Number: 454
Completed: 1920
Gross Tonnage: 223
Net Tonnage: 92
Length: 123.3 ft
Breadth: 22.1 ft
Depth: 11.6 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by W. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Coatbridge
Built: J. Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen


4.2.1920: Launched by J. Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.454) for New Docks Steam Trawling Co (Fleetwood) Ltd, Fleetwood as SOLA.
20.4.1920: Registered at Fleetwood (FD369).
4.1920: Completed. Joseph A. Taylor appointed manager.
1924: William W. Brierley appointed manager.
13.7.1926: Sold to Harley & Miller Ltd, Liverpool (Richard H. Jones, Wallasey, manager).
23.7.1926: Fleetwood registry closed.
7.1926: Registered at Liverpool (LL45).
1936: Sold to William Carnie Jnr, Glasgow (managing owner).
1936: Liverpool registry closed. Registered at Granton as ZELOS (GN45).
1936: About 29 miles SW x W from Cape Wrath picked up boat with crew of CHANCELLOR (A206) which had foundered. Survivors landed at Granton as Aberdeen closed due to severe weather.
18.12.1939: Foundered 112 miles E by N of May Island, Firth of Forth after being bombed and damaged by German air attack. Granton registry closed.

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