s.v. May Flower FD8

Additional information courtesy of Geoff Davidson & Christine Simm


Official Number: 15210
Completed: 1852
As built 35 tons burthen 29reg tons
Net Tonnage: 35 (29reg tons)
Rig:Sloop/ Smack – trawling
Built: William Gibbs, Galhampton


1852: Completed by William Gibbs, Galhampton as MAYFLOWER.
23.1.1852: Registered at Dartmouth.
19.6.1855: Appropriated.
1.1.1870: Owned by Thomas Whiteway (64/64), Brixham.
1.1.1875: Owned by Mrs Elizabeth Whiteway (64/64), 9 Rockingham Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool.
1876: Registered at Dartmouth (DH759).
1885: Sold to Frederick T. Saunby, 2 Wholesale Fish Market, Liverpool and J. Cottier.
1885: Dartmouth registry closed.
1885: Registered at Ramsey (2/1885) as MAYFLOWER (RY16).
2.1886: Remeasured 32reg tons.
1886: Re-registered at Ramsey (3/1886) as MAY FLOWER (RY16) after vessel remeasured.
11.1887: Sold to Charles Henry Saunby, Fleetwood.
17.11.1887: Ramsey registry closed.
1887: Registered at Fleetwood (FD8).
30.9.1892: In boisterous weather took part in Fleetwood Regatta on a 45 mile course, which was won by LIVONIA (FD65) (£25).
31.7.1893: Advertised for hire, by day or week; accommodation for eight persons; fishing gear found.
1894: Sold to William Peet, 2 Walkers Place, Whitehaven and others. Fleetwood registry closed.
1894: Registered at Whitehaven as MAY FLOWER (WA58).
21-22.12.1894: A whole fleet of trawlers and cargoes were lost during the great storm over Europe.
22.12.1894: Off the Cumberland coast (Sk. Thomasson, Fleetwood) driven ashore near Earl Crag, Seascale, south of the ELIZABETH (FD2) also driven ashore near Barnscaur. Both crews saved. Whitehaven registry closed

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