s.v. Wonder FD68

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Official Number: 63932
Completed: 1870
Gross Tonnage: 38
Net Tonnage: 25
Length: 57 ft
Rig: Smack – trawling & lining
Built: John Gibson, Fleetwood


16.12.1870: Completed by John Gibson, Fleetwood (Yd.No.14) for Thomas Leadbetter, Fleetwood & others as WONDER.
3.1.1871: Registered at Fleetwood (FD68).
1881: Census at Fleetwood – John Leadbetter (36), b-North Meols, master; John Leadbetter (38), b-North Meols, mate; Spencer Sumner (26), b-Warton, AB; William Leadbetter (15), b-Fleetwood, AB: Robert Leadbetter (13), b-Fleetwood, cook.
22.04.1881: William Leadbetter (15) cook took a lifebelt and jumped overboard, attempting to swim to shore. The ebb tide combined with a strong wind carried him downriver until he was rescued by the crew of ANGLICAN.
24.10.1887: Sold to John Leadbetter, Fleetwood & others (John Leadbetter, managing owner).
25.10.1890: Taking advantage of a favourable breeze some thirty smacks left for the fishing grounds. The Harbour Authorities were constructing a groyne near the Lower Shore Light with piles driven in. Along with YOUNG WALKER (FD47), ROBERT and ANN (FD98) and FLEETWING (FD63) ran amongst the piles. Drove one or two piles down but FLEETWING was holed and had to put back into harbour with pumps manned.
1910: Owned by Richard Ashcroft.
1918: Sold to Thomas W. Dixon, 38 James Street, Whitehaven (managing owner).
23.2.1922: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Whitehaven (WA16).
By1929: Thomas W. Dixon, 4 Market Place, Whitehaven.
1929: Whitehaven registry closed.

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sv Wonder FD68

sv Wonder FD68
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sv Wonder FD68

sv Wonder FD68
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sv Wonder FD68

sv Wonder FD68
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